Set Wet Deodorants 150ml + 50ml Rs. 102 – PepperFry

set-wet-deoPepperFry is selling Set Wet Deodorants 150ml + 50ml for Rs. 102. Features prevents perspiration and body odours and keeps you fresh all day long by giving you a cool effect.

20% off Max Discount Rs. 1000 Coupon: PEPOMGR38CG or PEPOMGS93WP or PEPOMGC89RA (login before applying coupon)

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7 Responses to “Set Wet Deodorants 150ml + 50ml Rs. 102 – PepperFry”

  1. shaik shavali says:

    thae coupon Sorry, the coupon code entered is invalid.


    Ystday manhunt combos on peprrfry much cheaper than shop clues
    Bought. 8 combos


    @SMI bought at least 3 combos in 2 days and 2 combos today thanks SMI
    Much cheaper than shop clues vit free shipping
    Giving serious competition to shop clues

  4. sk says:

    No flea market today, it is only flee market now?

  5. Neel says:

    not getting buyed………..

  6. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Item Total Rs. 128
    You Save ( PEPOMGE65PT ) -Rs. 26
    You Pay Rs. 102

  7. shaik shavali says:

    coupons are not working

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