State Bank of India Anywhere Rs. 10 Cashback on Transfer of Rs. 5000

sbi-anywhereSend money to your dear and near through State Bank Anywhere and get a Cashback of Rs. 10 for every fund transfer of Rs. 5000 and above.

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73 Responses to “State Bank of India Anywhere Rs. 10 Cashback on Transfer of Rs. 5000”

  1. SHAHID GOYAL says:

    mere account m se 534, 354 … is tarike se kai baar DRS kata gaya h kyo…

  2. rudolf saldana says:

    what’s the maximum time to transfer money in a month

  3. P says:

    Dear Followers,

    From my account sbi deducted 17000 Rs for the sake of Fee Excess DRS and ATM & SMS charges, i loged the compliant but no resolution they told all charges are genuine.

    If some body get reversal of charges then kindly let us know so that we will get our money back.


  4. devi dayal says:

    Mere account se bhi rs72 kat liya excess drs ke vapas mahi kar rahe SBI wle kaha complain kare

  5. Keshavrao Pawar. says:

    Dear Sir,
    From my account fee excess DRS and service charge for moblile banking and internate banking charged from SBI.According to SBI SCHEME SEND MONEY EVERYWHRE and get cashback of Rs 10.0 but i dont get cashback,but bank charged me fee excess DRS and service charge for mobile banking.I have done complaint at customer care but no resolution on this from from customer care and not refund money from SBI.

    Where I register my compaint?

    Keshavrao Pawar.

  6. dinesh says:

    @subhas please tell how to file case online?

  7. prakaash says:

    sbi a c transfer 8 times pannitu cashback 5 times varthu cashback offer what this times?

  8. mantu basak says:

    Mere account se 216+162rs kata hay
    Fee access drs & ATM charges 547+227rs
    Kata hay is ka kohi solutions hay kaya

  9. venkat says:

    sir please tell me the process of how to file a case agianst sbi through consumer court.

  10. subhas says:

    FEE EXCESS DRS Rs. 290 was debited from my SBI A/C on 18 February for excess transactions through freedom app and anywhare…

    i make complain at sbi they not give any solution,and
    then i file a case through consumer court against SBI and finally i get my 290rs today.happyyy

  11. Raghu says:

    FEE EXCESS DRS Rs. 210 was debited from my SBI A/C on 21st February for excess transactions through freedom app

  12. SUNNY GULIYA says:

    sbi ac me se balance ke rha h “FEE EXCESS DRS” charges le rhe h.
    mere ac se 750 Rs kte h.

    kya or kisi k bhi pais kte h, or kitne kitne paise kte h.

  13. Neetesh Patel says:

    Sbi paise account me se caat rahi hai servise charge ke rup me SBI freedom

  14. Krishna Nikam says:

    Hell Friends kya aapko pata hai Transaction karane par tax nahi lagata .hum to Same amount tranfer Mar rage hai . main Income TAX departments ko pucha hai . ..
    Thank you…

  15. SUNNY GULIYA says:


    source :
    *max benefit per day Rs 50
    *max benefit per month Rs 100

  16. Mohit Bhatia says:

    U r right friends cash back scheme is not working from Feb month

  17. Karan Gound says:

    I got it

  18. ranjan singh shiva says:

    cash back nhi mil raha hai

  19. Neetesh Patel says:

    cash back 10/- feb. me nahi aa raha hai bhai logo.

  20. aayush says:

    5000 pe 10 cashback .wow such a amazing offer from sbi.thanks sbi for giving 10 rs

  21. Vincent says:

    Got the cash back but very late… Got only Rs 10 for making 2 transactions in SBI freedom

  22. samy says:

    from 5th feb i didn’t get any cash back .

  23. jagadish says:

    I got Cashback. Got After 24hr to my 3 accounts. Do it have any risk ?

  24. Manoj says:

    now cash back scheme is not working.

  25. senthil says:

    its not working since feb’s a waste of time.

  26. pankaj says:

    not getting cash back

  27. milan says:

    its really work.

  28. Pradeep says:

    This is not working it’s waste of time.

  29. SUNNY GULIYA says:

    5th ke bat cashback nhi aa rha h.

  30. bharat says:

    Has any one got the cash back yesterday? ?

  31. samy says:

    Sir i do transaction in sbi freedom but in 9 transaction i got cashback from 7 and some time 8 , whats the fact

  32. SUNNY GULIYA says:

    ky koi bta skta h ki one months me totles kitna cash back milega.

    or kya income tax ki koi problem to nhi aayegi.

  33. SUNNY GULIYA says:



    NET CASH BACH 6500 RS.

  34. SUNNY GULIYA says:


  35. Akash Kumar says:

    Today i am not getting the cash back… damn

  36. Arun says:

    it works

  37. Debasish says:

    @Priya ji bakwas kar raha hey.5000 transfer karne key liye 10000 rs penalty??

    SBI T&C Mey likha hey maximum 100 Rs cash Back mile ga per month or per day 5 transfer.

    Agar @Priya ji ko income tax bale 10000 rs ka penalty kiya toh,kuch galat kam kiya iss liye.Transfer karne key liye penalty nehi lagta.
    Mey boht dec sey kar raha hu lekin mujhe abtak income tax bale phone nehi kiya or penalty vi nehi liya

  38. Kalash jain says:

    Ye priya shayad masum si ladki hain jisse income tax waloen ne loot liya aur 10000 rs ki extra chapat lagadi

  39. priya says:

    hy guys ..muje income tax walo se phn ayya ki apko enquari ke liye bulaya h bcz apke acc se bahut trnxt ho rrhe h to m gya aur unhone mere sare acc band kr diye aur 10000 ka zurmna lga diya …isliye apko bolta bu liiit me use kro ..income tax ki nazar sab pe h…nothing is transparent…so my bad luck…

  40. dinesh Panigrahi says:

    I get 100/- cashback daily from sbi freedom by transfer 5000/- between 2 accounts.
    But i want to know if we more transactions can we get checked by income tax as per monthly transactions in bank…
    Please help me…

  41. Harman says:

    when you transfer some amount to other account, it Inter Branch charges of approx. 50 is charged from the account where you transfer the amount. and if you get Rs.10 back, what is fun in that.

  42. Anonymous says:

    how much time it will take in cash back…and is there any limit of cashback in one month…plzxzzzz tell me bro…

  43. maahi shakya says:

    mujhe bhi 1bar mila hai but
    5 rupay ki comisson kat li
    yeh sbi freedom par bhi mil raha hai


    I got cash back total 3210 rs to use this application. This offer is very good . Thank u S•B•I

  45. Suvendu says:

    Great i hav recev 240 and its not 100 get upto 500/mnth (50trf)

  46. Ganesh says:

    im getting every time 10 cashback. its working. trust me. its working. tnx sbi

  47. Aamir says:

    source :
    *max benefit per day Rs 50
    *max benefit per month Rs 100

  48. Narender Kumar says:

    This offer is valid from 01/11/2014 to 31/03/2015 as per SBI customer care and applicable on STATE BANK FREEDOM and STATE BANK ANYWHERE for Rs. 5000 and more.

  49. ravi says:

    hey guys how to get this offer pls tell us

  50. ranga says:

    Yeah its works
    only on sbi mobile application
    And monthly ten times only i received( rs 100)
    full benefit. Offer valid till 31 mar 15.
    Thanks for sbi. n

  51. preeti says:

    you all foolish guys…dont waste your time for only 10 cb..on rs 5000… its a huge amount casually when a highly emergency then transfrr

  52. john says:

    my sbi acc has also hold 5000 rupes when i trnf 2nd times…dont waste time for such small cash back on rs5000 ..

  53. raj kumar says:

    my account has benn debit 5000 and block that amount…i gone branch manager say that dont do any such trnxt again because its not a regular cash back … i do 3rd times then this wwas happens

  54. Karthikeyan says:

    is it in state bank freedom app or state bank anywhere app
    I got cashback in freedom app :mobile banking app

  55. deekshith says:

    Thanks sbi for providing such a great cash back offer on imps fund transfer…i got cash back 10 for each transaction of above 5000…thanks sbi

  56. Pradhuman yadav says:

    Bala bhai sahi bolte ho

  57. Pradhuman yadav says:

    Are yaar do din cash back mila aur do dino ke baad to milta hi nahi hai, I am also complaint in call center but also not received cash back.

  58. Sourabh says:

    What is the validity of the offer?

  59. bala says:

    not applicable sat state bank anywhere. but applicble on sbi freedom.

  60. aman says:

    Plz send the link of the offer where whole term and condition of the offer is there so that we can read full offer plse memtion it SMI

  61. mahi kumari says:

    i got cashback rs 10 three times thanks sbi

  62. Anonymous says:

    1000 / day Great


  63. Vinay Rawat says:

    Yes it works. But it may take time near about 10 to 12 hour. I got cash back for each transfer after some hour. Thanks sbi keep it up.

  64. ajay says:

    Yaar yah SBI app english me alawa. Kisi air bhada me as raha hai…much help karo

  65. amaresh says:

    unyk@who are u?SBI is the largest bank..and it is drowning for u like are asking for service from SBI and paying service charges to PRIVATE FOREIGN FUNDED BANKS…YOU ARE LOSER MAN…HA HA HA

  66. Vinay Rawat says:

    I got 10 Rs only one time. After that i transferred money 2 another account. But did not get Rs 10 as cash back.

  67. harish says:

    I got ?10 cash back by transferring ?5000 to other twice..

  68. daya says:

    what is the producer to get cash back , I have maid transfer but no cash back.

  69. Blackout says:

    Aab mujhe amir hone se koi nahi rok sakta.

  70. aman says:

    What is the procedure and when they give cash back i have made transfer but no cash back

  71. Rishabh says:

    Haha, lol
    got cashback
    awsome SMI
    your website has rocked our shopping experience
    I daily visit the website
    now i visit smi more than facebook.
    keep it up

  72. unyk says:

    Hahaha.. Too funny,, No wonder they are drowning in bad debts.

  73. kailin says:

    Thanks sbi for such a nice deal…ll do rs 5000 transfer for earning 10 rs…thanks again sbi…keep it up

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