Smart Art Combo Pack Set of 4 Rs. 174 – AllSchoolStuff

• Camlin Oil Pastels – 50 Shades
• 1 Angry Birds Pencil Pouch
• Camlin King Colour Pencils – 24 Shades
• Fevicryl Pearl Kit 60 Ml

Coupon: CABCF99

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15 Responses to “Smart Art Combo Pack Set of 4 Rs. 174 – AllSchoolStuff”

  1. SUDY says:


  2. sitar says:

    facebook idea is good . everyone post there complaints on facebook.

  3. saranjeet says:

    go to facepook page and everday comment your order request….then only they will sent you your product.
    i had done the same thing….thank god they delivered my product with 15days after lots of complain(comment) on their facebook page.
    *hope its wrks for you as well.

  4. Chinmay says:

    Thanks Akash for your reply. Fingers crossed. If no reply from them in a week will launch a complaint.

    People who have not received the products should step in to stop such frauds.


  5. akash says:

    ya i have purchase from allschoolstuff its delivery time is little late but i assure it will deliver it to you..
    purchased several time…

  6. Chinmay says:

    Has anyone received a product from this website. Please comment…. or else can file a complaint as suggested by Naveen.


  7. shiva says:

    I am receiving the product but the delivery time is 15-20 working days
    This product is Out ot stock now.

  8. Chinmay says:

    I would suggest “savemoneyindia” to stop posting deals from “AllSchoolStuff” henceforth….


  9. Naveen says:

    Please file your online complaint at e-mail : This will help to be a victim of this fraud to other peolpe & block website

  10. Ketan says:

    This ( is a fraud website. SMI should not advertise this type of fraud people. I have ordered DVD Pack of 52 since 30Jan2013, but till date they don’t send me nor shipped items. They neither reply for e-mail nor pick up phone, so I request you donot buy anything.

  11. kiran says:

    did any body got any product delivered ???
    it’s a fake website, it is not sending products, i ordered DVD’s on 05Jan2013 and till date they didn’t shipped and not responding to the mail as well as phone too.
    do not trust this site……….

  12. Kiran says:

    Hi All,

    I too ordered for DVDs from this site on Jan 30th. They put the status as Ready for Shipping but they havent shipped it yet. Despite several attempts to contact them, they havent responded.Please dont buy from this site.


  13. Original says:

    Beware!! Fraud Site…. So don’t purchase from them….

  14. sitar says:

    this people does’nt sent any things i m waiting for my dvds ordered on 30 jan till now no shipping nothing reply.dont pick up phone. dont buy anything.

  15. ashish says:

    Delivery charges are high @75

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