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safeguardMidDaySale is selling SafeGuard Chilli Pepper Spray for Rs. 149. Features 6 Ft Range, Can tackle 6-8 Attackers, Legal, safe & No permanent Damage.

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8 Responses to “SafeGuard Chilli Pepper Spray Rs. 149 – MidDaySale”

  1. Rahul says:

    order one for my Gf, a nice deal. Every girl / guy should have one.

  2. socialworker says:

    i suggest every girl should carry this when going to outside for security…no need to depend on any one for help she can defense the opponent easily……so please girls every one should have to buy this to reduce the crimes on women

  3. Middaysale says:

    Totally there is no risk in buying Samsung Galaxy S4 from our Website.
    We are pretty much sure that you will have a wonderful experience buying the goods.

    Middaysale Team

  4. K.P. Singh" Kakkaju" says:

    ye item hamne istamaal kiya hai, is umra me bhi i can bear two….
    ye sach me asardaar hai.. aap bhi try kare….
    even you can use it with sabzi.. and sandwitch chowmen also…
    enjoy with hot and spicy……

  5. shipra says:

    ordered one becoz i have 2 go outside regularly.

  6. Vinay T says:

    Oh, its mentioned. 4 years :)

  7. Vinay T says:

    Does this have expiry dates?

  8. shwetha says:

    anyone bought this??

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