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tupperware_spl_25ShopClues is offering 25% off on Tupperware. Features one of the largest manufactures of high quality, innovative and branded kitchen storage, food products, canisters, containers, freezer bowls, servicing bowls, microwave products and other kitchen products.

Buy Tupperware from: ShopClues ( 25% off Coupon: SCTW25 ) | PepperFry ( 20% off Coupon: PEPOMGN3P78 or PEPOMGR2U74 )

5 Responses to “Tupperware 25% off – ShopClues”

  1. RAVI says:

    At Shopclues, the seller SHOPFORHEALTH is offering discount varying from 28% to 37% on Tupperware Products and that too with FREE SHIPPING… Go for It

  2. Sandeep Goel says:

    Shopclues these days is selling 95% of product duplicate..

  3. harsh says:

    product in cheaper rate are available in ebay without any discount.

  4. KC says:

    yes too much high

  5. saradhi says:

    Prices are too high ….

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