Rs. 550 PayTm Wallet Balance Rs. 501 – NearBuy

paytm• Pay Rs. 501 using PayTm Wallet & Get Rs. 550 back in your PayTm Wallet.
• Valid for 1 transaction.
• The Cashback will be credited to the PayTm Wallet within 3 Working days of the transaction.

Buy PayTm Wallet Balance (Buy Now > Paytm Wallet > Proceed To Payment)
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99 Responses to “Rs. 550 PayTm Wallet Balance Rs. 501 – NearBuy”

  1. Mr X says:

    Abhi hai kya

  2. jatin says:

    thak gaye yr bar bar open kar ke har bar sold out

  3. Mukhesh says:

    Use one paytm account 15 times and use 15 different nearbuy accounts . you will get 49*15=735

  4. ani says:

    where is today deal… when it start

  5. Kalesha says:

    Does it need new paytm & nearbuy account or does it works buy existing paytm account …pleaz let me know frnds

  6. PSK says:

    got 294 in 6 account in just 15 minutes…

  7. dolly says:

    Maine to 12000 kamaye h…
    Thanku SMI… nd lots of love PAYTM…
    Nearby love u tooo more then u think…

  8. rahul says:

    sameer bhai ek hi paytm id par dubara offer nahi le sakte ha buy to ho jayega lekin benifit nahi milega .

  9. Abhayjeet says:

    Sameer @25 times got in same paytm account from difrnt nearby acnt

  10. Nachiket says:

    priya ji, 12 to roj bajenge par offer bar bar nahi aati.. ha ha ha

  11. priya says:

    12 PM. par tyar raho…

  12. sameer says:

    rahul bhai mere sawal ko samaj kar jabab do bhai

  13. saurabh says:

    Kya mein electricity bill paid karke offer ka fayda le sakta hun keval 501 pay karne par hi milega ya jyada karne par bhi 550 milege aur kini der mein aayenge aur website par I’d kholne par first transaction par hi milega ya koi bhi transaction par

  14. sameer says:

    rahul bhai jis paytm id par offer le chuke hain kya us paytm id par dubara offer le sakte hai nearnuy ki new id par ye batao ye mat bato ki 49 nahi milega

  15. rahul says:

    nahi sameer bhai extraa 49 rupees bhi nahi milega

  16. sameer says:

    rahul bhai jis paytm id par offer le chuke hain kya us paytm id par dubara offer le sakte hai nearnuy ki new id par

  17. rahul says:

    sameer bhai yadi paytm aur nearbuy dono ki id differance ho to hi use kar sakte ha

  18. sameer says:

    Please koi batao kya jis paytm id par yeh offer le liya hai kya new nearbuy id par fir se paytm ki id par offer le sakte hai kya ???

  19. TANU says:

    Is the deal comeback tomorrow morning ???

  20. sameer says:

    Abhayjeet@ bhai 25 baar kaise offer liya thoda batoa please

  21. Abhayjeet says:

    so sad got only @25 times

  22. ashi says:

    unable to buy
    it is showing

    Inventory not available! for item : 104889

  23. ankit says:


  24. kumar says:

    got cashback. thanks smi

  25. sameer says:

    ankit @ ek paytm id per ek baar hi offer le sakte hain aur ek hi nearbuy ki id par bhi

  26. Ola says:

    Is it possible to get cashback 550 in same paytm account
    Only by changing the nearbuy account???

  27. venkat says:

    @ANKIT this is one time per user per campaign which ends on 21feb. until that day u don;t get again for same nearbuy account. better create new nearbuy and use used paytm.

  28. ankit says:

    sameer BHAI mujhe ye batao Ki mene ye offer Kal le liya tha kya ye offer tommarrow ko bhi le sakta hu please call me friend

  29. Akram reza says:

    D’nt worry varun deal is comeback tomorrow morning.

  30. Hiten says:

    Sorry varun you are too late… Deal is over

  31. Varun says:

    guys plz tell me how to avail this benifit I have added rs. in my paytm wallet.
    now what next.

  32. Varun says:

    Do we have to buy for accurate 501 or we can buy more than 501.

  33. sanju says:

    life bna di hh paytm ne

  34. ankit says:

    friends kal ye deal mujhe mile GUI thi to kya m aaj bhi ye deal le sakta hu

  35. sameer says:

    now sold out sirf 7 account per hi kar paya so sad

  36. anita says:

    Inventory not available! for item : 104889

  37. Galaxy says:

    is applicable more than once for 1 paytm account ?
    because its worked well with same nearbuy account.

  38. superdealz says:

    Deal is over!!!

  39. priya says:

    SOLD OUT, UPPER HAND,,,hahaha

  40. Sitar says:

    what is procedure?

  41. venkat says:

    NO NEED TO BE SAME mobile/email. Even worked different nearbuy accounts but same paytm which already got cashback. TOOK ME 30 Hours to receive cashback.

  42. Dj says:

    to all those people who not received the paytm balance yet.
    contact nearbuy or send them email at and request them to add Rs.550 in your paytm wallet asap.
    i did the same just now and received balance and a call within 15 minutes.

  43. akshay says:

    in paytm wallet app u can see ur wallet limit indicated by green color.

  44. akshay says:

    guys its necessary that u have same account email or phone no as I had done transaction from four account and in which I received cashback in two account with in 10 minutes and in two wallets I have not received because my wallet limit has exceeded.I had checked I not think that there is any paytm fault.

  45. rahul says:

    phir yah offer kab ayega kisi ko pata ha kya

  46. Rinku says:

    Guys, I think nearbuy account and paytm wallet’s mobile number needs to be same. I got cashback in all the accounts. I guess it is applicable for 1 txn per nearbuy/paytm account. those who have may have tried multiple times with one account may not receive the cashback.

  47. sameer says:

    himanshu@ yes all account separate email id aur separate mobile no

  48. dolly says:

    Bahut intjaar karwata hai
    paytm …bahut der me dalta hai…CASHBACK@akg bhaiya

  49. bulu says:

    Deal is Live Again at 9:10pm wowww

  50. ammit says:

    Same Here!
    cashback not received till now!

  51. Recharge freak says:

    Bought 2 coupons from 2 different paytm accounts on same nearbuy account.1 paytm account had instant cashback of 550 but the other cashback is awaited…

  52. himanshu says:

    Sameer tumhara nearbuy email aur paytm email same tha kya????

  53. akg says:

    Kya hua dolly?

  54. sameer says:

    i have done in 20 account 20*49 = 980 thanks SMI & PAYTM

  55. dolly says:

    Uff. .. mera time waste ho gya…

  56. Rafiq says:

    sold out bata raha hai

  57. Montu says:

    This offer is now expired

    So plz don’t try

  58. Bira says:

    I am paying two deal on one paytm account is
    My cash will be refunded???
    Plz ans me

  59. ABC says:

    received cashback in two accounts.
    cashback received in 5 min in both accounts.
    Thanks smi.

  60. Gags says:

    I’ve done it for two a/c’s and now waiting for the cashback. I don’t believe for people who say they got the cb in 5, 10 min’s. The cashback would start after 24 hrs checked with customer care.

  61. Yogesh says:

    Sold out

  62. Rons says:

    Sold out.

  63. ABCD says:

    @akshay Not necessary same no. on both nearby and paytm
    Done in 3 paytm account
    Thanks SMI & Paytm

  64. himanshu says:

    Hey nv tumhara paytm email aur groupon email same h kya ya fir sirf number

  65. Jayesh says:

    got the same for 55 times.

  66. nv says:

    recd in 18 a/cs

  67. Anvesh says:

    In which site we have to buy nearbuy or paytm or both. can anybody please explain how to avail this offer.thank u

  68. Bhaskar says:

    They are giving instant cashback. I received in 4 different paytm a/c.
    Good Deal, enjoy Republic Day with paytm

  69. Afsal says:

    This is only one time offer

  70. Satish says:

    Awesome!!!Cash back credited in 5 mins!!!

  71. akshay says:

    is it necessary to have same mobile no on paytm as well as nearby…if anyone knows then please reply..

  72. akshay says:

    done transaction from 4 accounts waiting for cashback in all wallets…

  73. MAK says:

    Not possible Narendu, only 1 time per account

  74. MAK says:

    Just bought and got cash back within 2 minutes. Great offer from Paytm & Nearbuy. Thanks SMI

  75. Narendu says:

    Is possible in more than one coupon in same nearby account…from different Paytm account payments…reply urgent

  76. Lokesh says:

    Just bought one. Now waiting for the cashback…

  77. Rajan says:

    No cashback yet.
    Rs.505 is gone!!!

  78. Joydeep says:

    Wow, Cashback received in paytm wallet within just 4 minutes.

    Anita, Only follow the link given in SMI, nothing else to be done !!!

  79. Joydeep says:

    Just bought one. Now waiting for the cashback…

  80. Recharge freak says:

    Bought 2

  81. Gags says:

    Deal live again…bought 2

  82. mohan says:

    Bakwas deal over

  83. anita says:

    if any buy this deal please tell about how to get cash back in paytm nad emai mobile should be same or not.

  84. Hari says:

    Deal over now…just now called customer care

  85. krishnareddy says:

    i got now time.. tried second time(thru another paytm account).. but its unavailable for me …

  86. Dj says:

    deal is over it was available for first 1000 users.

  87. kunal says:

    Dont worry guys you need not do anything u will get it in some time max in 3 days

  88. OnlineBanda says:

    At Nearbuy, Pay Rs.501 to purchase the deal using Paytm Wallet & Get Rs.550 back in your Paytm Wallet
    Your paytm wallet will be credited with Rs.550

  89. Samik says:

    Can’t find it in nearbuy!

  90. nitesh says:

    page not found

  91. Kabir says:

    Hi, I brought one, i paid the paytm cash and got the cashback with a Voucher but i dont know how to use the Voucher, Please explain how to use the purchased Voucher?


    is the benefit of Rs. 49 only into paytm wallet?

  92. Chandini says:

    Hi Devil and Sandy, How did you avail this offer?
    I just bought the deal from nearbuy account via the paytm wallet as the payment method about an hour back, but haven’t received the cashback. Is there some thing more I need to do after buying the deal?
    Please help me understand if you have availed the offer.

  93. Sagar says:

    Anyone find offer ?? I am unable to see offer when open the link.

  94. manjeet says:

    i think the deal is gone now..
    can anyone confirm.

  95. Prashant says:

    is this working

  96. manjeet says:

    i think the deal is gone now.
    can someone confirm pls

  97. irshad says:

    i got in 30sec

  98. Devil says:

    Got it in 2 mins

  99. Sandy says:

    So a benefit of R’s. 49 only.. Right..

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