Rs. 10 + Rs. 20 + Rs. 20 + Rs. 5 Mobile Recharge for Rs. 10 – FreeCharge

1. Enter recharge details (Rs. 10+) > Proceed to coupons.
2. Select FreeCharge Rs. 20 Instant Discount offer TWICE. (Pick for Free)
3. [optional] 50% Cashback Promo Code: LOOTLO (max cashback Rs. 50)
4. Complete transaction.
5. Redeem 2 x Rs. 20 Instant Discount & Rs. 5 Cashback.

Website: FreeCharge

Note: After transaction is complete Rate FreeCharge and get Rs. 10 Credits (once / account).

60 Responses to “Rs. 10 + Rs. 20 + Rs. 20 + Rs. 5 Mobile Recharge for Rs. 10 – FreeCharge”

  1. vamsi says:

    I am getting 20 rs coupons, i did not understand only one thing i.e, is how we will give rating can any one tell me.

  2. Satish says:

    @swayam sourav please stop typing :)

  3. swayam sourav says:

    totally i got 1000 rupees with this offer fully free not even 10 rs.
    after getting two 20 rs coupon, i developed 2 new account and recharged with new number with this 20 rs coupon. after recharged done give rating.
    In rating i got 20 rupees every time in new account free,then with these 20 rupees recharged in old account with 2 free 20 Rs coupon, then with the two twenty rupees coupon recharged in new number with new account. then rating getting 20 rupees.
    Its looks like a chain reaction with non stop 20 rupees talktime.
    now i m bored with recharging, so i stopped in morning.
    till now i have 10 twenty rupees voucher,.
    looks like a nonstop talktime of urs and urs friends.

  4. TukTuk says:

    After transaction is complete Rate (click full star )FreeCharge and get Rs. 20 Rs
    i got it 10rs more

  5. jaskarn says:

    its over now

    deal end

  6. Metal Thrasher says:

    @Jagadish, only for 1 number per account you can use each coupon..create more accounts and you can do it for friends/family etc,but not to your number 2nd time

  7. Jagadish says:

    I can’t do recharge for second time as it is saying that it can be used only once per account
    .. Help me please…

  8. zeeshan says:

    they hav started giving free coupons again

  9. Abhi says:

    coupoun har bar milega. Bas recharge krne se pehle brower k caches, history sab puri tarah delete kr do… Phir recharge kr le.

  10. prakash says:

    How will I use the coupons with the same account more than once? Is there a way?

  11. sam says:

    ya i recharged it yesterday thanks, now no option of free rs 20 coupon

  12. tamanna says:

    koi ye batayega ki coupon ka option kaha milega, please muje isame kahi mil nahi raha h….Please help ki recharge kaise hoga

  13. zeeshan says:

    guyz .it was working yesterday but its not working today as freecharge have removed their free coupons options officialy

  14. Shravan says:

    thnx SMI :)

  15. G D Airan says:

    no free coupons to select

  16. jaskaran says:

    zeeshan thx u very much i pay my full bill of vodafone 500 rs in just 260 rs only.

  17. Amprapali says:

    Gifted $codes only for u savemoneyindia becoz of this great deal

  18. Hari says:

    i am not able to see the free coupons for 20 in the coupon page , is it been removed ??

    help me to get the coupon..

  19. pooja says:

    its not working , zeeshan

  20. jaskaran says:

    Finaly i done pay 55rs and recharge amount 100 rs

    Lootlo offer i already avialed yesterday…

  21. lalit says:

    ites working and freecharge become indai 1 site and no-4 out of world use coupon- NUMBER1
    you not think how i get thes coupon becuse i am a head of FREECHARGE

  22. jaskaran says:

    What is the promo code Sumanta to get 20 rs

  23. Sumanta says:

    1. Get Rs.20 instant discount. To avail the offer customers have to Download FreeCharge Android Mobile App on their Mobile and transact via the same. FreeCharge Android App link 2. Valid for all products Post paid Mobile / Prepaid Mobile / DTH & Data Card available on FreeCharge Android Mobile App. 3. Valid on all payment modes available on FreeCharge Android Mobile App. 4. Customer will get Instant discount and discount would not get credited in form of FreeCharge Credits. 5. To avail the offer, enter Promo Code in the Promo Code section before making payment. 6. For transaction amount of more than Rs.20, the balance amount has to be paid through suitable payment mode. 7. Offer is non-encashable and cannot be combined with any other offer. 8. Valid till 22nd April, 2014.

    So it means business not exactly Rs55 for Rs10

  24. Nikhil says:

    Someone please tell how to get freecharge rating option eveytime with new account? I even use incongindo window and recharge through new account but still I don’t get ratings option. Please explain how to get it

  25. xyz says:

    THankx zeeshan its working again and again by this method….

  26. ankush says:

    are yaar log In with your facebook account and then it cames in the end don’t use opera

  27. abc says:

    Coupon is applying only once per account. The second coupon is not working. It is showing that it can be used only once

  28. shivam says:

    are koi ye btayega k freechrge ko rate kese krna hai

  29. zeeshan says:

    for all those guyz who are not getting freecharge 0 rs coupons on their my coupons list
    u have to clear all cahce nad all details of ur browser trough cltr+shift+del

    this instruction is for those only who are not getting coupns option after taking its advantage for once..i hav done the same and getting coupons again n again through diss ids and via using credits also

    as far as the 10 rs credits for rating them is option for reting freecharge is showing upafter succesful recharge

  30. juber says:

    simi bhai can u plzz tell how get 10 rs for rating freecharge. mujhe kuch samaj me nahi aaya

  31. sam says:

    server busy.

  32. ismail says:

    not for net banking and Credits if u have

  33. jaskaran says:

    What is the method i m not undersrand plz help

  34. bims says:

    thanks freecharge just keep it up and give us awesome moments like this

  35. Prasanth says:

    Oops am not seeing anything i think i missed this wonderful offer

  36. sripad says:

    shows coupon for android only,what the hell

  37. ANONYMOUS says:

    you cant recharge on the same number twice…but good offer

  38. harsh says:

    thanks freecharge & SMI. good schemes in these days. SMI & freecharge ALWS rocksss

  39. yash goyal says:

    yeah….i have got the amount….please give me 10rs credit more :D

  40. ramukaka says:


  41. ankit says:

    thanks.. i got it.

  42. PRASHANT NAYAK says:

    Excellent offer . i got recharge of Rs50 free….

  43. MAYANK PATEL says:

    i got it

  44. Shiva says:

    I don’t find this coupon on FreeCharge site.

  45. mehul says:

    Now pay Rs.5 for Rs.20 discount against min recharge of Rs.30

  46. Rajeev says:

    Good deal..buomer..try 2 login ids’t one coupon per customer..try 2 login ids

  47. sharad says:

    thanks freecharge. good schemes in these days. superb.

  48. Dhruv says:

    site is down like hell

  49. Rahul says:

    Working thanks…

  50. Keny says:



  51. atul says:

    there in no option of coupon pick in ur app…

  52. maria says:

    I got it at the first recharge. Now, it seems like they have removed. They are charging Rs.5/- for that coupon now…

  53. pooja says:

    Got it…thx smi

  54. Anonymous says:

    how it work…pls suggested me..I heartly thanx to all…

  55. Shivam says:

    Hi Shivam Shukla,
    We are sorry to inform that we were unable to process a cash back to your FreeCharge account under the Freecharge Loot Lo offer. This happened because it seems like you have

    & 2 Redeem 2 x Rs. 20 Instant Discount & Rs. 5 Cashback.

  56. Dhruv says:

    website is down like “hell is trying to rename its title as HEAVEN” :p

  57. Shivam says:

    offer closed plss remove now the offer on less your

  58. ramudu says:

    how can we redeem that coupons

  59. sreenu says:

    superb………got it

  60. xyz says:

    kal raat se site down h bas loading hoti rhti h site open hi nahi ho rhi…

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