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vlcc_fairness_creamShopClues has VLCC Insta Fairness Cream 50gm Set of 2 for Rs. 58. Features breakthrough formula, enriched with Mulberry and Licorice extracts, lightens skin tone and makes it glow.

Coupon: SC2VC29

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8 Responses to “VLCC Insta Fairness Cream 50gm Set of 2 Rs. 58 – ShopClues”

  1. Ramkrish says:

    I agree with Rahul comments…shop-clues is good for providing such good offers…If u don’t like the products,comment or advice not to purchase by other customers….might be sometimes they will post cheap products but your experience is also important to others…so share Ur experiences with useful comments………………

  2. prakash says:

    Stock over……now again in stock

  3. Srinath says:

    I second rahul kashyap view

  4. rahul kashyap says:

    I do not know what the problem is with some of u guys who write rubbish comments above. yaar ena hai to lo varna keep ur comments to urselves. given smi, is a free to speak ur mind forum but why disgust it with cheap useless comments causing disgrace to pple reading them. I do not know what calms some of u have against shopclues. its the best site for deals today and have alwys been very supportive in complaints. u tell me gagan and mayur which other site on the entire web offers such discounts and cheap deals other than sc. instead of being thankful to them we bombard them with stupid comments.

  5. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Manufacturer websites are not always updated.

  6. MayurN says:

    This seems fake site.
    This products is not available in existing range of products on VLCC OFFICAL SITE.
    SMI please verify and update the info

  7. Gagan says:

    Bakwaas deal..not interested

  8. rahul kashyap says:

    seems a cheap deal defintly going to buy one. plus they r giving 2 for only 58.

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