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mobile-platform-dealsGift Voucher will work on purchase through Mobile or Tablet Device.

New Gift Vouchers:
All Cities All Products – Rs. 50 off on Rs. 99+ Gift Voucher: SMOB99
All Cities All Products – Rs. 150 off on Rs. 499+ Gift Voucher: SMOB150

Bangalore, Mumbai & Delhi Mega Deals (17 products)
Bangalore Free Shipping (33 products)
Bangalore Free Shipping (8 products)
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Delhi & NCR – Computer AccessoriesRs. 100 off on Rs. 300+ Gift Voucher: NCR100

All Products:
All Cities Rs. 200 off on Rs. 450/499/599/799 Gift Vouchers
• Mumbai Users valid on Local Sellers – Rs. 50 off on Rs. 100+ Gift Voucher: SMUMBAI50 , Rs. 100 off on Rs. 200+ Gift Voucher: SMUMBAI100 , Rs. 200 off on Rs. 400+ Gift Voucher: SMUMBAI200
• Bangalore Users valid on Local Sellers – Rs. 50 off on Rs. 100+ Gift Voucher: SBLR50 , Rs. 100 off on Rs. 200+ Gift Voucher: SBLR100 , Rs. 200 off on Rs. 400+ Gift Voucher: SBLR200

12 Responses to “Tradus Mobile Platform Deals”

  1. bhupi says:

    tradus is a poor site now for online shopping, flipkart, shopclues, infibeam are the best, all tradus sellers are selling cheap patri ka maal at high prices, dnt buy stuff frm tradus

  2. 007 says:

    aukat nai hai website ki bhikhari ho gai hai ishliye pichle 6 month se customer care number nahi rakha hai means if u r in trouble then not a single help from tradus
    think before buy anything

  3. Mehul Shah says:

    Go for seller score & then place the order
    If seller is good you will get good products
    At cheap price. Tradus has its own problem for CC & RETURNS but this will not come to surface if seller is good.

  4. Amit Shah says:

    dont buy any cloth or toy

    poor quality
    you will not what is described
    cloth may be old.

    i wasted my 1200 over there, they are not processing returns.

  5. sunil says:

    90% of the orders get cancelled and 10% are shipped very very late

  6. senthil says:

    in my exp, i have received a different jeans and it was returned to seller, after that no reply from tradus, i have send many emails, but no luck.

    Then i said a mail “i am going to file a case against you”. with in 30 mins i got a mail your amount was refunded..

  7. Rocky says:

    I second on Aparabal. All my orders were showing status Pending Dispatched. After writing to Customer support i got a reply youe concern is already resolved. I got my money back after 1 month after sending reminder mails on continous intervels.


  8. MANISH says:

    genesis sweater single not available… BTW I am also having problems with orders now-a-days with tradus. My last two orders got refunded coz the seller did not ship in time. Why the hell u take orders if u cant fulfill at the first place. Huh?


    Never go for for any item although ,if they are providing at the cheapest rate product compare to other online shopping website. They will either return your money by cancelling your order or the seller will provide you wrong tracking id. When you will write for customer support, they will ignore you by giving decision in favor of seller.I am facing problem with Sub-Order ID: 10574595_01 and Sub-Order ID: 10574529_01, where it is showing delivered whereas this item is not received my me nor it is track-able.
    Worst customer support experience fill by me with in my online shopping.

  10. dumbo says:

    Abby I am not sure if that’s universally true. They do have a record of late shipments but refunds are very rare in my case (talking about 200+ orders)

  11. Abby says:

    In my 8+ years of online shooing experience TRADUS has the most refunds and messed up orders.

  12. Anonymous says:

    yaar 39 Rs to shipping he hai.. nothing.. its just a trap to increase the traffic at their mobile site.

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