Silicone Laptop Keyboard Cover Rs. 59 – Next

It is non-toxic and non-corrosive in nature. It can also withstand a careless spill of water, tea or coffee on your keyboard, all thanks to its water-resistant and heat-resistant properties. What’s more, it is treated to keep yellow-tint build up at bay, such that you don’t have to struggle to find the keys.

Coupon: NEXT140

Buy: Silicone Laptop Keyboard Cover (Suitable for 12″ to 14″ inch)

5 Responses to “Silicone Laptop Keyboard Cover Rs. 59 – Next”

  1. SuRe 6193: says:

    dear, hamare yahaan toh 100/- se kam mein nahi milti…

  2. abhi says:

    its available just 4 rs 40 or 50 in market……… waste deal….

  3. Bk says:

    Suitable for 12″ to 14″ inch

  4. SS says:

    ya wat is the screen size?

  5. Gerrard says:

    can you tell the screen size of the laptop for which the keyboard cover is suitable ?

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