Tire Repair Tool Kit + Knorr Soup Rs. 100 – YumeDeals

tire-soupTire Repair Tool Kit + Knorr Soup can be bought for Rs. 100 from YumeDeals. Kit Includes: T-Handle Rasp, T-Handle Eye and Needle Tool, Rubber Cement & 3 Rubber Filler Strips.

Buy: Tire Repair Tool Kit + Knorr Soup (to make total Rs. 100+ for checkout)

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  1. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Duplicate posts are automatically deleted. Why are you changing names and copy pasting same thing over and over again?

  2. vijay says:

    ITS SAD THAT SMI Has stopped publishing genuine -ve remarks of various sellers.Looks k=like they need to change their name from SMI to “Waste your Money” SMI is no more Reliable.If U think that U and sellers can survive by being hand in glove,dont think that Buyers sre fools. They r v intelligent.If U continue this practice just watch how will start losing your poularity v soon.

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