Rs. 125 Mobile & DTH Recharge for Rs. 100 – MobiKwik

mobikwik25Mobikwik Wallet can be used to Recharge your phones, pay your bills & buy stuff.

Steps: 1. Sign-in on MobiKwik Android App. 2. Add Rs. 100+ to Wallet. 3. Visit “My Account” > “Redeem Promo code” & enter “INDIA2014″ to avail cashback.

Rs. 25 Cashback on Rs. 100+ Promo Code: INDIA2014

Download: MobiKwik Android App | MobiKwik Facebook (offer details)

49 Responses to “Rs. 125 Mobile & DTH Recharge for Rs. 100 – MobiKwik”

  1. Rahul says:

    it’s expiry date ????

  2. pankaj says:

    His customer servuces is very bad . No reposns regarding if payment dedect and recharge not be done.

  3. nicky cruz says:

    free is best

  4. Sagar says:

    How to enter code anyone know that?

  5. Satish says:

    No matter how lucrative the deal is, best to stay away from Mobikwik. Adding money first and then applying promo code is the proof that Mobikwik first wants to take money from the customer and then they decide to give bonus or not.

  6. bhagya says:

    very cheating side and i lass lost rs-400 rupees it is bad side no try in micromax mobile androd

  7. keyur says:

    it is still working…

  8. Jimmy says:

    Freecharge has make us greedy and we look for 50 cash back on 100 always or Rs.10, 20, 30 off coupons due to which PayTM or Mobikwik offers looks lame. Freecharge ne aadat kharab kar di yaaro. :P

    Still using 50 cash back coupons valid till May 26. Used 10 until now. :D

  9. vprasad says:

    Working ones only!!!!
    For one mobile….

  10. bhupi says:

    Mobikwik is a shitty site, all there coupons are for new accounts,if u use 2 coupons in one account be it within a week or in a month u wont get any bonus amount, so its better to trust freecharge when it comes to discount coupons, mobikwik isnt fair in providing deals, i hav twice become fool but now i hav decided to say no to mobikwik in future

  11. Anonymous says:

    is today offer working ?

  12. pappu pager says:

    ram ram stye ha baba
    utha le baba utha le
    arre meko nahi mobikwik walon ko utha le
    freecharge jesa koi acha sa offer nikaloo
    roz roz discount kum karne walon ko MODI maaf nai krega

  13. Metal Thrasher says:

    Working for single account/user/mobile number. Its obvious companies keep it to only once so that it cant be used for fraud by single user. FC & Paytm also keeps the same rule for most offers. So, stop blaming mobiqwik and grow up!!

  14. sharad says:

    i have added rs. 100 first time in this offer but it is showing that device is already used.
    bakwas if you have already taken any offer on android before one month.

  15. himangshu... says:

    flop offer … free charge is better then this…

  16. Santosh says:


  17. Rahul says:

    Its working on old accounts, but you have to first add 100rs money using mobiwik app on android phone, after adding money go to my account in android app and click ‘redeem promo’ code, click ‘Send OTP’. you will recieve one time password on your registered mobile, enter it and and then enter promo code INDIA2014. you will get 25rs cashback.

  18. Anil says:

    Just Tried and it is working fine:)

  19. BHAGYABAN SAHU says:

    I GOT RS-25.00 INR

  20. Kumar says:

    got rs. 25.valid for old users also

  21. hardkaur says:

    isse accha toh freecharge h . stil giving 50 C.B.

  22. nasif says:

    Its not working now…. dont try it.

  23. Tanzeem says:

    Is it working now???
    Please tell me it’s urgent…..

  24. vaneet says:

    not working

  25. ashu says:

    how to reedem the code..there is no option on android app to reedem the code.. please help someone

  26. raj says:

    its working or not plz tell me anyone…

  27. bhupi says:

    its working guys..remember mobikwik is strict, u shud use one code in one mobile or account, dnt use again n again in same account

  28. Asis Chow says:

    Be careful user. They are very dirty seller. Do not buy more than one deal in same computer or device with this voucher. Actually the offer is per mobile number/per user/per device which they have keep silence to seize your cashback if you buy 2nd time. So do not try in office computer or laptop. I have lodged them complain, but Mobikwik keep silent. They are the great gambler. So be careful. If need, I can post snapshot that how much worst they are. Even they are not responding my account closing request and refund unused balance.
    on 2014-04-23 23:41:19.0, Ticket
    on 2014-04-25 18:55:59.0 and for account closing & refund unused balance Ticket
    on 2014-04-27 11:50:22.0 are not yet solved by the merchant till date. They are also not responding over phone. So, better do not waste time for Mobikwik offer, try to concentrate on Freecharge or Paytm offer. Mobikwik is a Beep of the… of the Beep seller. You can see here that they have no mentioned any condition. So, Be alert and servivers comment here to united so that we can lodged legal notice to them through consumer court for their fraud offer posting.

  29. Pranav says:

    I have got it.. Recharged for 109.. Received 40.. :-)

  30. vijendra says:

    Success….. got Rs.140 by Rs.100

  31. Mohammed Fayz says:

    Awesome deal got 40Rs cashback…..

  32. priya says:

    cheap tricks by mobikwik…some are getting 40cashback…othrrs are not….use frecharge most reliable no tricks

  33. vab says:

    Dont worry abt ur Wallet bal..u can buy anything from using ur Wallet bal…….

  34. Avi says:

    Dont recharge from mobiKwik, if recharge not successful. you will not able to contact customer care and not get refunded. total fraud site.

  35. Shameer says:

    Working. but note that only once applies per one android device.

  36. Arun Sathiya says:

    Working on old accounts also.

  37. KSK says:

    Yes it is working per account/number/device

  38. murali says:

    Yes working for old accounts,thanks forSMI

  39. Gags says:

    don’t try this…they give you only Rs 100 only. Once you recharge and apply coupon it says Server not responding. I tried it twice…

  40. balaji says:

    does it work more than once on same mobile with 2 different mobikwik accounts?

  41. mohit says:

    awesome… working. thanku !!

  42. Archit says:

    Its Great…working..Got 140 Rs

  43. r says:

    ek mobile se or ek hi id per hoga

  44. sharad says:

    fine. working.

  45. Jagadish says:

    I also got 40rs for my old account..

  46. harish soni says:

    Working on both old and new accounts…got rs. 40 as bonus…

  47. himangshu... says:

    is it working for old accounts???

  48. Prashant says:

    Working fine got Rs 140 on adding Rs 100 Thanks SMI

  49. akshay says:

    Not working

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