Mobile Recharge Rs. 20 & Rs. 10 for Rs. 3 – Tradus

recharge10• Recharge will be done on the mobile number mentioned in the Address Form while placing order.
• Recharge might take upto 1 – 2 days to reflect in your talktime balance.

Rs. 10 Mobile Recharge for Rs. 3Gift Voucher: RECH1
Rs. 20 Mobile Recharge for Rs. 3Gift Voucher: MTALKM1 (Gift Voucher will work on purchase through Mobile or Tablet Device)

121 Responses to “Mobile Recharge Rs. 20 & Rs. 10 for Rs. 3 – Tradus”

  1. sam says:

    completely fake

  2. gd says:

    Bhai logo jo bhi yaha ab bol rha h ki uska recharge ho gaya h wo bhi fake log h.. jaisa ki me pahle bhi bol chuka hu ki Tradus is making fool to people pls dont recharge here. it is totally fake. you will get refund after 15-20 days but no recharge.. Aage tum logo ki marji Dimag me bheja ho to use karo or socho itne log jinka recharge nahi hua h wo jhut kyo bolege…

  3. srinu says:

    waste of time.


    I recharged my mobile yesterday night and received recharge today- afternoon. This time I am happy at because I have done a successful attempt.

  5. Vinay Gupta says:

    got it

  6. ARSHAD says:


  7. xyz says:

    MTALKM1 use karo for Rs 1 recharge k liye , mene to mobi20 use kiya for rs3 recharge k liye. dekho recharge hota h ya nahi tradus per bharosa kam hi h ki recharge hoga.

  8. Modi Mitul says:

    Yup its not fake…I have recharged 12 times till date with different codes successfully. :-)

  9. Modi Mitul says:

    Heyy Frndzzz..Dont worry u will get ur recharge in 2 days.Till date i recharged my cell 12 times with different code…..

  10. surya says:

    its a fraudulent service don’t recharge…..i hv refund that…….

  11. Pete says:

    SMI, why are you posting it again and again as they are refunding it.

    They refunded first time, which was 1 rs for 10.

    And they refunded now also 3 for 20.

  12. Manas says:

    Hi Manas Kumar Nayak,

    Your order 10967090_01 has been refunded.

    Details of the refunded order are as follows:

    Sub-Order ID Product Amount Charged Amount
    Refunded Cancellation Reason Refund Date
    10967090_01 Mobile Recharge 20 for All Networks (MRP Rs. 20) Rs.3.00 Rs.3.00 NOT_TIMELY_DISPATCHED 05-10-2013

    The funds will be transferred in your account within 3-4 weeks (Depending on your bank).

    For more information on our Return/Refund policy please refer to T&C

    We value your relationship and look forward to delighting you with our services.

    Best Regards,
    Team Tradus

  13. sachin says:

    Fake….Tradus is a fake site.. Many pay 3 rs for it. Tradus is never gonna recharge ur number. And evn if my number is not recharged I m not gonna fight with dem for my 3Rs. They are making thousands of rupees with these kind of fake offers daily as thousands of ppl try it.

  14. Abhishek says:

    bought 2 bt got 1 and 1 getting refund

  15. Joydeep says:

    But I received Rs. 20/- recharge paying 3/-. But this kind of offer keeps on coming from the same seller, only the Coupon code gets changed. After getting successfully that 20/-, I bought 4-5 more. One of them got refunded. Hope the rest will get topped up to my mobile.

  16. Munna.n25 says:

    Refunded last time! Fake offer!!

  17. Chaitanya says:


  18. amitkumar says:

    i am also wait recharge for last 1 week

  19. Mehul Shah says:

    Fake/Bogus not working. Not recharged in 7 days. After 10 days refumd will be processed.

  20. shank says:

    4 din ho gaye, no recharge

  21. balaji says:

    I have done 2 recharges. both worked thanks…

  22. Tanvir says:

    Waiting for the recharge for the past 7 days.

    Its bogus nothing else.

  23. sonu says:

    This is only click on site purpose don’t time waste. It’s FAKE. You need more powerful security for seller. Anyone will come and sell any items without wrong information, not shipped to time. if that ratio is too much then you will action to closed that seller or ban. If your seller unable to shipped to item or anyother reason then why are you sell. I think it is (you & seller) combined theory of clicking of your website and then you are sent your customer mail tradus is no 1 online shopping site. what rubbish..
    I will waiting for more one week i must take that type of recharge otherwise close this stupidity of click on site.

  24. Bibhuti says:

    Don’t Buy. I loose my money nearly Rs 20. No refund. Tradus Morning me loot raha hai.

  25. G D AIRAN says:

    all previous recharge done
    today done 20 recharge in different accounts done
    thanks SMI

  26. Rocky says:

    Everyone know now about these offers posted by Tradus are fake. They just collect you info and sell it in market. Also the amt charged is very nominal (Rs 3 in this offer) so when the recharge is not done most of the ppl are not even bother to write/call customer care.

    This is the main reason for Tradus taking offers like this. SMI should BAN such offers after reading so many responses.

  27. Srinivas says:

    Thank you for the info.

  28. Sachin says:

    Don’t recharge here…They need your no for promotional calls and message once you give your no.,Then the’ll store that and sell it to agency…

  29. Avi says:

    recharge wont be done by them.. i also got refund from tradus… its a fraud seller..

  30. Sunny Grewal says:

    what is the tirck tradus ppl playing here … they put offers which look irresistible so atleast frm whole

    india minimum of 1lakh ppl definitely going to buy …

    wat they got ?? 3 lakh ruppes to use for 15 days at no interest :O … even if they give it on interest for

    15 days they will earn gud .. but they must b investing in shares or sumwhere n making it 4-5-6 times money in 15 days

    they have got best business strategy.

  31. gd says:

    this offer is now totally fake guys.. in starting when they launched this offer it was 75% working but now it is totally waste of time and money only… Although they returns money after 10-15 days but never recharge with the amount… This is my personal experience i recharge for 80 rs and got only 24 rs balance for my 3 numbers..
    initaily it was showing as order in transit which i had placed
    and now its showing deliverd,,got the confimation mail and message also
    but no rechrge on any of my sim..

  32. Sanjeev says:

    Agreed with zeeshan

  33. vishal says:

    same thing happened with me also wasted money on 7 recharges ie 7*4=28rs

  34. zeeshan says:

    another harami panti by tradus

    initaily it was showing as order in transit which ihad placed on 26/08

    and now its showing deliverd,,got the confimation mail and message also

    but no rechrge on any of my sim :(

    dont ever buy dese offer guys

    dey are biggest thief of all

  35. shub says:

    worst app……..close it automatically during transaction details filing…….

  36. Gagan says:

    Don’t order any deal from tradus.. I ordered 12 recharges on diferent mobile no’s on 26 & 27 aug. None of them got recharged. Onthe website it still shows status as “Pending in Dispatch”.

    Even after sending complaint to tradus didn’t got any reply. Called today at Call seller no…there is only IVR and no option available to connect to CCE.

  37. Mehul Shah says:

    Also coupon is invalid. It is MOTAB1.

  38. Meena says:

    WORST Android app I have ever seen…. It closes automatically once I enter Credit Card details.

  39. zeeshan says:

    refund or oder in transit

    u will get only these two option after palcing ur order :)

  40. MEHUL SHAH says:

    SMI 20 recharge for 3 Coupon is MOTAB1

  41. Mohit says:

    sab bakwas he mere 3 recharge ko 24 din ho gaye he or ye abi tak recharge nai hue he, status he order placed, ghanta placed or ye hadd he ki tradus kuch nai kar raha he,,

  42. kiran says:

    i bought a top ip but still it was not sucessfull i bouth it on 8th sept
    any one help me

  43. sanjiv says:

    mene 26-8-13 ko recharge kiye aur 30 ko order dispatch show ho rhaa,. but till then order showing in transit. nor single rechagre received till then 9-9-13. so i say tradus wale chor hai. ulu banate sabko. koi recharge mat karna chor site se. warna payment doob jayegi sabki

  44. Divyesh says:

    I bought 16 top-ups of different service operators, of which 14 top-ups are successful & for 2 I rec’d refund from Tradus. Now, waiting for another 4 top-ups. So, there is nothing to worry, if you don’t rec’ve top-up, Tradus keeps a sharp eye on the seller & refunds your money. This may take time, but surely we get our money back.

  45. zeeshan says:

    i bought three differnt listings from same account
    got all the three rechrges
    but after dat i have made new accounts and bought new listings as upgrded by tradus
    but didnt got any rehcrges yet,,even it has passed 5-6 days to refund process and not
    a single penny of refund is reflected in y account.

    Even they have provided shipping satus of some of my rechrges 5 days ago
    but no rechrges has been done yet,,

  46. Suraj says:

    I got recharge for Rs.3 & Rs.10.
    They will not recharge same number twice of same amount (as heard from them).
    So if you pay Rs. 3 twice you will get recharge once for the same number. Same goes with Rs 10 & 4 also.

  47. G D AIRAN says:

    it is not so,i recharged 12 times,all recharged 4 times in 3 accounts

  48. cherry says:

    yes,very true,even i didnt get recharge,only once or twice they are recharing for 4/- n then again 2-3 times i have recharged but not received till now,they are recharging once n collecting remaining amount in next recharges

  49. Mehul Shah says:

    Yes freinds they are just collecting money not not recharging, even complaints escalated to Tradus but no effect. Pl do not waste time & money in Tradus deals.

  50. vivek says:

    This site is a fake site. I have recharged my mobile with Rs. 10 two times on 26/08/2013 and since then i have been continuously mailing them to recharge my mobile but the recharge has not done yet.
    As Rs. 2 and Rs.3 is a small amount and no one will bother if the recharge is not done and so this way they collect a lot of money.
    I am planning to complaint the embezzlement in the consumer forum.
    Jaago Grahak Jaago

  51. Anonymous says:

    fake they dont rechrge our numbers anymore

    even rs 3 for 20 rc is not working

    after discount we hav to pay 10 rs

  52. mmittal says:

    ya sale bikhari ki tarah 3-3 4-4 rupay jama kar rahe hai public se

  53. sameer says:

    fudu banate hai yeh dealer. 26 august ko 6 recharge kiye, abhi tak koi rechange ni huya. waste of time on tradus

  54. arjun says:

    how many days it will take for recharge? worst one.. nearly 30 days…complaining to this to cyber crime police today…

  55. Rocky says:

    I recharged 4 mobiles on 21st with all coupon codes mentioned above. All the orders are cancelled…no use of wasting your time.

  56. tu ki lena says:

    stop to crying for 3 rs bcz u got only 7 rs from recharge of 10 u pay 4 rs

  57. sanjiv says:

    fake offer recharge on 21/8/13. but till tehn 26/8/13 no recharge recievd

  58. zeeshan says:

    got some of my rechagre
    but didnt got some yet :(

  59. sanjiv says:

    fake, no recharge after 3 days past

  60. Mukul says:

    NETWORK2 code today is good one… got recharge within 2 hour..
    This is becoming a regular thing :).
    Every other day you do a recharge of Rs. 10 in Rs 4 and get 7.xx Rs recharge…. not bad deal at all…

  61. sabyasachi says:

    coupon code SAVE1 is invalid

  62. Abhishek says:

    worked fine on bsnl no. I completed my order with payment at 19/08/2013 10.30pm and got recharge at next day i.e today 20/08/2103 at 4 pm.. now going to recharging uninor.. actually I had confusion after reading review here.. but it done well.. don’t keep any confusion just recharge..and ya.. don’t forget to see the page that deal is left or not before recharging .. it shows right side of the page that 2d12hr45min left or whatever just like that… if u see that then recharge or u will get ur money returned if the deal is not there.. thanks ;)

  63. VNS says:

    its working….

  64. IR7AD says:


  65. RAHUL says:

    Please dont try this seller. He is a big fraud. They will keep ur money for a long time and refund it later. They are earning a interest on your money collected.

  66. sanjiv says:

    saral_recharge is a chor delaer on tradus. com i recharged 21 numbers on 14/8/13. but till then 20/8/13. no recharge received. wha tha hell with tradus. why u deal with this fake chor dealer. donot buy anything from tradus, sab sale chor hai

  67. nits says:

    really dis seller doesnt deliver the recharges, betta dont buyi had purchased 5 recharges but dint even recharge one

  68. rajat says:

    can i recharge the same number again ??

  69. SANJU says:

    ordered 2….previously my no. was recharged successfully

  70. Rajesh Malvekar says:

    Dear friends dont fall on this offer trap i havr made order 15 days back but still my ordr not recvd.

  71. Amjad Mohammed says:

    Not fake.. i got my rc after 5 dayz.. But it may be a trapp!! they got our working numbers by this silly recharge and may be used this for sending ads… Crap!!

  72. shankar says:

    i recharged on 14/8/13. but till then 16/8/13 8 pm no recharge received. is this fake offers by how many days wait more for recharge

  73. khushal says:

    airtel maney me camition kaise milta hai… Mai to loss me hi rahta hu

  74. Haribansh Kumar says:

    This the best deal, all recharge is successfully charge.

  75. APARABAL KUMAR says:

    They are not recharing BSNL mobile no. So be sure before recharging your bsnl no.

  76. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Recharge for 4 using above link. use code RERECHARGE

  77. nits says:

    ha purchase b4 10 days not yet delivered

  78. Sumanta says:

    Not a deal but only bluffing

  79. Sumanta says:

    It is a way of collecting money at a go if you require without interest. The recharge is never going to happen. Money gone in vain.

  80. krunal modi says:

    this deal is very faltoo,so dont waste ur time and money,after a week u received ur money back due to not availablity of coupons

  81. Hemanth says:

    @ajk : May be some problem then….try again….it worked for me

  82. Gagan says:

    all coupons working fine…recharged 3 recharges for 3 phones :)

  83. ajk says:

    @hemanth: its not adding in cart…

  84. Hemanth says:

    Same offer applies in a new link ‘′

    Use code ‘NRECHARGE’

  85. Hemanth says:

    This is really working

  86. Anonymous says:

    i did not get my recharge copupons yet budhu banaya budhu banaya tradus ne

  87. Pranab J. Phukan says:

    I used this offer on 6th August and I got it today.(on 8 th August).

  88. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    It will work on Listing 1.

  89. Gagan says:

    Is anyone able to use SAVE3 coupon code ?

    Its giving this message “Gift voucher code is not valid on product(s) added in your cart. To check voucher details”

  90. ajk says:

    recharged 9 times 4 numbers… :D
    successful every time.

  91. ska says:

    vaishali.. stop crying for Rs.4

  92. Vaishali says:

    My spouse used this offer for BSNL number, and he got it. I used for MTNL number 3 days before but did not get it.
    SMI can you please look into?

  93. RAHUL says:

    Dont try this seller. It is not working.

  94. karan says:

    recharged with ease got mine today, good deal!

  95. Gagan says:

    Coupon code SAVE3 is not working. Please confirm

  96. Abhishek says:

    I got the message Recharge not successful in all my 3 numbers from 3 different accounts. .fake tradus

  97. anil gupta says:


  98. pankaj says:

    very nice

  99. G D AIRAN says:

    all accounts recharged with rs 7.90

  100. Alien says:

    Current Status: Order pending acceptance

  101. Mehul Shah says:

    Got it done last night itself.

  102. Shashank says:

    got it at night

  103. Donald says:

    Recharge will be done on the mobile number you will mentioned in the Address Form while placing this order

  104. srinath says:

    kya boss 2rs ke liye itna kuch karte ho markeing ke liye tradussssssssss kuch naya sochooo

  105. nisarg says:

    recharge is successful…. yesterday i paid in 3 of my numbers and today morning i got topup of Rs 10 in all my 3 numbers…… so its not fake

  106. GANESH says:

    Error 503 Service Unavailable

    Service Unavailable

    Guru Meditation:

    XID: 1706607501

  107. vivek says:

    fake site donot recharge.

  108. Anonymous says:

    10 rupye me 7 rupye milenge… 3 rupye k liye….hadd h…!!

  109. Mehul Shah says:

    Friends your registered no.with TRADUS should be Prepaid, if it is billing then you will not be recharged. As they do not ask for Mobile No. In entire transaction.

  110. Munna.n25 says:

    Rs 60 Recharge @Rs54 not bad!!

  111. Nikhil says:

    stupidity nothin else !

  112. vishal says:

    they take mobile number from ur address profile and recharge that number

  113. Praveen says:

    Ha Ha…

  114. satish says:

    10rs ka recharge vocuher b kya ghar bhejenge…idiotic

  115. satish says:

    kya faltugiri hai…why r asking residential address…???

  116. krishan says:


  117. akshay sharma says:

    They will do the recharge in next 2-3 days so wait till then , you will get a message once its done !!!

  118. Manas says:

    Transaction completed and now waiting for recharge

  119. Sudha says:

    T&C to look

    Only ONE recharge per mobile number is strictly allowed.
    Recharge might take upto 1 – 2 days to reflect in your talktime balance.

  120. spiderman says:

    purchased, but when will get recharge ?

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