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ShopClues: Jaw Dropping Deals

Live: (automatic discount in cart)
Lotus Nail Polish Rs. 99
Revlon Touch and Glow Advanced Fairness Face Wash 50gm Rs. 49
TSX T-Shirt Rs. 49
Vedratan Kesh Tel Rs. 39
Fiama Di Wills Gel Bar 125gm Rs. 29
IRIS Home Fragrance Sachet Lavender 50gm Rs. 21
Streetwear Color Rich Nail Enamel Blue Satin Rs. 39

44 Responses to “ShopClues Jaw Dropping Deals”

  1. Sumit says:

    has Anyone else received this same expired product ?

  2. Sumit says:

    Received glade air freshener but seller sent expired product .
    Mnfg date : October 2012
    Expiry date : September 2014
    No benefit for return as cluebucks used were given for free .

  3. Anonymous says:

    deals are not displayed as soon as it is live and is displayed after 15-20min and then it shows sold out..fake offer..just wastage of time,,,,

  4. Anand says:

    Got 100 clues in 1 ac and 50 each in 2 accounts and purchased all 3 items and all are on the way as waiting for courier pickup so very trustable site as they given free cluebucks and included shipping cost also in 49 rs so taking lots of care for their customers for shipping the product very fast as few products will be unable to be as lots of people are buying so thanks a lot to shopclues and smi I am very satisfied

  5. Gagas says:

    I cancelled all my orders from SC and not wasting my time again here.

  6. AT says:

    It’s a comedy show :D
    Just tried to buy this otg cable ( ) in shopclues and got this message :D
    This product is reported for violation of intellectual property, hence it cannot be purchased. We regret any inconvenience caused.”
    :D :D :D

  7. AT says:

    :D Shop-clues is Chor-Bazar. :D
    They gave me 500 clues buck in my account. I thought WOW :D
    Ordered a pressure cooker and now got informed that it is cancelled due to unavailability.
    Haahaa… the same item is available there in it’s webpage, and you can order it anytime :D :D :D But when you order with clues buck, it will get cancelled :D :D
    Chor kahika… :D
    Probably they are closing down! Even if not, people will never visit shopclues again!

  8. HD says:

    Shopclue Flop-Show.
    Got 1000 clues buck, ordered 10 items in three days and now informed all of them got cancelled as products are not available.
    And they say clues buck will expire after 10 Oct even if order get cancelled.. These guys are making us fool and wasting our time.

  9. NIK says:

    just ordered tresemme …hope they dont cancel the orders..redeemed my cluebucks

  10. Nirmal Kumar says:

    I got 500 clue bucks in my account and I ordered one pressure cooker which got delivered yesterday. Thanks Shopclues

  11. Gagas says:

    I just talked to Shopclues customer care about the cancelled orders and asked about cluesbucks valadity as well. I got to know this cluebucks will expire by 10 even if orders are cancelled. I think ppl who are placing orders are simply wasting there time.

  12. Gagas says:

    All my orders got cancelled…refund has been generated…not sure what will be the validity of the refund as this cluesbucks are valid only till 10th Oct.

  13. sk says:

    what kind of deal this is…placed orders are being cancelled..jab product dena hi nhi…to deal laate hi kyu hain…very poor shopclues…

  14. pandu says:

    orders got cancelled

  15. Amit says:

    This was my second order with shop clues that left me heavily disappointed. The pots that I received, out of four, two were fragmented (broken) in such a way you cant ignore then or use them. I believe its good to sell good products at decent price rather than cheating the customers. The two pots that were broken were arranged in the middle that means the first and the last one are fine which obviously means that the seller knew that they are broken otherwise logically it cant happen then outer pots are fine and inner ones are broken. Feeling cheated. Better to go to market ,review the products and buy rather than relying on such sites. Removing this site from my social circle and will post the images of broken pots along with invoice on social sites for general awareness.

  16. ankur gupta says:

    What bakwaas shopclues not xpected from u. After so much of effort i ordered some product, but now they have been cancelled because of unavailability but still u r taking orders of the same product in ur sale. Not expected cheating from ur site. If flipkart or amazon or paytm etc are reading then contact me i can gv u proof of shopclues fooling people and v can sue them. How can they cancel the order saying unavailable and still offering the same product on same price and taking fresh orders. Cheaters

  17. Gags says:

    Kya hua aaj drama start nahi hua…9 baje ?

  18. sumit says:

    hello frnds,

    I am still having 50 cluebucks in my 4 accounts.
    Can anyone give suggestions what to buy as everything is out-of-stock.

  19. Nitesh says:

    As anticipated
    “Hi! Your ShopClues Order 7015xxxx for Dabur Glucose Plus C Orange 450G + 50G J.. is delayed. We will notify you of Order cancellation in 48 hours, if we fail to fulfill it through another merchant. We regret for the inconvenience caused. For order updates, please

  20. SeKaR says:

    Shopclues is No1 fake offer website. Don’t try jaw drapping deals its 100% waste your valuble time… Every 4hours upset out of stock product..

  21. sampreeth says:

    at the time of adding the product it shows IN STOCK and later it give message that NO STOCK…simpply wasting everyones time

  22. Gags says:

    I got a mail from shopclues that 2 of the orders placed are on hold due to unavailability of product with the seller :D

  23. sanju says:

    got 50 cluesbucks in 4 a/c & 100 in one a/c

  24. prithviraj says:

    very nice kya baat hai shopclues ki

    9AM to 9PM ki jaw drop deal mai 9pm change hote hi 2 item out of stock

    micro sd card park avenue cream out of stock


  25. kusum says:

    aal items showing zero inventory, when added in cart, what the with shoplcues, why u put deal if u havenot stock, shame on u shopclues, doob ke mar jayo

  26. vab says:

    abhi tak inke 5 nhi baje

  27. Anonymous says:

    Not able to add the products into the cart what a waste of time..

  28. sabyasachi says:

    shopclues u should add shower gel & deo in jaw dropping deals

  29. AMIT GARG says:

    i am surprised that no one is appreciating Shopclues for providing free cluebucks.
    If something is out of stock.
    Go for other products.
    But atleast appreciate for free cluebucks.

  30. Kk says:

    Very bad
    Out of stock

  31. sunil says:

    Shopclues walo ko mahine me ek do baar galiya sun ne me maja aata hai…

  32. qwerty says:

    got 100 buck in 1 acc and 50 on 2nd account.

  33. suchitra says:

    waste of time.. website is not getting open.. fooling us.

  34. Dr Shweta says:

    nothing is accessible, waste of TIME :)

  35. nitesh says:

    Free Cluebucks in all the account
    “‘Bigger than the Biggest Thank You Sale’ starts from 5th October 2015 and continues till 10th October 2015.
    Free CluesBucks are valid only for this duration.
    Upto 1 Lakh Free CluesBucks will be given to all the customers registered on or before 28th September, 2015
    CluesBucks will be credited to the customer’s ‘My CluesBucks’ section on ShopClues, by 5th October, 2015″

  36. nitesh says:

    Purchased – Dabur Glucose Plus C Orange 500gm Rs. 29

    3 qty from 3 different account using cluebucks. 50 Cluebucks added in all the accounts.

  37. Neeraj Ji says:

    Kisi ko cluebucks mile kya 50

  38. krishnareddy says:

    page not found…

  39. iukhan says:

    nothing is accessible, i don’t know you people joking or what!!!

    i don’t think any body got any of these products…shopclues is waste of time.

  40. sabyasachi says:

    shopclues given 100 cluebucks in my 2 accounts

  41. minesh says:

    Nivea Nourishing Body lotion is out of Stock , Picture in Description shows as 400 ml for 29 Don’t know if it is a mistake or they will ship 50 ml

  42. Gags says:

    PRODUCT DETAILS: Dabur Glucose Plus C Orange 450G + 50G Jar

    Model ID: 125g

    Nitesh : I believe it would be 2 boxes of 125g each instead of 500 gms.

  43. jannat says:

    Dabur Glucose Plus C Orange (Pack of 2) has zero inventory and cannot be added to the cart

    shop clue ko koi be nahi sudharsaktha

  44. nitesh says:

    Dabur Glucose Plus C Orange 500gm Rs. 29. But in product description its written 125gm.

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