Tumbling Tank Rs. 110 – Tradus

tumling-tankTradus has Tumbling Tank for Rs. 110. Features Nothing can stop this tank, against some obstacle it will climb over them!, ON/OFF switch, Flashing top light, Flag on the tank & Battery operated (Not Included).

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9 Responses to “Tumbling Tank Rs. 110 – Tradus”

  1. Srinath says:

    costly courier

  2. Vikas says:

    This is absolutely waste product. I ordered few days and after seeing the actual product I requested for refund. This is really waste of money

  3. GANESH says:

    Tumbling Tank at 65% Off. Buy it for Rs.69/-

  4. 007 says:

    thanks ravibhai

  5. Rajesh Malvekar says:

    This Chinese stuff not lasting even couple of days/hours. Tradau says Rs.110 – u will gets Rs.50/- roadside – Tradus grow up – why you”ll are trying fool people

  6. Ravi Sankar says:

    you can cancel the order, they will refund, it is not worth even 30/-

  7. ashish says:

    Rs50 mein milta hai mumbai mein cst station ke pass road pe.

  8. 007 says:

    oh yaar thode pahele bolna thana i just order today

  9. Ravi Sankar says:

    I brought this…this is absolute Cheap quality product

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