Tradus Rs. 50 off on Rs. 99, Rs. 150 off on Rs. 499, Rs. 200 off on Rs. 450/499/599/799

mobile-platform-dealsVisit Tradus only through your mobile/tablet. Gift Voucher not applicable if you visit Tradus from desktop/laptop.

All Products – Rs. 50 off on Rs. 99+ Gift Voucher: SMOB99
All Products – Rs. 150 off on Rs. 499+ Gift Voucher: SMOB150

Footwear – Rs. 200 off on Rs. 799+ Gift Voucher: SAVEM200
Leggings – Rs. 200 off on Rs. 599+ Gift Voucher: SAVEL200
Bedsheets – Rs. 200 off on Rs. 499+ Gift Voucher: SAVEB200
Watches – Rs. 200 off on Rs. 499+ Gift Voucher: SAVEW200
Sarees – Rs. 200 off on Rs. 499+ Gift Voucher: SAVESS200
Cookware – Rs. 200 off on Rs. 450+ Gift Voucher: SAVEK200
T-Shirts – Rs. 200 off on Rs. 499+ Gift Voucher: SAVES200
Jeans – Rs. 200 off on Rs. 499+ Gift Voucher: SAVEJ200

Good Buys: Men’s Innerwear and Loungewear | Men’s Footwear | Women’s Innerwear | Women’s Footwear

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24 Responses to “Tradus Rs. 50 off on Rs. 99, Rs. 150 off on Rs. 499, Rs. 200 off on Rs. 450/499/599/799”

  1. Mahesh Vaswani says:


  2. Raj says:

    SMI, kindly check again if the vouchers are working or not ?

  3. Mehul Shah says:

    All coupons expired now, nothing working. Good they realise that they cannot handle any more orders with coupon.

  4. Jay says:

    expired now

  5. keshav says:

    tradus is trusted dont worry
    they will ship else refund…………

  6. Mehul Shah says:

    Oh shopper thanks, but what you purchase.?

  7. Shopper says:

    Mehul it’s INDIA100 and not INDIAA100…. Worked fine for me… Got 100 off
    Let’s see if they ship

  8. jas patel says:

    INDIAE200 NOW NOT WORKING…is it only for 3 hours?

  9. Mehul Shah says:

    @Ruchir even INDIAA50 & INDIAA100 NOT WORKING

  10. Ruchir says:

    Rs. 200 off on 400….not working now…shows NOT VALID

  11. Mehul Shah says:

    Something is wromg , its getting applied on specific products.

  12. khan says:

    bought the jockey brief.

  13. GoodFellas says:

    INDIAE200 it is showing me not valid gift voucher :( please guys help me.

  14. Mehul Shah says:

    What are the T&C, Its not getting applied on wooden wall clock. Says GV invalid.

  15. Rahul says:

    Nylon mosquito net 6′ x 4′ safe from insects & mosquito mosquito net

    Rs.200 after applying coupon

  16. Rahul says:

    lexar jumpdrive twistturn 16 gb usb 2.0 flash drive skittles orange stars

    For Rs. 322

  17. GoodFellas says:

    please post some good deals guys

  18. saurabh says:

    I bought 2 koutons shirt for 376 but now its sold out

  19. kalyan says:

    SMI plz post some good buys…

  20. Rishi says:

    I bot this for rs 252

    hope they ship or refund my money if they do not ship

  21. Sunil says:

    Sandisk 16GB Pendrive @ Rs.407 using 200off on 400+… select seller KTECH, Ranchi.

  22. san says:

    smi please quote the good buys.

  23. Mehul Shah says:

    No guarantee that they will ship the product.

  24. abc says:

    please state the good buys

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