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usb-vacuumPepperFry has discounted USB Vacuum Cleaner to Rs. 95. Features Two vaccum cleaning attachments, bristel brush attachment, flexible rubber, Requires no external power source & plugs straight into any USB port.

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6 Responses to “USB Vacuum Cleaner Rs. 95 – PepperFry”

  1. SMI-FAN says:

    please do not but….

  2. Ruchir Bansal says:

    @Miss Monika-Plz substantiate- like SMI when needed x-price,disc=y,final price=z. Copy,paste arithmetic lines to make it possible to understand.It does not seem likely that u will be able to finally get it unless new A/c or some special code from somewhere else.For a crap ditto which I also have is not worth it.Never worked.After beating,it is now working but not a thing which serves any purpose.
    Such a chor.MRP stated is 499. What is MRP if not mentioned on item and nothing is mentioned and can not be as directly imported and 1 Yuan if mentioned would not be bought by even a Chinnoo.If a case is filed,you bet,Pepper willbe fried.

    Now three MRP doctors-1-Shopclues,2-Its younger brother Pfry and son 3-ITS. Received 5 products from ITS max was 3100 CE-400 by SMI and 5 perfect. But 1st with many litchen accesories and now last Morphy Richards with erased MRP.This is an evil practice but we can always compare online and can go shops.I will still buy from ITS
    Mention other MRP doctors if you know.Above 3 are known probably in the order of evil descending

  3. Monika Jain says:

    Hey SMI,

    When i checked out this product and went on payment page, it displayed only 49 rupees.!!!

    Though, i am happy that this product will be available in 49 instead of 95, could you please let me know that it is a software mistake or intentional?


  4. sri says:

    Pankaj Thanks for the review

  5. Mukesh says:

    Thanx Pankaj

  6. Pankaj says:

    Worst product ever, guys please do not buy this. It does’t work. On of my friend had purchased for Rs. 100, from Nehru Place, New Delhi, and believe me it had a small toy motor and every thing is made of plastic. I would not even spend Rs.10 for this kind of waste product.

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