TataCliQ Rs. 500 off on Purchase of Rs. 501

tata-cliqTataCliQ is offering Rs. 500 off on Purchase of Rs. 501. Free delivery.

Rs. 500 off on Rs. 501+ Coupon: CLIQ500

Website: TataCliQ

41 Responses to “TataCliQ Rs. 500 off on Purchase of Rs. 501”

  1. Raj says:

    Order cancelled. Stock not available. :-( :-( :-(

  2. Yogesh says:

    Got My order…
    Thanx SMI

  3. Abhijit Patra says:

    got power bank and wireless mouse

  4. sameer says:

    Item is delayed. Not excepting this
    Trick From tata
    (Delay it and then cancel it)
    If promise is not fulfilled why
    So this type of promo.

  5. Sachin says:

    Ordered 5 products and today all 5 are received. All are original…
    for people who r saying this is a trick…agar tumhe nhi mila toh trick hai …agar mil gya hota toh…tata is a good company…Remember this: These type of offers are only for shorter period of time…so don’t expect it to last long.

  6. swapnil says:

    One shipped, two still to be shipped.Shipping Commenced
    Your order was just shipped
    Logistics: Blue Dart

  7. Abhijit Patra says:

    All 3 orders are shipped. You must be hurry

  8. Don says:

    nahi mila to Tata kharab ho gaya i have order total 8 items tum log so rahe the kya

  9. meghana says:

    this dirty trick was not expected from tata…but it proved that its not diffrent from other companies…its same like other companies who fool people…any how its india,,… in india no 1 care if any 1 do wrong ,,,,this is advantage for corporate companies…

  10. rajesh kumar says:

    finnally my all 5 order shipped…got trcaking id from bluedart…wooohooo

  11. XYZ says:

    No one giving a Damm to our site , lets Start Fake promotion to get traffic.
    Garbage trick

  12. Sammy says:

    Shoppers stop ne bhi same offer nikala tha , order cancelled ho gaye
    But Tata motors ne book my show vouchers diya abhi hopes hai.. order dispatch Hona chahiye

  13. meena says:

    ,,,even tata started fooling people… and site is working when coupon is expired tata also fooling people

  14. Bhooteshwar Praneshwarey says:

    suddenly everything is working when the coupon has expired

  15. palash says:

    Placed 4 orders worth around 2800 in 800 lets hope they will ship

  16. abc says:

    The coupon has expired.


    Coupon code expired.

  18. sunitha says:

    tata also started the tricks to make traffic…true face busted

  19. bhagu says:

    DAba Hai DaBA

  20. B A Swamy says:

    TATA, doesn’t have the capacity to maintain a single website

  21. Raju says:

    we are busy what is this,not all good offer. one of the most reputed company is TATA but not able to maintenance it is site

  22. Monty says:

    Coupon expired. I think they can’t handle their own promotion.

  23. Samik says:

    Coupon code expired???

  24. sreenath m says:

    showing code expired

  25. Saty says:

    The coupon has expired.

  26. Samik says:

    Says not serviceable to your pincode! +

  27. srinath says:

    amount got cut but no confirmation got…they say they will refund the amount in 72hrs when contacted…lets c

  28. Sanjaan says:

    We are busy !!
    Please stand by while our superhero camel saves the day!

    We are experiencing extremely high traffic at our website.

  29. Sanjana says:

    placed 2 orders but all orders put on hold. Customer care is useless. He was not sure if the orders will be shipped or not.

  30. Saty says:

    #TATA.. eesehi bithayega phir code expire ho jayega…good

  31. sibi says:

    ordered success . order a trousers worth rs.599 for Rs.99

  32. jaffa says:

    worst web site maintenane fake offers do not trust

  33. Rakesh says:

    up website…really nonsense

  34. komi says:

    wow desi super hero camel man

  35. abc says:

    Dear SMI Suggest some good buys and urls also.

  36. ABC says:

    india top it company cannot handle its own site ???

  37. Mounish Sai says:

    We are busy !!
    We are experiencing extremely high traffic at our website, system response could be slower than usual.

  38. kumar says:

    funny website. posting message as ‘server in trouble. please wait while our super hero save the servers’

  39. Tatta says:

    Wo camel teri lega

  40. Gaurav says:

    OMG !!
    Please stand by while our superhero camel saves the day…

    Desi Desi hota hai .. server nahi tha to online kyo aaye ..

  41. Gaurav says:

    Server Down.. Camel betha rekha hai ab wo kya kerega…

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