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shoe-organiserShopClues has Shoes Under 12 Pairs Shoe Organiser for Rs. 171 and on order completion you will earn Clues Bucks worth Rs. 3. Features designed to keep your shoes dust, moister and bug free and ready to wear & clear zippered see through cover allows you to find the right pair of shoes shoes easily.

14% off Max Discount Rs. 300 Coupon: SCN15OMG

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3 Responses to “Shoes Under 12 Pairs Shoe Organiser + Rs. 3 Cashback Rs. 171 – ShopClues”

  1. Anthony says:

    @YB :

    My experience with Shop Clues has been good so far. I try to be clever with them. Order only the branded stuff when its cheap. And you cannot dispute they are cheap and efficient. If you are not careful with what you order you will have bad experience.

  2. Ruchir says:

    1-Personal grief sharing,well who knows which YB,for what loss if it changed ur life.
    2-Constructive-Zero,senseless.A vacuous person generally tends to generalise,is judgemental and oscillates between extremes.
    3-BTW,u never told what u lost but believe there will NOT be a single Shopclues buyer not having terrible experience at least once including SMI and many had many.Thing is whether gains outweigh losses and by how much and there are 180 deals I have benefitted from and 2-3 slightly deleterious.Why can’t you.I read the same SMI as clearly you are.Out of 180,almost all were fast,original,everything.
    Personal exp.
    4Refund is taking time but CC Avenue,neutral also mailed and said u will get in some days,so every reason as both SC says refund started and after 4-5 d,CCA repeated.
    5.Snickers was 25gm and for the first time blatant lie but can’t expect third class CB Ret,ratings not good.BTW,I bought from market and it sells(non-veg)32 gms for Rs 15 loose.Not sure if it sells 32gm and 25g for Rs 15-same price.The Mars address is diff,SC-DLF Haryana and market-diff state.Anyway Mars is badmaash as well(Solar system wala to kabhi pitega)

    KOCHI: Advertisement for ‘Snickers’ candy bar stating “Now Rs 15 onwards” without specifying the quantity should be removed, the Kerala high court has ordered.

    The order by Justice P R Ramachandra Menon came along with dismissing a petition filed by ‘Snickers’ manufacturer, Mars International India Pvt Ltd, challenging a show-cause notice prior to initiation of prosecution by inspector of legal metrology at Kakkanad here.

  3. YB says:

    Had it not been shopclues, I would have definitely ordered it. Had really bad experience with Shopclues. Tis website is going to be next TIMTARA, for who has got the taste already.

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