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trueblue-voice-tbv-s81InfiBeam has discounted True Blue Voice Stereo Bluetooth Headset TBVS81 to Rs. 749. Features Operating distance 10 meters, Rechargeable 230mAH Li-polymer battery, Talk time up to 11 hours, Music playing time Up to 10 hours, Standby time Up to 250 hours & Charging time About 3 hours.

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  1. says:

    1) True Blue Voice Stereo Bluetooth Headset TBVS81 OR
    2) True Blue Voice Bluetooth Headset TBV – S91 ????
    which 1 is better bt headphone ? i wanna purchase it… SMI revert immed.

    can some1 comment pls….
    Thnx in adv

  2. ASHISH says:

    When i am goint to checkout price is increse by Rs. 200
    & show final payment is Rs. 949 instead of 749
    fake website ?

  3. Anurag says:

    The product is great VFM purchased another one today as a Gift for Family. The Sound Output quality is good so as the talk time and the voice clarity while using calling feature. Thumbs Up!!!!!!!! without doubt a good product at a great price . My views are totally unbiased and are based upon my own usage.

  4. RUCHIR says:

    @SriHarsha-You bought prior to Oct 2011 and how is working now if at all.

    True Blue India is a leading distributor of Plantronics headsets in India and not in any tech. way connected with Plantronics as corrected

    @srinivas-For reviews only not history.Here history is important for many reasons.

    @Guessers-True Blue is not a company in itself and has not started a bluetooth range.When from distributors,dealers start becoming a manufacturer itself and starting R&D.No.The answer is

    Vox Spectrum is an international telecom group of companies with offices in the US, UAE, Saudi Arabia and India.

    True Blue is a division of Vox Spectrum.So if you have reasons to believe it,great.To me,it ls a mini giant.Diverse.Something like Siemens,Alcatel,ZTE etc.Review are good but as costly item,durability also desired and 6m warranty well is the spoilsport.

  5. SriHarsha says:

    Hi All,

    TBV-S81 is pretty good stuff for music & calls. TrueBlueVoice is not a new to headset category, they are authorized distributor for Plantronics in India and later announced a Bluetooth product range of its own.
    If you want to own a Bluetooth headset that will stay with you for a longer duration, while providing you great sound and comfort, then TBV S81 is highly recommended.

  6. Sulabh kumar says:

    Had placed the order som etime back on cod got it yesterday, good quality and works well, not sure other brand cost how much but this product is good

  7. Raju.. says:

    quality is not good..

  8. srinivas says:

    Hello Mr.Anivesh dont mislead people, that to refer to platronics, which sounds that it is the product of platronics. Friends it is the product of TBV (True Blue Voice) not of Platronics. On site information is very less. I think we have to get more information from those who already purchased and using them

  9. Neeraj KT says:

    Deal now back @ 799

    Just purchased with CoD…;)

    n got my order confirmed

    But i m doubtful abt its quality..

  10. Anurag says:

    Made payment online . The offer was for limited period and was removed subsequently. Product May be sold out now @799/-

  11. badal says:

    @Anurag:- online payment kiya ya cash on delivery??

  12. Anurag says:

    My order has been accepted with the following remarks ” Your Order Has Been Approved For Processing” by INFIBEAM

    Believe that product is upto the desired quality as specified

  13. badal says:

    price is gpoess again high… yester i ordered in 799 now lets see.. they send or cancel the order..

  14. sherlock holmes says:

    Now the price showing as 1,799 and not 799

  15. Patrik says:

    Whats wrong? :( The deal page says 1799 not 799 is it some code or stuff?

  16. badal a. shah says:

    what is PLANTRONICS??? i want review about particular this blutooth headset,,

  17. Anivesh says:

    bloody awesome deal… not available anywhere for less than 2500 bucks… got it via SMI for just 800 :)
    super happy.. waiting for it to be delivered. For those asking about quality please search PLANTRONICS on google and you will get your answer. This is a subisdary it.

  18. badal says:

    is it nokia???no na???

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