Santoor Sandal & Almond Milk 100g Pack of 4 Rs. 19 – eBay

Santoor White combines the goodness of two premium ingredients sandal and milk of almonds to provide the woman of today with the right soap to enhance the fairness, beauty and youthfulness of her skin.

• This is a promotional offer only for those who haven’t shopped ANYTHING on eBay yet.
• Only 1 qty of the featured product can be availed per person or household.

Buy: Santoor Sandal & Almond Milk 100g Pack of 4 (seller will only ship if it is the accounts 1st purchase)

36 Responses to “Santoor Sandal & Almond Milk 100g Pack of 4 Rs. 19 – eBay”

  1. Sandeep says:

    abi tak to nahi hua. esa hi hoga refunded by system

  2. Yash Gupta says:

    Btao bhai kisi ko ab tak items delivery ki details mili ya ni

  3. Yash Gupta says:


    Yaar abhi tak mera bi ye product ship hua h???
    Kisi ka hua h kya friendssss??????

  4. rocker says:

    Kisi ka Yeh product abhi tak ship kiya ka
    sankalpdeals ne ?????

  5. yash says:

    @ankit yaar clear clear btao???

  6. yash says:

    @ganesh thnxxxx bro

  7. ankit says:

    Ebay returning money to buyer.
    It is a kind of making fool.

  8. GANESH says:

    Yash me also getting that same message incorrect no. Actually Arta shop is shipping last day of the delivery date..So Actually Agni tea last date of delivery is Yesterday (01/03/2013)… But they did not ship it yesterday , Some case they ship at next day also ..need to wait and see today they ship it this product or not…We can get it same ebay message inbox or paisa pay page to claim as “PRODUCT NOT RECEIVED , REFUND MONEY” to select and claim back our money..Please wait and see today if they did not can go it at that time or now also you can choose that option to claim back (REFUND) money…

  9. soury says:

    tata agni tea may receive on monday…i made a call to arta_shop….id will not be tracked because due to technical problem info by arta shop of

  10. yash says:

    Help me guys????
    Kisi ne seller ya ebay s contact kiya???

  11. yash says:

    @Ganesh Dear i have entered my ebay id as ref. Id

    But it shows incorrect no.

  12. customer says:

    @ GANESH same problem………let us contact seller..

  13. GANESH says:

    Customer….Me also ordered TATA AGNI TEA.. Yesterday last date of shipment…today i tried blue dart tracking page its not showing anything..anybody here shipping details or shipment please update here….

  14. GANESH says:

    Yashh………… use your login id of Ebay in blue dart “ref.” column you will get you details of shipping in blue dart…

  15. customer says:

    Any one got tata AGNI tea from arta_shop? (Shipped but not delivered)

  16. yash says:

    Anyone pls help me….I have rcvd a msg in my email that your item is dispatched via bluedart…and reference no. Is tracking id.
    But friends i am not able to track???

    Tell me what to do next??

  17. Soury says:

    All the deals are good but some late delivery

  18. ajk says:

    this seller sankalp deal is good, ship very fast.. arta shop too slow..

  19. ajk says:

    @sanjeev: yeah i got glucon D two pack, vivel soap 2 packs, tata tea 1 pack(shipped) from arta shop… only 1 pack of tata tea got cancelled, rest approved…

  20. Chuck says:

    To create a new account…just add some random land line number instead of mobile number…

  21. rakesh says:

    Achi deal hai i hope add new cutermers purpose & best of lucky to ebay
    thanks for this deal

  22. amir says:

    ebay wale phle tho deal nikalte h fhi order cancle kr dete h…jb itna itm stock m nhi hota h tho kyu …

  23. Anonymous says:

    Nice deal.i purchased

  24. ABC says:

    dont post ebay products.

    Worst situation………………….

    Always refund…………….

  25. DEEPAK says:

    @ajk you r correct i rcvd all the orders till now .

  26. Sanjeev Bhardwaj says:

    i knw yaar! got many items from Sankalp deals in last one year without any problem…but this arta_shop!!! man! i dnt knw what to do with these guys…i got only one item(4xdove soap). after than just waiting..waiting…waiting… :(
    anyways! how many items you hv got from the arta_shop???

  27. ajk says:

    @sanjeev: u have to b little smart while buying.. jumble a bit addresses.

  28. pankaj says:

    ajk u r right paise bachao

  29. pankaj says:

    76% off nice best deal

  30. Sanjeev Bhardwaj says:

    My last four order(3:arta_shop and 1:Sankalp) has already been cancelled(even i fulfilled all the T&C)…so let the ebay firstly returned my money than will think in the future whthr to order anythng frm thm or not…. anyways i dnt like this Santoor soap….

  31. ajk says:

    boht badhiya…. paise bachao…
    got vivel soap, lehar aloo bhujia… only 1 order got cancelled out of 7-8..

  32. unknown says:

    i have already received 48 pcs of vivel…
    so sorry ebay .. m not going to purchase…

  33. amit says:

    bakwas deal as they wil refund yours amount hahahhahah :P

  34. Ratnakar says:

    Not working some technical issue is there on ebay site.

  35. Shivam says:

    Best Deal In Ebey

  36. H.S.Gupta says:

    not interested …..
    coz received vivel soap already………

    DO I NEED TO OPEN Grocery STORE ? Ha Ha LoL ;)

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