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rkm-twist-mopMastiCart is selling RKM Twist Mop for Rs. 249. Features Pulls all the dust, Requires no efforts for cleaning & Made of super absorbent material.

Rs. 150 off (no minimum purchase): MAST150

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28 Responses to “RKM Twist Mop Rs. 249 – MastiCart”

  1. Rajat says:

    Yes,they are cheater.They accept Rs.1445 for an induction cooker and did not sent.

  2. nrusinha patra says:

    i have not received the product purchased on 14th sept 2013 for order no Order # 400000624
    so pls friends be aware of it

  3. kmgravity says:

    SMI don’t lose ur reputation by promoting such Cheater
    Sites or their deals, many have suffered already, don’t
    pull others in to that trap again..

  4. kmgravity says:

    SMI don’t lose ur reputation by promoting such Cheater Sites or their deals, many have suffered already, don’t pull others in to that trap again..

  5. Bobby says:

    I’ve purchased this and few other products of Masticart. Masticart products are of very low quality. Not worthy.

  6. kashyap says:


  7. kashyap says:


  8. mukesh bhardwaj says:

    Don’t ever, i repeat don’t ever buy anything form masticart . they are making fool out of people. If you buy something at discounted price , either you have to wait for 1 year or they will simply and politily cancel your order

  9. tushar says:

    It is right that this product is available for 80-100rs in the market if u still want to waste your hard earned money than no one can stop you from than.

  10. Ashish says:

    The quallity is not that good… i had one …once i twisted hard it got separated and broken into two. WTF !

  11. Sunny says:

    Avlbl for 250/- on various websites n in the market. I had bought 1. Thsi quality is also not so good.

  12. ganesh says:

    i am order 1 mop from shopclues website is good & fast shipping & i am order yesterday evening today my order is shipped shopclues team is excellent service :)

  13. Ruchir says:

    @Sunny-Tradus,Pepper slightly diff. Tradus risky but mediator here and can take action against seller as it will tarnish Tradus’s already bad reputation. Pepperfry slow and maybe risky.Got item once,refund 2nd time.

    But masticart by name looks fraud and clearly becoming consistent like Timtara. Timtara is a brand now.Like Raavan is used an example for evil.

    @Sunny-I have observed that the local shopping sites are not safe generally.Like M.P. is not famous for online portals.Tell any other like Kretazee from M.P. and known at all.
    Yumedeals-Is A.P. famous for shopping sites?Most are from Bang,Mum,NDelhi,Gurgaon etc.
    Middaysale from Pune exception but Pune is as big as any other.Maharashtra has 2 metros in a way. Masticart history not known to me.

  14. Harish says:


    PLZ PLZ do not buy anything from this bloody website. They do not deliver products and they do not respond either phone OR email.

    I thought eBay.com is world’s worst website but masticart.com to uski bhi MAA BAHEN nikli.


  15. Sunny says:

    Just to draw attn of all Buyers. Kretazee.com is a Fraud site. I ordered 4 Nos Rich Brownie Eclairs of Rs 90/- each they sent me today Product which is mfd in June 12 and expiring this month itself ie after 13 days!!! How do I consume 300 Choclates in 12 days? Eat them instead of Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner? Nevr buy anyhitng from them. Similarlly, Yume Deals,Tradus , Pepperfry & Timtara are also Big Frauds.

  16. mahendra says:

    i also wont get my product fr 10 jan 2013 but recd promise that already shipped but misplace by courier & will be resend my masticart

  17. JVMM says:

    SMI, Pl. don’t promote masti cart through your site. I have placed order long back . But the status is still showing under processing .

  18. Sreenath says:

    I completely agree with Lalit Barik, even I went through the same phase of torture from masticart. No customer service, no reply to your emails. Still I haven’t got my order. And moreover they have chosen the worst courier company of India, overnite express. Both are cheating organisation. What a combination. Buyers beware about this fraud website. SMI, please don’t publish any offers from this website. Else, you will also start losing reputation.

  19. Lalit Barik says:

    @complaint india, the given link is not working and geving a “Page Not Found” error.

  20. complaint india says:

    write your reviews for this cheater site…worst e commerce site…


    also before placing order, have a look of scams by this cheater site….

  21. ShahJahan says:

    Do *NOT* order anything from MastiCart, ever. They are a scam company! If you don’t believe me, then just google for “masticart reviews”. I had ordered RKM Spin Dry Mop with the order ID 100012052 on 31 Jan and received it on 4the Feb. I did NOT receive one attachment and hence can’t use it. I called them and they asked me to take a photo of what I received and send it to them. I did that and since 4th Feb I’ve been calling and emailing them EVERYDAY! But I’m yet to get my missing attachment OR the shipment number that it has been dispatched. Buy from MastiCart at your own peril. I insist that you google for “masticart reviews” before making the mistake I made. Remember, you WERE warned!

    SaveMoneyIndia, just look at all the comments above and kindly STOP showing any more deals from MastiCart.

  22. N.n.patra says:

    The same thing they done for me they bloked me whyle i complained . The rascle people does not sent my product ana after so many requests they send me a broken product. Never buy from the fraud site u will never get the product. They are the money suckers. They mentally harresh u. The customer care is also useless persons never pick the phone. I dont know why savemoneyindia.com posts masticart advertise. So dear savemoneyindia team never post any advertise of masticart the father of all fraud companys

  23. Lalit Barik says:

    I would like to warn potential customers from placing any orders with Masticart.com. Though attractively priced, they are very lousy and unreliable when it comes to customer service. I had placed an order for “RKM Spin & Dry Mop” and paid in advance. They sent me an AWB Number informing me that they have shipped the item through Overnite Courier. But the AWB Number was always rejected by the tracking page/tool of the said courier’s website. The Customer Care contact number given by Masticart was a bogus one as I could never talk to a live person and the recorded voice always tells to call during office hours between 09:30 AM and 07:00 PM. After trying their customer care for a few days, I put my grievance in Masticart’s Facebook page. I found that the Facebook page if full of similar complaints from a lot of customers whose purchased items never reach them and they all have been given bogus AWB numbers. Masticart would make the excuse that the courier company is responsible for the purchased item not being received by the customers. When I wrote strongly against this, they deleted my comments and blocked me from making any further comments. Then I asked a friend to help me in this matter who also wrote negative comments and tried to expose the tactic being used by Masticart. He too was blocked from Facebook and his comments too were deleted. Later I got a phone call from Masticart and they promised me that they are looking into the matter why I have not received the consignment even after more then a week. Then I sent an email mentioning everything. I got the reply that they would either refund the amount paid or send me the same item again through Speedpost. I choose the later and was promised that it would be sent on Monday (11/02/2013). Today (12/02/2013) I wrote them again and asked why they didn’t kept their promise. I also called them at a different number. I was told that, the courier has returned the consignment as it could not be delivered and they are sending it again today itself through BlueDart. After a few minutes I received an email informing me that they have returned me the amount paid on Sunday itself and hence they are unable to send the item again!!!

    I would like to repeat again that Masticart.com is a cheat and warn customers from placing any order with them.

  24. msquare24 says:

    @vivek: even a simple broom comes for Rs 60 and above today. Do not mislead other people.

  25. chandrajit says:

    thanks anil and vivek for the comments, ppl like u help us make right choices

  26. vivek says:

    it cost Rs80 at market.

  27. anil gupta says:

    guys kabhi mat laena masti cart sae koi bhi product bhaejta nahi hai aur ultimate canclled karna padta hai

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