Suspension Weighing Scale 50Kg Rs. 98 – Tradus

weighing-scaleTradus has discounted Suspension Weighing Scale 50Kg to Rs. 98. Features Weighs up to 50Kg to the nearest 1Kg, Sturdy and High Quality Tubular Metal Body & Best Quality Spring with Metal Hook.

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13 Responses to “Suspension Weighing Scale 50Kg Rs. 98 – Tradus”

  1. rishabh says:

    I purchased this kind of scale at 50/- a few months ago, it’s easily available in that price range. However it’s not worth buying as

    1. It’s outer plate (where weights are marked) got loose so it doesn’t tell me accurate weights
    2. It is very inconvenient to lift the weight by one finger only. I used it for weighting cylinders but it was very difficult to weight that.
    3. over time it’s highly possible that the spring will be loose (as is the case with most of the spring balances)

    That’s why I am looking for digital scale. If anyone knows a good deal for that please let me know.

  2. Ruchir says:

    @Mohan-No ques of courier availability BUT distance from the store.FEASIBILITY.

    Have bought exact thing.Same was 98.Minor increase.

  3. Mohan says:

    Please Provide This Item In All over INDIA.Whenever I Tried To Purchase From This Site It Always Shows THIS ITEM IS NOT SERVICEABLE IN YOUR AREA BUT FOR YOUR KIND INFORMATION ALL MAGOR COURRIER AGENCY IS AVAILABLE IN MY AREA FOR EX-BLUE DART,FIRST FLIGHT,aramex,Dtdc etc are available………………………………….

  4. Makhan says:

    Tradus is useless 420 Company

  5. Purchaser says:

    useless offer

  6. Purchaser says:

    Payment option not coming

  7. Vinay says:

    code not wrking Tradus is useless

  8. mehul says:

    I just checked the retail price in the market it is 150 to 200/-. Good Deal.

  9. Pankaj says:

    Ek finger sent 50 kg kaise uthaya trades me

  10. yash says:

    It it good to buy this ?????

  11. GANESH says:

    I missed to add shipping charges of 9…So total 98/-…Hmmmmm….

  12. GANESH says:

    SMI Admin check the price , Tradus showing 89/-…..

    Handy Suspension Weighing Scale Machine – Upto 50 Kg Capacity at 85% Off. Buy it for Rs.89/-

  13. Govil says:

    Good one

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