Send Rs. 1 Get Rs. 1 – PayTm Wallet

pt-p2p• Send Re. 1 to anyone and get Re. 1 Cashback within 48 hours (send money feature is only available on PayTm/Wallet App).
• The offer is valid only for customers sending money for the first time from 9th May, 2016 to 15th May, 2016.
• You can send money successfully by adding money in your Paytm wallet.

PayTm: P2P

16 Responses to “Send Rs. 1 Get Rs. 1 – PayTm Wallet”

  1. shreya says:

    guys paytm is full fantastic
    it gives a huge offers on hotels but problem is that nobody is interested in hotels booking offers haha
    lol of paytm. its a recharge website but giving useless scheme on hotels haha big fool

  2. same says:

    Want to buy IPL team with this rs 1 cash back.amazing offer ever.

  3. Shashank Dhodapkar says:

    yaar aisi offer roz roz ane lagi to m taj mahal kharid looon

  4. Sanju says:

    I got Rs 1 cash back…wow..I m so excited…I m quitting my job…Plz paytm transfer Rs 1 to my bank a/c so that I get some interest to run my family…ha ha…I m the richest person on earth

  5. singh says:

    Great offer for office timepass

  6. mohan says:

    Bakwas offer

  7. shreya says:

    paytm is giving such a heavy cashback.. wow I am very happy with that 1 Re.
    of paytm is a recharge website but it is giving offers on useless services like bus tickets , hotels booking
    if paytm is running like this, its end is near.
    a big lol about paytm

  8. sssss says:

    i dont no y people r lookinf for free…paytm gave 1 rupee if u want to take u take or leav it…every is making fun of it…then guys how much u want 1 crore ? feel shame on u guys,…work hard and earn guyss

  9. Imo says:

    wow I got Rs.1 cashback…Now I am going to make movie with Srk…Sallu and Amir…yipppiii

  10. sumit says:

    oh my god what a scheme…i have done with 298 Rs. 3G recharge and received such a big amount of 1 Rs. and now planing to invest this amount in share market and with remaining amount i think i should buy an IPL team also

  11. ari says:

    Pathetic !!

  12. PAras says:

    kaise hoga apply coupn

  13. Balaji says:

    Hahaha funny offer

  14. Ankur says:

    What is the max CB limit?

  15. akg says:

    WOW, Amazing offer. I was looking for this since long time.. LOL :D

  16. Avinash says:

    PayTM is thinking that Indians are fools as the Britishers thought.
    Useless and stupid scheme.

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