Snickers Chocolates 25gm Pack of 8 + Rs. 2 Cashback Rs. 75 – ShopClues

snickersFeatures Packed with roasted peanuts, caramel and milk chocolate.

Both discounts add up:
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28 Responses to “Snickers Chocolates 25gm Pack of 8 + Rs. 2 Cashback Rs. 75 – ShopClues”

  1. Gotu says:

    I placed total 3 order in 3 different account..

    As i got 25gm snickers, I complaint to Shopclues with all details & snapshot 8 days ago,

    Just today i got email from shopclues in all 3 email account that they are refunding me amount back in my bank account.. And also i don’t have to return them snickers chocolate..

  2. Prateek Jain says:

    Received 8Pcs of 25gms each on 06.11.2013 in perfect condition and it is VEG. Really happy to recieve it though in the offer they stated Mrp. 120 and deal price Rs 83, it was but obvious that it was Rs 15 worth chocolate i.e 25gms

    But i really pity of unintentional error in the product description and the same of the receipt of the chocolate i claimed the full refund and to arrange pickup of the delivered chocolates. Since as we all know for the producs below Rs 300 they never ever arrange pickups and so did they asked me to dispose off at my will.

    In response to my complaint as Mr. SK stated above they offered me 20clues bucks as goodwill gesture which i simply refused and now here is what i received yesterday.

    Dear PRATEEK,

    We want to inform you that your Order Number: 8204335 has been initiated for refund.

    The details of the refund is as below:
    Refund in your bank/Card: 0

    Refund of Clues Bucks: 83.00

    Refund in Gift Certificate: 0.00

    Refund of COD amount in Clues Bucks: 0

    Total Refund Amount: 83

    I am sure enough that it will be credited within 3-5 days for sure.

    I am really happy with the shopclues customer support team. They always refunded for the orders lacking quality and i really adore that.

    And to those who bullshit bout their customer support to be worst, I must tell you that you lack self confidence and patience and u merely don’t know how to write mails and recover your hard earned money from them.

    You can’t scare them of by saying you would drag them to consumer court, they already pay lawyers for them..:-P

    You just need to be polite and prove your plea in every possible way, as in my case i always recovered every penny from them which i might have lost if i would have bought from somewhere else.

  3. sk says:

    I had recd. 8 pcs of 25 gms complained SC offered 20 clue bucks as goodwill gesture I have refused to accept, matter still pending.

  4. Sunil says:

    i had got only 06 bars of 25 gms, complained to shopclues, they processed complete refund for my order nd dint even take back the product.

  5. Gotu says:

    Complaint to Shopclues.. Also paste snapshot of page in email..

  6. kalyan says:

    received 25gms bars what to do now???

  7. HamZa says:

    This is cheating! Each bar was supposed to be of 57 gm. I too have received 25 gm bars in my order. Is there something we can do about this fraud?

  8. Sunil says:

    fraud shopclues….nd DTDC courier too…
    Recieved 25 gms pack……and only six choclates….2 choclates are missing in transit.

  9. sk says:

    Have complained to SC let us wait for the response!

  10. Man says:

    Same here Mewawalla Ji,

    SHOPCLUES cheated us, received the chocolates today in melted condition also each bar weight is 25 gms! In the offer they had promised each bar of 57 gm…

  11. mewawalla says:

    SHOPCLUES HAVE CHEATER US, recd the chocolates today in melted condition also each bar is 25 gms in the offer they had promised each bar of 57 gm…

  12. snikam6691 says:

    yes i have taken the snapshot

  13. Gotu says:

    Just save or download this shopclues deal page either in picture or as html..

    If anyone can get snickers chocolates less than 57gm per chocolate than send mail to shopclues with all this detail proof..

    We can surely get refund & also not want to re-send the product to shopclues..

    This is i am saying all as per my own experience with shopclues..

  14. Ruchir says:

    Net weight of each chocolate bar : 57 grams. means 8*57 grams=to be consumed and 57 gms per bar is almost one meal as claimed.
    Only issue is old horses cum users opine packing proves duplicate.Never seen it as not available at nearby stores so can’t verify either way but risked one 8-pack! to hedge

  15. Gotu says:

    On Product page, in description, shopclues mention that each chocolate weight is 57gm..

    You can buy it as much as possible.. If you cant get 57gm chocolate you can clain against shopclues..

  16. Sunil says:

    go for it guys……really Jaw dropping deal.check below rates.

    Snickers Chocolate, 57 gm Pouch

    57 gm Pouch – Rs. 30
    150 gm Pouch – Rs. 100
    270 gm Pouch – Rs. 230

  17. Gotu says:

    Not see its price…. If shopclues mention its 57gm than its 57gm….

  18. SG says:

    Expired Choc…beware friends..SC making fool….

  19. Gagan says:

    What say guys…is it worthy deal or not ?

  20. Raj says:

    This is Rs 15 per piece item of 25g

  21. snikam6691 says:

    is it 25gm one or 57 gram?b’coz listing price is written 120.But listing price for 57 gram is 240.

  22. babji says:

    gr8 deal. shipping bit high but still less price

  23. Rahul kumar says:

    mast offer but shipping is so very high
    please don’t be shipping charge high.
    thnk u shopcluessss

  24. vishal says:

    its non veg

  25. Arnab says:

    Shipping charge is very high……

  26. krish says:

    shipping charge is too high….

  27. amit says:

    is it veg or non veg ?????????

  28. Rajesh says:

    Got it for 83/- Gr8

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