Tropicana Slice Alphonso 400ml Rs. 1 – Amazon

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Tropicana Slice Alphonso 400ml Rs. 1

Tropicana Slice Alphonso 400ml 10 Quantity Rs. 50 (including delivery)
Tropicana Slice Alphonso 400ml 10 Quantity + General Knowledge 2017 = Rs. 48 (free delivery)

42 Responses to “Tropicana Slice Alphonso 400ml Rs. 1 – Amazon”

  1. chintu says:

    got it

  2. srujan says:

    I got 650 bottles…kept small shop and started earning thnx smi and amazon

  3. Sd says:

    Awesome got it delivered 10 thnqq smi and amazon

  4. sameer says:

    Currently unavailable.

  5. ashish says:

    yr 1 bottle ka hi 40 dikha rha…

  6. Ssn says:

    received 10 bottles… thanks SMI

  7. Mehul says:

    All 6 orders dispatched , 3 already rec’d , 3 in transit.. After long time Amazon did not cancel the orders.

  8. Raji says:

    Today I received 10 bottles

  9. anu says:

    today recieved 10 bottles

  10. Buyer says:

    Received one bottle first day order
    Multi order time missed to buy

  11. Vk says:

    3 shipped ,,3 cancelled

  12. DJ says:

    received 10 bottles today.

  13. Ankur says:

    Fraud…they cancelled my tropicana order…and shipped other product…

  14. aniket says:

    finally got 10 bottles at Delhi thnx amazon and smi

  15. Himanshu says:

    Easy Days offer buy two get one free Thats cool no wait for drinking

  16. Dj says:

    order shipped but still amazon can cancel it.

  17. Mounish Sai says:


  18. Gaurav says:

    Out of 2 orders one got shipped with 10 bottles…

  19. Ajay Saini Hansi says:

    Great.. ordered and now shipped by amazon.

  20. Buyer says:

    It’s u r right becoz for Moto g turbo same happen.
    After getting many orders they removed the product ( when we search product not come)
    i see today same thing happened

    My order of yesterday on the way

  21. don says:

    i just called amazon. they r saying this is pricing error. all order will be canceled. u all r fool

  22. Gaurav says:

    Ordered 20 bottles @ 100 :)

  23. Mehul says:

    Will cancel all at 1 stroke. If was a mistake from Amazon. They increase the qty from 1 to 10 but forget to increase the price from 1 to 40.

  24. manik says:

    after shippment price changed to 40

  25. palash says:

    placed 4 order with each 10 quantity

  26. Shiva says:

    Thanks SMI… ordered 10+book

  27. Prasad says:

    Super smi thanks a lot I have ordered 10 I wish orders will not cancel by Amazon
    Because it is very trust site.

  28. DINESH says:


  29. Hemanth says:

    price hiked to 40 per 1 bottle

  30. Banty says:

    offer expired!!

  31. Vinay Bansal says:

    Ultimate Deal Awesomeee!!!
    10 bottles Order only in Rs.50 including Delivery

    Awesome SMI

  32. Mounish Sai says:

    ordered 10

  33. amar says:

    ordered 40 from 4 different accounts, thanks SMI for the update…

  34. sabyasachi says:

    ordered 10 just now

  35. JABS says:

    Purcahsed 30 Thanx Amazon & SMI

  36. Sam says:

    Bought 50 bottles in 5 orders…Love it!!!

  37. baban says:

    big bazzar buy 2 get 1 free

  38. mR cOOL BOy says:

    Shit Missed!

  39. rj says:

    Offer gone..

  40. Buyer says:

    Got it @ Re. 1

  41. anil gupta says:

    sir shipping toe free rakho bake saman bacchnae ka acha tarika hai isae saste market sae mil jayaege

  42. Swapnil says:

    Order Summary
    Items: 40.00
    Delivery: 40.00
    Total: 80.00
    Promotion Applied: - 39.00
    Order Total: 41.00

    Shipping Rs.40

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