FoodPanda & JustEat 50% off + 1% off

foodValid on online payment only.

AFTER selecting Payment Option on FoodPanda (select Pay online) or JustEat:
PayUMoney: 1% off upto Rs. 50 (FoodPanda & JustEat)
MobiKwik Wallet: 15% Cashback upto Rs. 100 (JustEat)

Order from: FoodPanda
50% off Voucher: DIS50 (max discount Rs. 150)
40% off Voucher: SNACK40 (max discount Rs. 150)
30% off Voucher: PANDA30 or HEY30 (max discount Rs. 150)
Rs. 100 off on Rs. 200+ Voucher: DIS100
Rs. 125 off on Rs. 250+ Voucher: OMG125
Rs. 100 off on Rs. 250+ Voucher: FEAST100
Rs. 130 off on Rs. 260+ Voucher: GRPROMO

Order from: JustEat
25% off Coupon: OMGJUN25 (max discount Rs. 75)
15% off Coupon: WEB15 (max discount Rs. 75)

74 Responses to “FoodPanda & JustEat 50% off + 1% off”

  1. bharath palla says:

    use CD160
    160OFF ON 300

  2. Vinod says:


    CDUNIA100,REWARD50,ENJOY50 is Not Working, Please Suggest Any New Codes in Just Eat

  3. Gags says:

    Payumoney coupons ENJOY50, REWARD50 not working anymore.

  4. sheriff says:

    Use CDUNIA100 on payu and get 100 off on 300.
    Thank me later :D

  5. Arun says:

    FEAST150 not working … any 50% off coupons ?

  6. iShopfree says:

    Also Does CK100 works for PayUMoney??? It worked for me once or twice but then never there after even by changing different logins. rs50 Discount works fine however.

  7. iShopfree says:

    Try FEAST150 and it worked on June 4th 2015 in evening. SNACK50 also worked in the morning but in evening it failed. so used FEAST150.

  8. Rajat says:

    snack50 is not working . any other 50% off code is there ?

  9. Sanjay says:

    Payumone codes not working even after deleting cookie etc and restarting browser just waste of time

  10. mehul says:

    @Rajat all are working, but you need to delete all cookies, clear browsing history & close the browser. Then login & use the coupon it will work .

  11. Rajat says:

    • Rs. 50 off on Rs. 200+ Coupon: ENJOY50
    • Rs. 100 off on Rs. 300+ Coupon: CK100

    Are these working?? I am unable to use these

  12. kumar says:

    PTM50 code – max. discount is 150 rs not 200rs. Correct it.

  13. damn says:

    Is their any limit of using payumoney code ..??

    Can we use same code for no of times or just 1 tym as per recent offers …??

  14. MEHUL SHAH says:

    SMI nothing working on payumoney site . pl check

  15. Rahul says:

    why CK100 and REWARDS50 are not working… any idea about what validations are there?

  16. clash of clans says:

    ck100 is not working anymore i guess use grab100 instead on payumoney page..

  17. soumyaranjan says:

    REWARD50 not working..

  18. AK says:

    payumoney site not working when accessed thru foodpanda since today afternoon.

  19. PavanSky says:

    Just used… ENJOY50 needs a min order of 200/- . Not a great deal..!!..
    So,.. order food of 350 and use TASTY150 in foodpanda.. then the amount would be 200 payu.. apply ENJOY50 .. so.. you end up paying 150 for a food worth 350/-…

  20. mas says:

    game over , enjoy50 expired.

  21. Ganesh says:

    ENJOY50 not working now in PayU :(
    SMI please give new code ASAP.

  22. Hari says:

    in enjoy50 coupon is not working while normal and incognito browsing i think this offer is closed

  23. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Clear.all cookies & history of.browser & then try in new payu account it will work.

  24. manny says:

    enjoy50 on payumoney, not working anymore

  25. krishna says:

    Can you explain please how it’ s possible 75 for 300

  26. PavanSky says:

    I have been ordering/using this same offer daily for the last one month… it’s awesome.. when the 100 off on 150+ adds up… you endup paying 75/- for a 300/- worth food.. Thanks SMI.. keep up the good work.. really meant it a lot..!!

  27. PavanSky says:

    @Babjan I too faced the same issue with ENJOY50, i sorted out the issue that the payu money validates through the session/cookies. So, try to go in-cognito/private mode and apply any number of times. If that fails out for you/try creating an new id in payu.. it’s just that giving some random email id..!!!

  28. Babjan says:

    ENJOY50 is not working. I dont know why SMI posting back again.
    In also payumoney voucher’s offer is closed.
    STOP posting expired adds. Post LIVE and working adds.

  29. Gags says:

    I placed two orders successfully yesterday..for Yo China :)
    Thanks SMI and foodpanda

  30. Aman says:

    Is ENJOY50 working???
    Please Confirm

  31. CC says:

    There was no PayuMoney option on payment page. How to apply Payumoney coupon while ordering?

  32. Anonymous says:

    This offer was rocking

  33. ppz says:

    SMI where is payumoney option?

  34. Narottam says:

    Any new coupon for 50 %, please share

  35. Sandeep says:

    Enjoy50 not working :(

  36. Sumit says:

    YES50FP has expired on foodpanda , You can use Welcome40 with new id.
    Enjoy !!!!

  37. newbie says:

    can YES50FP and groupon coupon be applied together??

  38. RA says:

    coupon “WOMEN” : max discount 120 (not 160)

  39. srinath says:

    food panda service unavailable dukaan bandh kaam katam

  40. CB says:

    Foodpanda is closed…not able to order any more. It seems FoodPanda has shut his website.

  41. Ankit says:

    FPDM40 giving 40% discount and not 50% as stated by SMI

  42. iShopfree says:

    APP50 only works in APP how to work in web browser?

  43. Uttam says:

    why giving wrong info, OMGDEC40 for just eat is not valid, only OMGDEC20 is valid. Please dont post cut copy paste.

  44. meena says:

    guyz plz tell ,can i apply APP50 two times for the same mobile number??

  45. KESHAV says:

    Apply coupon “GOSF”.
    you will get 50% discount in just eat.

  46. Anonymous says:

    hey guys its working, order in papa johns(as they are giving 50% on pizza’s) and 50% from foodpanda,i got 2 offers n 2 pizza’s with 92.67(5% from pay u money)

  47. Uttam says:

    its 5% thru payumoney at justeat, better is 25% cashback thru paytm

  48. MEHUL SHAH says:

    CBV1znig longer valid. SMI you are late

  49. Jay says:

    code JDPCT40 is working

  50. sam says:

    code not working ..smi needs to check before o update…its happen 2nd time..

  51. rohit says:

    FPDW1ZESVM is inalid smi pls check

  52. Dhruva says:

    Why JustEat has discontinued 40% off coupon?

  53. jaspreet singh says:

    please give me discount code for today

  54. care says:

    code for bangalore?

  55. sd says:

    prateek code for pune?

  56. Prateek Jain says:

    Enjoy 65% OFF on Tastykhana

    Delhi use Code : DELVOTES

    Noida use code : NOIVOTES

    Gurgaon use Code : GURVOTES

    Ghaziabad use Code : GHAVOTES

    Get 65% off on min order of Rs.399 & above

    Get Max Discount of Rs.260

    Valid till 13th April..

  57. harsimran says:

    ordered many times from tadtykhana
    this time too just rs 142 for order of rs 402

  58. MEHUL SHAH says:

    09220092200 Not getting coupon from this no. Any body please help.

  59. Ramesh says:

    TKSAVE50PC is giving only 150 Rs saving max and also only for first time users..!!

  60. Uttam Kumar says:

    i asked them ,they have reduced the discount to 150/- so plz correct the post

  61. ANKIT says:

    Yes i am also getting 150 rs off while using TKSAVE50PC,need more coupans…..

  62. nitesh says:

    which coupon you have used.? I am getting on Rs 150 discount thorugh TKSAVE50PC code

  63. Amit Srivastava says:

    I got a discount of Rs. 203 on the order amount Rs. 405 by Tastykhana. Great experience & Fast delivery…..

  64. Kuldeep Singh says:

    offer has a time limit, not mentioned anywere.

    foodpanda sucks..

    Imagine, you planned as per the offer and they reject you at the very last moment with reasons from low grade customer care.

  65. srinath says:

    how to order crown pizza from pizza hut

  66. Rohit says:

    Foodpanda rocks! I ordered from and got food delivered quickly.

    Awesome! You can also send you friends voucher code by referring friends through

  67. rohit says:

    coupon valid on accounts for 1sr order

  68. Rohit says:

    I got discount of 240..

  69. satya says:

    Do not order from TastyKhana. Delivery service is bullshit. No guarantee of delivery for discounted order, read their terms n condition. I ordered at 12 o clock and delivered at evening 5 :P . . Worse experience , will never order again.

  70. Hema says:

    Dominos coupon is not working

  71. Mehul Shah says:

    Tk coupon not working in old accounts
    Says coupon valid on accounts 1 order

  72. rohann says:

    smi tell the coupon for 150 off on 300 on food panda

  73. mehul shah says:

    All the best Gagan

  74. Gagan says:

    Order placed successfully for the first time on TastyKhana…waiting for the food :)

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