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GALAXY GRAND offers maximum screen space on a slim, fully loaded smartphone for an endlessly entertaining mobile experience. Enjoy your videos, games and web time on a large, vivid display while holding it in one hand. Its bigger screen and slimmer body is ideal for playing games, watching videos or surfing the web. Slim design ensures portability of GALAXY Grand for those who want to have a large screen without compromising portability.

12% off Coupon: RED2013

Buy Samsung Galaxy: Grand Duos Rs. 18260 | Note 2 Rs. 29612 (new website)

8 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos Rs. 18260, Note 2 Rs. 29612 – redXchange”

  1. Manish says:

    @Ruchir. Redxchange was started in 2011 as exclusive website to offer Discount on Mitashi Products for ICICI bank customers. We have mentioned same on our websites about us page. And yes we never said ICICI banks approves anyone in anyway. But we have done very fair bushiness over period of two years. And we can proudly say there are no complaints against the website till date.

    Here on this page the discussion started with offer publish on Redxchange, we don’t want this offer to mislead the viewers so we thought we should let everyone know more about this offer..

    The coupon code RED2013 mentioned in the offers is valid only for ICICI bank customer and the code is valid on all 5000+ products. but somehow without our consent the offer was published focusing on single product Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos. This was beyond our control.

    Thank you very much for writing. Please feel free to write if you have any further quires or concern. we will be glad to answer all your quires.

  2. Ruchir says:

    @Manish-Ugh.The site says-Redxchange started in 2011 as a exclusive website to offer Discount on Mitashi products for ICICI bank customers.What is so great about Mitashi. What is the equity.Nothing mentioned at site unless to a stock expert or an employee. Mitashi makes no sense.Who buys its products.And read ICICI disclaimer.It does not approve anyone in any way.It is a promotion for both.And ICICI had Timtara coupons for a ling time,would you buy knowing its reputation.

    If you are rich and risk all the money,I would recommend any site but if this sum means something,don’t be greedy and blind,wait for HS18 superdeals. Next time or next next,it may cost the same and you will have the phone as new as out of Samsung factory.Or probably Flipkart or Indiatimes but chances are less to beat price.These 2 are reliable giants.IT fulfilled 4 out of 4 fastest all 50-77% discount with perfection.

  3. Basole says:

    All the items on the site are out of stock, I don’t think we can trust this type of companies and deals.

  4. Manjunath P says:

    So soon out of stock

  5. Manish says:

    Dear Friends,

    Yes the website is new but its a venture of 2 decade old company Mitashi, the coupon code mentioned here is applicable on all products on the website and not just on mobile phone. the coupon code mentioned here was exclusively for the ICICI bank customers. Kindly see offerzone on

    - Thanks

  6. anil gupta says:

    dae hi nahi raha logae kya aise ki taise

  7. Sanjeev Bhardwaj says:

    Both r out of stock….

  8. divya says:

    friends this is new website. be careful simply don’t waste ur money

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