Voltas Split AC 1 Ton 122ZX Rs. 17575, 1.5 Ton 182EX Rs. 20648 – IndiaTimes Shopping

voltas-acIndiaTimes Shopping is Voltas Split AC 1 Ton 122ZX for Rs. 17575 & 1.5 Ton 182EX for Rs. 20648. Star Rating: 2.

Coupon: FLASH2904

Buy Voltas Split AC: 1 Ton 122ZX Rs. 17974 | 1.5 Ton 182EX Rs. 21117

10 Responses to “Voltas Split AC 1 Ton 122ZX Rs. 17575, 1.5 Ton 182EX Rs. 20648 – IndiaTimes Shopping”

  1. AbHI says:

    mine order got cancelled for 1 ton ac

  2. Himanshu says:

    apply coupon code FLASH2904 price will reduce to 20646 instead of 21117……….:)

  3. sourav says:

    It is your choice, if U want to by from indiatimes shooing.you can buy. I just want to share my feelings. So I share. I bought a chocolate of rs. 499/-. But to surprise me when I got the same I saw that the print price is rs. 295/- A one month has been gone but not received the balance. Please ask them against case id 780226 before placing any order to indiatines. indiatines is choor. don’t purchase year. They are only chor, chor, chor.

  4. sudher says:

    Indiatimes shopping a great place to get best disounts on electronics gadgets like ac, laptops, food processors, I bought many items above 20k and got every time in perfect condition. No problem at all. They call back too. and item got as specified. Go for india times

  5. sourav says:

    Don’t purchase from indiatimes shopping. They are cheating customer with brand name Times of India group. I have plenty complain Id which is still pending and those customer still not geting their refund. I am sure If you purchase above rs.5000 they never ship your item, after long follow up, at last U cancel the order and they they are blocking your amount.
    Don’t purchase from India times, otherwise U would be sufferer like me and all those customer who has been cheated by indiatimes.

  6. n says:

    compressor ?

  7. ravi says:

    Also it is 2 start go for 5 star rating

  8. deepak says:

    122CX is split AC…………..but this is 122ZX which is a window AC……….

  9. deepak says:

    this is window AC………..SMI put this model number in google search. 122zx this is window AC…………..

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