Samsung Galaxy Y Colours Rs. 5079 – StarCJ

StarCJ is selling Samsung Galaxy Y for Rs. 5079 after discount. Features Strong processor, faster download speeds of 7.2Mbps, compact form factor & 7.62cm (3) screen.

15% off Coupon: 0592-652525

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6 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Y Colours Rs. 5079 – StarCJ”

  1. Ruchir says:

    Rooting does not effect much.0 effect.As not many apps there in a starting phone.Almost all apps needed if u need Android.Gaining 5-10 Megs means nothing.I have rooted and no effect.After a month of rooting,internal memory left is less than 5 Mb.Rooting cannot invent memory.Like RAM optimizers temporarily improves speed but NO solution to hardware RAM.Rooting basically gives you power.To install for example firewall,remove ads etc.Like I have a custom ROM which behaves like ICS but hangs as specs don’t change.Rooting is no solution to internal memory issues.+it removes all warranties.+If you fail,the phone will become unusable.

  2. gupta.yash says:


  3. Ruchir says:

    Nokia E6 Mobile Phone – Silver for Rs.9,349,lowest and checked


    Coupon Discount:? 1650

    Gift Wrap:? 0Shipping & Handling(applicable on orders below ? 301):? 0Net Amount Payable: ? 9349

    This is a killing price for a phone recently above 15k

  4. dasf says:

    You can root the phone and remove the bloatware…….

  5. RAHUL SHARMA says:

    coupon not working

  6. Ruchir says:

    Like garbage packed in a new gift wrap.All Galaxy Y comes with torturing internal memories.After some time,you will have to format and again after some time.All android phones must have int. mem. at least 2 Gb. Otherwise for calling only Nokia phones are best. Lumia is a different ball game.

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