Sampoorn Ramayan 50 Discs Rs. 510, Mahabharat 47 Discs Rs. 476 – Amazon

ramayan-mahabharatAmazon has discounted Sampoorn Ramayan 50 Discs to Rs. 510 & Mahabharat 47 Discs to Rs. 476.

Buy: Sampoorn Ramayan 50 Discs Rs. 510 | Mahabharat 47 Discs Rs. 476 | More Movies & TV Shows 66% off from Rs. 34 (free shipping)

8 Responses to “Sampoorn Ramayan 50 Discs Rs. 510, Mahabharat 47 Discs Rs. 476 – Amazon”

  1. SMI-FAN says:


    ramyan- 1499/-
    mahabharat- 1119/-

    pls tell me how to reduce the price???

  2. sanjay gambhir says:

    ”Sampoorn Ramayan (1961)”

    Showing the year of production of this TV serial as 1961, which is not correct, the actual year(s) of production are 1987-88.

  3. sanjay gambhir says:

    ”Mahabharat – TV Serial Volume 1”

    Volume 1 ? Are there more than 1 volumes of this TV serial? Kindly confirm.

  4. Pavan says:

    Now its working bought Ramayan CD’s @ 510 Thanks SMI

  5. Pavan says:

    @ SMI Bought Mahabharat 47 Discs @ Rs. 476 Thanks a lot.. But I even wanted to order Sampoorn Ramayan 50 Discs Rs. 510 but this price is showing @ 1399 please give clear information



  6. Abhijit Sanyal says:

    There is no such scheme running. The price of the product is 1399/-

  7. Ruchir says:

    @kumar-If SMI doesn’t mention means no coupon needed.Simple.Price must be increased as it was a throw away price for a diamond.Amazon is establishing in India and so far not heard of coupon system.Gradually it may adopt coupon thingy which most sites are having.
    Om Namah Shivay,the best and most useful is not listed here,maybe it was never discounted.Now we are left with less options.Like hunting the iso. Hint hint.Magnet,4G Plan.

  8. kumar says:

    Its not showing offer price…or co..upon is not provided…

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