Rs. 20 PayTm Wallet Balance Rs. 10 – FastTicket

fastticket-paytm• Pay Rs. 10 using PayTm Wallet & get Rs. 20 Cashback.
• Cashback amount will be automatically credited to your PayTm Wallet within 24 hours.
• PayTm Wallet Balance can be used to recharge, pay bills & buy stuff.

Buy: PayTm Wallet Balance from FastTicket | Redeem PayTm Wallet Balance on PayTm

119 Responses to “Rs. 20 PayTm Wallet Balance Rs. 10 – FastTicket”

  1. Raghav says:

    Total fraud. Nothing like that. I made 2 transaction day before yesterday . Making fool of us .

  2. Anonymous says:

    yr lagta hai tum sab ko 1 trick nahi pata chali thi yahan par wrong number opreastor

  3. ajay says:

    thank you very much, but it’s too late
    offer has expired

  4. S KUMAR says:

    MAZAA AA GYA 10 ID ME KIYA 20×10=200 got

  5. Jyoti says:

    @Namrata u really needs a super man punch

  6. Anonymous says:

    Mere pyare Bhaio Air Behno .
    Offer Is over.
    Go to the Fastticket App Seen Its only for First 40,000 user.
    Its past in 7:09 pm.
    so After 7:10 O’Clock Customers can’t get cash back.

    So let’s see again on NEW offers.
    Bey Bet take Care.

    Sachsen Tum Bohut Chalu Adni Hey Tujhse much sikhna padega

  7. Namrata says:

    @Jyoti its alive & kicking :D

  8. Harsh says:

    offer is stilll working or expired…plzzzz frnzz tell me…

  9. Jyoti says:

    Offer expires
    Or live can anyone help

  10. james007 says:


  11. zeeshan says:

    @ajay n others
    just upadate ur profile to any random numbers
    and use the same number again n again to verify

  12. satnam says:

    no cash back

  13. akash says:

    hey friends I don’t get cash back
    why help me

  14. Saravana says:

    1 fast ticket= 2 different paytm wallet transaction, after that i will not work, offer not expired its still ON

  15. ajay says:

    itane saare accounts fastticket pe kaise banaayen???

  16. Amit Bhatt says:

    Offer is still working

  17. ajay says:

    how can we make multiple accounts on fasttickets? koi trick hai doston jisame mobile varify na krna pade??

  18. aayush says:

    I got only 3

  19. aayush says:

    Deal is over

  20. Anonymous says:

    That’s set
    Offer expires
    I use only 7

  21. Sacheen says:

    Maza aa gaya aaj 5min me cb mil raha hai aaj :D
    Mene total 19 fasticke aur 38 paytm id se 760rs kama liya wo bhi sab recharge failed karke :P ab verifed paytm id nai hain is liye ab rest :(

  22. Sheetal says:

    It is still working at 5 PM.

  23. ashok says:

    recharge ho gaya or cashback aa gaya

  24. Sacheen says:

    public ne ye offer ko kal raat 12 baje se lootna start kar diya tha :P

  25. sarmila says:

    Buy ka option attack kaha ye yaar

  26. rockZ says:

    Avi offer chal raha hai kaya. koyi jaldi batao.

  27. Prakash says:

    Offer expired

  28. Anonymous says:

    Bekar ka time waste kabhi kahata hai sorry,your transaction was failed kbhi paytm wallet pahale wala hi aa jata hai airtel ka to hota hi nahi hai time chor Sabse bada chor hai

  29. Ravindra kumar sahani says:

    I got this five times till now and try to get more.

  30. Sacheen says:

    Mera subha 5am tak 20 time hua then i m tired n sleep :D

  31. Sacheen says:

    1 fast ticket id = 2 paytm wallet = 2 time cashback ok friends :D

  32. Pintu says:

    website is too slow

  33. zeeshan says:

    terms n conditions chnged…valid for first 40000 users only

  34. Anonymous says:

    Bekar hai transaction failed since 6a.m not completed once

  35. ssm says:

    nice offer …

  36. sonaj says:

    i got it but how many times it will be used?

  37. g d airan says:

    i have received cash back in my 7 accounts
    one number one paytm wallet a/c

  38. raj says:

    Redialing back from payTM with out payment !!!

    Payment failed ..

  39. Dharmin Shah says:

    got 38 times cashback but recharge can not getting in some mobile.

  40. zeeshan says:

    got cashback in all my 48 accounts using diffenrt fastticket accounts with same number

  41. Parth Sejpal says:

    I havent received the recharge. only the cb. now thatt too not working. waiting for cb since night.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Bachcho…Rs.10 ka mobile recharge karo and payment paytm wallet se karo…20 cashback…means 10 ka recharge+ 20 cash back…Enjoy

  43. shailesh says:


  44. vijay says:

    koi coupon nahi lagana kya

  45. kiran says:

    any one help me i cant login to my account

  46. MUSTAFA says:

    1 fast ticket ki id par 2 alag alag paytm ki id use karo 20rs cashback milega dono paytm ki id par 20+20=40

  47. Aditya says:

    Site Not Worked

  48. harish says:

    guys can any one tell me how to do?
    pls tell me anyone step by step process

  49. Ankit says:

    Is the offer still on??

  50. Sacheen says:

    Muje 10 time mila :P (5 fastticket id +10paytm wallet) but ab fastick ne login karna block kardiya :(

  51. R10 says:

    wow!!! got 1 time ,,,bt site crashed !!!

  52. rohit says:

    site crashed

  53. Vicky Raj says:

    Got 5 times in 5 diff. a/c…thanx smi

  54. Anonymous says:

    did in 25 id

  55. Sacheen says:

    1 fstckt id 2 time from 2 paytm cashback :D

  56. amit says:

    bekar site hai. koi try mat karna . mane bht try kia hai…

  57. Blackout says:

    Offer Expired wow offer for only 1 hour.

  58. Bhaai says:

    operators are working fine but payment from paytm wallet is getting failed.
    means ga** fat gayi fastticket aur paytm ki
    jab ho nahi pata to offer dete hi kyu h..

  59. jitendra kumar says:

    customer care ne bataya hai ki
    17-2-2015 ko india shooping come back
    with 10 ka 30-for 2 hours only.

  60. jitendra kumar says:


  61. Sacheen says:

    1 fasticket id se kitne time Paytm k alag alag account use kar sakte hai

  62. Prasant says:

    Trideal was much better than this fuddu site..
    worst offer. All operators are down. What the hell…
    Plz guys if you have any trick then plz share.

  63. Ajay says:

    ek id par ek hi baar cashback milega I haven’t received on second

  64. sagar says:

    site down.. now..

  65. BPL says:

    fast ticket app ya Web se without code 10Rs. ek hi account se ek hi no. pe ek baar recharge karne gai paytm Wallet se payment karna hai paytm account same id ka hina chahiye code nhi lagana hai successful payment hone ke baad 20Rs. cb paytm ke khate me add ho jayega i have received 60rs. on 3 accounts. tanks smi…

  66. pankaj says:

    Got cash back in 25 a/c..hope jbtk nind nhi ati tb tk 20 aur ho jayenge

  67. james007 says:

    dost kuchh puchho mat, jitna jis tarah jaisa b ho sake karte jao.. bas… cb very fast milta hai to khud hi sab kar ke dekhlo.. dont depend on anyone.. har ek apna apna kaam karna hota hai.. offer achha hai chal raha hai itna kafi hai… best of luck…

    ek id se 2nd time to mil gaya mujhe.. now sites bht slow ho chuki hai.. so do xperiments in ur own way.. and share here too

  68. atul says:

    I got cashback but no recharge done???

  69. Abhinav says:

    Its working guyz…i used it from 2 diff accounts and received the cb of rs 20 in each…

  70. ashish says:

    website is too slow

  71. ajay says:

    haalat hawa ho gayi site ki

  72. SBKA DOST says:

    Yar mere DOSTO!

    Mje CASHBACK NHI mila.. kese milega? KITNI DER me milega.. kost Dost btao yaar

    ur frnd,

  73. SURAJ says:


  74. Rahul says:

    ek fastticket id se kitne paytm me cb milega

  75. amit says:

    vu…done on 23 paytm acounts …thanks smi

  76. sonam says:

    can it done 2 times by a single id ???

  77. james007 says:

    yes i got cash back instant, its working… thanx smi paytm and fastticket too.. :)

  78. Aritra says:

    Recharge is succesful and cashback received

  79. Vicky Raj says:

    how to get this offer …please explain…

  80. ashish says:

    i got cashback but i havent got any recharge

  81. Aritra says:

    I did the payment and the status is “recharging”

  82. deepak says:

    Hello admin ji
    Please tell us it is working or not

  83. sagar says:

    Friends i got cb within 5min. The offer which is showing expired is14cb on 30rech.. so go without any doubt

  84. deepak says:

    Hello admin ji
    Please us it is working or not

  85. santosh says:

    i received cashback in few min. offer still there, do soon.

  86. ojas says:

    I made 1transaction let’s wait.

  87. Ankit says:

    Any1 got cashback?

  88. ashish says:

    just now done payment but not received any recharge

  89. Aritra says:

    It is still showing in website

  90. asser says:

    Lol happend ..offer wqs alrdy expired around 4 pm on 15 feb

  91. zeeshan says:

    got cashback within 2 minutes

  92. ashish says:

    I am not finding the offer on fast ticket web site.Is it expired already???

  93. Manoj says:

    Offer expired

  94. Abhinav says:

    A very disappointing thing which was never expected from.paytm…offer expired before its launch

  95. Abhinav says:

    Offer olready expired….how rubbish offer dis was…

  96. Anonymous says:

    offer expired…

  97. keloth raju says:

    i just got in touch with paytm care and they replied that its valid once per paytm wallet.
    You can use single fasticket acount but use different paytm wallet

  98. harish says:

    If it works then it is nice offer…

  99. ojas says:

    1 fastticket acc. N multi PayTm account?

  100. raj says:

    it mean
    1 FastTicket and 1 paytm account

    otherwise cb will not given by paytm (same condition was in india time shopping)

    best of luck

  101. ojas says:

    Offer will be valid for single user only.
    What does this mean?

  102. sk says:

    Hey guys this offers start from today midnight…

  103. bhupi says:

    I was able to do recharge and instantly received the top up sms in mobile, but i am still waiting for the paytm cashback

  104. ROCK says:

    Aj raat kaya 12 baja offer suru hoga kaya

  105. gokul says:

    Iam waiting

  106. amit says:

    Bhai logo y offer hta diya hai fast ticket me website se

  107. srujan says:

    worst deal yesterday i done no recharge no cashback bekar siteee

  108. Himanshu says:

    T&C padke decide karna

  109. Himanshu says:

    Bhai logo Aasi bekaar t&C hai to server to paaka hang hoga ;-)

  110. Sacheen says:

    Kal ye fasticket ka band bajaa bajega :D start hone k 1 hour mein to site hang ya slow hogi aur 1 ya 2pm tak offer expired kardege :P

  111. RJ says:

    this is new and different offer
    your will go through mobile recharge of rs 10
    pay the rs 10 for mobile recharge from paytm wallet. paytm will give you rs 20 cashback.
    and also you will have rs 10 mobile recharge. see the details on website

  112. speedy says:

    condition:- Offer will be valid for single user only and on services like Mobile and DTH recharge and Pay bills.
    i didn’t get this condition. Dies it mean sngle paytm user or fastticket user?

  113. speedy says:

    kal site crash hogi… :P

  114. ROCK says:

    Why tuesday baby?

  115. Vijay says:

    Let see on tommorow… (16th Feb..)

  116. Vijay says:

    Let se…on Tuesday…??

  117. sonaj says:


  118. Swapnil says:

    Fastticket and Paytm reserves right to discontinue of program without assigning any prior intimation whatsoever.


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