Sentral Sunglasses Rs. 199 – LensKart

sentral-sunglassesLensKart is offering Sentral Sunglasses for Rs. 199 on Sharing/Tweeting the offer.

Buy: Sentral Sunglasses (click Your 1st Sunglasses Free Code on left menu)

3 Responses to “Sentral Sunglasses Rs. 199 – LensKart”

  1. vivek says:


  2. harchand says:

    coupon code


  3. ashok says:


    when you are posting please post complete url

    i did not find any link from left menu
    at there he mentioned first frame free
    if we are taking free frame need to pay for lens

    you told that this is Sunglass

    anna post direct link for this
    or else dont post

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