Tata Swach Smart Water Purifier Rs. 980 – SnapDeal

tata-swachFeatures Effectively destroys disease-causing water-borne bacteria and viruses and makes water safe for drinking & Uses Silver Nanotechnology to effectively removes harmful bacteria and viruses.

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3 Responses to “Tata Swach Smart Water Purifier Rs. 980 – SnapDeal”

  1. Tushar says:

    @pankaj nice idea

  2. Shrishail says:

    This wont PURIFY water I have used in Solapur.
    Then I switch to PureIt by thiniking at last I can win their 1 crore challenge.
    But I lost 1 Crore. They won. ‘PureIt’ is THE BEST……….

  3. pankaj says:

    also, u can pay 749 by using gift certificate, and can save additinal Rs. 75, in form of cluebucks
    net price will be around Rs. 675

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