eTable Portable Laptop Stand + Rs. 8 Cashback Rs. 392 – ShopClues

etableFeatures 2 USB Cooling Fans, Foldable in desk and legs, small in volume, easy to take, Suitable for all size notebook & Legs adjustable to any comfortable angles when in use.

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Coupon: SC1ET39
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15 Responses to “eTable Portable Laptop Stand + Rs. 8 Cashback Rs. 392 – ShopClues”

  1. nik says:

    worst product
    don’t buy it
    had bought it and din’t even last for a month

  2. Maaid says:

    dont ever go for ittt

  3. Nikhil says:

    I bought it 3 months ago… Its working fine until now…. I think its a good buy

  4. Dr Experf says:

    Quality is very bad,but concept is good,don’t purchase this one,try to find out alternative of this product

  5. vicky donar says:

    Dont buy…

    Product quality is not good….

    I had purchased same product from pepperfry and in 5days it was broken…

    But pepperfry is good site, so they have refund my money….

    But this product is not good… So please dont go for it….

    (At the end, its your wish if you want to buy….)

  6. says:

    dont buy this chair .. i buyed and one of leg broke off .. the big disadvantage is that once a single leg brokes down it is of no use .. and there see no way to fix it /spare part

  7. Jayanta Sarkar says:

    This e-table’s legs are not good & the table is not so much stable. I do not recommend anyone to buy it.

  8. Raghavan says:

    I use 17″ laptop and I am sure that I have not applied extra force…I just place my laptop and used it gently…but one fine day, once of its leg got broken…

    I would suggest to buy the same foldable etable in Wood…I have seen somewhere in shops…though that would be costly, durability will be there and thats what we want.

  9. Deal Grabber says:


    It broke by itself or probably some excess force was applied or something similar caused it to break ?

  10. Deal Grabber says:

    How is the quality ?

  11. Raghavan says:

    Not worth guys…I bought and it was broken in just three months

  12. richa says:

    its for 499 now..?

  13. vipul kaushik says:

    ordered today for Rs. 358.

  14. vishal says:

    e table is now in stock……………….

  15. VISHAL says:

    smi before post any offer first confirm is it available or nor.e table is out of stock

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