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the-namesakeBagItToday has discounted The Namesake to Rs. 39. Features story of an Indian American boy who dislikes his given name, which later begins to represent a conflict of cultural identity.

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8 Responses to “The Namesake 97% off Rs. 39 – BagItToday”

  1. sk says:

    One of the most useless online sites is indiatoday group, no timely delivery no customer support. Better avoid such sites.

  2. chaitu says:

    hi friends,
    dont buy this <50 rs book offers from indiatoday group, they have a condition in the conditions list which we normally dont look, it says we will accept a gift sent by them after the delivery of the book and pay for the gift. beware of this cheap tricks by them.

  3. HamZa says:

    Valid offer. Received the product. Thanks SMI

  4. vinod says:

    Thanks, But now i wait for product because I have already order….:-(

  5. S Gurumurthi says:

    or just type “bagittoday scam” on google…..
    Should do the “….scam” check on all “new” sites

  6. vinod says:

    You can not purchase different activity product NAMESAKE (THE), Please Remove This Product.

  7. navdeep says:

    is it book or movie (cd,dvd) ?

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