Xiaomi Mi3 Rs. 13999 – FlipKart

xiaomi-mi3Features 5″ Full HD Display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 8274AB 2.3GHz Processor, Adreno 330 450MHz GPU, 2GB LPDDR3 RAM, 16GB eMMC 4.5 Flash Memory, 13MP Back Camera, 2MP Front Camera, 3050mAh Battery, Magnesium Alloy Frame & Android 4.3 optimized with MIUI version 5.

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85 Responses to “Xiaomi Mi3 Rs. 13999 – FlipKart”

  1. Amit says:

    5th Flash Sale & ah again I could not get the mobile. It did not give me even a nano second to buy the mobile.

    I was successful last time around and even made payment from my Credit Card, but the order has been cancelled by Flipkart without giving any reason.

    Flipkart is a CHIPARH website and a big CHEATER….. From now over I commit never to buy anything from Flipkart. Will stick to amazon, myntra & jabong, they have Customer First Policy and at least it never involves itself into such kind of gimmicks for customer inconvenience.

    Bye Bye Flipkart from my side also!!!

  2. murali says:

    Stupid site, flipkart,mi3 out of stok with in second, do u belive one second means,with in second, I my self tuched the BUYNOW BUTTON, displayed out of stok, really ess then one second, this is my experiance, playing with online customer’s

  3. Agree says:

    Agree with Shankar, but koi fark nahi fadega, this is the situation like booking tatkal ticket on irctc…. Similarly, people want mobile here at best cost, whatever is the way of selling…. the one who succeeded with celebrate, rest will regret & curse the system….

  4. mim says:

    I totally agree with shankar 100% , i think we should boycott flipkart and abstain from all future such marketing gimmicks , its totally waste of time , and genuine people who are phone lovers can’t get to buy and some crooks get it and are making a killing and selling the same for 18,180/- on eBay.
    Flipkart is just fooling us and wasting our time and as rightly said , if the customer is not happy he will not come back again,
    I hope such letters go to flipkart customer care also so that they come to know what a big mistake they are making

  5. Shankar says:

    The FlipKart Team & Xiaomi Mobile team

    From ,
    Frustated Custumer of FlipKart
    Hyderabad, India

    Subject : Xiaomi Mi3 phone

    @Flipkart and Xiaomi

    I am composing this letter, to make you understand the feelings of a Indian customer . I request you, not to play with the Indian customers by playing the
    cheap market gimmicks. i want to remind you the proverb ” keep your customers happy and grow your business ” .

    In Indian market, if you want to survive and want to become a Number one online retailer , you need to deal with a company which is capable of supplying the required
    number of mobiles .If you are unable to supply the mobiles with the required quantity and making the people bizarre about your product. Kindly stop it.

    As per my experience in purchasing the Xiaomi Mi3 phone ,It is impossible to buy a mobile using FlipKart – ” Mi3 can be renamed as Mission Impossible 3 ”

    All my three attempts to purchase Mi3 mobile vain

    * Why you are opening the registrations again to book the mobile – if you fail to fulfill the commitment to all the registered users ?
    * Your First come first serve policy is good- but the way you are applying with customers is bad .
    * What kind of benefit i got from ” Flipkart First ” services, unable to book three times as per your instructions .
    * I request both of you to not apply ” marketing strategy ” on Indians.

    what i did after realising the truth behind the Flipkart and Xiaomi Mobile :
    1 : I purchased Motorola moto G phone from the same website Flipkart .It’s my last purchase in Flipkart.
    2 : i dropped an email to the flipkart team to remove my account .
    3 : I blocked the Flipkart website in my office .
    4 : I promised myself not to refer Flipkart & Xiaomi to any friend now onwards .

    @Hugo Burra
    I dont know, whether you are going to read this message or not , i want to present you two books and a gift box .
    two books are about ” How to deal with customers and ” How to run business at start up ” by well known authors .
    and the gift box item for you is : ” Motorola moto g ” phone . If possible i will try to purchase oneplusone too and send it as a gift for you .

    Xiaomi failed to show themselves as transparent and indirectly Flipkart too lost his Brand name behind the scenes.

    Final words ,

    Good Bye Xiaomi phone … Good Bye Flipkart ….

    Thank you.
    M Shankar

  6. Manoj says:

    agn 15,000 units sold on flipkart today. nw its OoS.
    You may register for the next sale (Aug 12) beginning 6 PM today.


  7. Vivek says:

    out of stock in seconds

  8. anonymous says:

    i have a feeling ki some private vendors are also purchasing and selling at a higher rate with sellers warranty. so the stock is getting over too fast

  9. king says:

    flipkart wale bana rahe he…2 baje login kiya to itne me out of stock aa gaya….bakwas he

  10. Munish says:

    Flipkart automatically added the phone in cart of registed customers who were logged in at 2:00 pm …Thats why it looks that it was sold out in 5 sec… Really bad sale strategy from Xiaomi and Flipkart…

  11. anonymous says:

    not 3 mins but just in 5 secs

  12. Vivek says:

    Out of STOCK within 5 sec…can’t belive something fishy

  13. anonymous says:

    out of stock at 2:03

  14. Pavan says:

    Just un boxed the device with some sort of small fear,how the mobile condition is,!!! i was bowled by the look and the premium look it gives,slim slot tray is working fine.camera i give 60/100.touch 90/100.look 90/100.yet to check the sound and battery backup.if they are up to the mark this is an awesome device!!!!Thanks Flipkart though u disappointed on 21st july.i got it on 22nd….with prompt oneday delivery

  15. IUKHAN10 says:

    if any customer recieved it.

    Please update reviews about the handset actual looks, interface, working and handling, camera, sound, battery etc….

  16. hd says:

    @manjunath yep they are not letting us write reviews about this phone..they are so desperate to make this phone the bestseller………i think many people saw the negative comment on flipkart when sale started now they deleted that review and not letting us write any more reviews

  17. Santosh says:

    Received and working like a charm. Initially simply card tray slot is hard to take out but with the help needle you have to take it out.
    There is a place made for needle as well.
    Simply slot will come out completely, then put your sim in that tray and insert it back..

  18. Manjunath P says:

    Can’t review one comment or Rating for this phone? Is no one updating or the moderators is not accepting any comments since negative vibes may affect the sales

    Guys what you say?

  19. anonymous says:

    i hope everything gets fine with yr set as well as the sets we receive.

  20. Varun Kapoor says:

    Nice tactic by Flipkart to promote the product. They limited the server and had stock of not more than 10000 phones ! Now the headline becomes “Sold out in 39 minutes” and hence Xiaomi MI3 becomes a hot product. More fans , More Sales! Just hope our dear SMI gets good rewards!

  21. hd says:

    nope they told me they have raised a complaint and a tech guy with a solution will call in 24 hours and its a common problem in mi3 i googled it and found several complaints about the same….it happens in iphone also tray gets stuck but in iphone u can open the back panel and able to fix this problem but its very complicated to open mi3 back panel its really annoying.yeah i saw the review on flipkart about this issue.i dont get it why they still use tray system for sim,

  22. Anonymous says:


  23. hd says:

    received the order a hour ago and guess what sim card tray is stuck cant open it raised a complaint lets see what happens….

  24. Deepak says:

    Got the order successful along with confirmation.
    Though happy to get it in a day or two… but they are not giving earphones/screen guards/ flipcase along…. will have to make separate purchase.

  25. Chintan says:

    order Confirmed, but now they say delivery will be done on 30th :( Ridiculous!!! What a royal mess have they created. Xiaomi, if you are reading this, be informed that your strategy has fallen flat due to Flipkart.

    Next time try launching it on multiple websites!!!

  26. Amit says:

    Mine also, amount deducted but no order confirmation.

    Waiting for the confirmation.

  27. Dhanumjay says:

    AMount deducted but no order confirmation

  28. HELP says:

    all reviews have been deleted or what. not able to see any review on the site

  29. Rajesh says:

    Out of Stock…now….courtesey flipkart site crashing.

  30. NoOne says:

    out of stock at 12:41 PM

  31. Khaali Dabba says:

    Out of Stock Now

  32. NoOne says:

    Look like game over..
    Item not getting added to the kart.

    today i felt IRCTC site is heaven :)..

    For me went up to payment gateway and error out

  33. Santosh says:

    OUt Of Stock…………

  34. Chintan says:

    Bought with CC, but surprisingly it didn’t ask for OTP….Hope the order is confirmed.

  35. chand13 says:

    Bought with COD…

  36. RP says:

    FLIPKART BUYER REVIEW— 100% Chinese Product

    Was happy to receive product on the launch date but extremely disappointed to receive a defective product.Sim card slot didn’t open at all, requested for return. Didnt expect this kind of experience.Had a lot of expectation from this flagship device but turned out to be a huge disappointment.If this is the build quality of the product then its difficult to survive in this market.

  37. pavan says:

    Ordered one so happy :-)

  38. Rajesh says:

    Flipkart site not working …..unable to login….even if you log in , by selecting this phone shows technical error

  39. RP says:

    HAHAHAHA…Something went wrong. Please try again !

  40. Rajesh says:

    Flipkart site not working ….

  41. Chintan says:

    Lol!!! The Site Crashed!!!

  42. Manjunath P says:

    @xyz i petty you, you are calling flipkart cheater and you want to buy on flipkart.
    @ Chintan : Agree this is world of marketing and we fell for this…

    I am not Flipkart supporter or SMI executive

    These are just my views

  43. Shail says:

    Jut got off the phone from the Flip Kart support.

    They informed that today only 1000 Mi3s were on sale.

    Tomorrow’s stock is way much bigger than that but also said it will be limited.
    So i suppose by considering the Xiaomi’s past records, at 12:15 PM we can see the Out of Stock Label there.

  44. xyz says:

    beacuse flipkart themselves had 75000 free giveaway flipkart first membership for your information

  45. xyz says:

    @manjunath why the hell u r interested in my name rather than the point being questioned here. are u that flipkart cheater or what?

  46. Shail says:

    I do not have Flip Kart first service.
    I am like thousands of others who have registered to buy the device.

    My query is will i buy the membership now, whether i will be able to get the device or not?

  47. Chintan says:

    @Manjunath:- There are no “Dumbs” in here & even if there are, there is literally no need to quote them. No one allows you to judge them.

    Secondly, If the phone was only for 1st thousand members, they should have confirmed that 1000 members have been registered already. However i had similar doubts hence i called up the call center yesterday night itself to check & i have a enough supporting to quote that the customer care had no idea about 1st 1000 Clause. Infact they told me that “sir please be online @ 12 PM & buy one”. So there is a huge chaos which has been created by Flipkart & no one else. From our side the issue is that we fell for such gimmick & consecutively i have cancelled my Membership.

  48. Manjunath P says:

    @xyz who on earth will have a name like this.. Be dare enough to disclose you name.

    Do you have enough proof to say that flipkart has already booked its 1000 customers in advance or you are frustrated and assuming things

  49. Ram says:

    Hi wxyz
    how did you bought without flipkart ist?
    Please help

  50. wxyz says:

    I bought one without being a flipkart 1st customer.

    Its all marketing tactics by flikart.

  51. xyz says:

    i am not saying that they are not giving it to 1st 1000 customers but saying that they were already there when the offer was launched fooling us.

  52. xyz says:

    @jitesh .. its mentioned on flipkart and flipkart facebook page
    @ manjunath.. they had got their 1000 customers on flipkart first before the offer was launched then why did they launch this offer saying the 1st thousand people who register will get this offer on day before so buy now..

  53. Sumanth says:

    Bought one with the help of Flipkart First.. :)

  54. Manjuanth P says:

    Guys, Its only for the First 1000 lucky customers who have registered. Dont act like Dumb.

    If you want “The booking are open tomorrow”

  55. Ram says:

    I have just cancelled my Flipkart first subscription

  56. Jitesh says:

    Where is the flipkart page stating it was first 1000… It is the Smi Which is advertising this.. May be Smi getting paid for this.. Dekha Smi ka khel.. I am too cancelling my flipkart first membership which I bought today…

  57. xyz says:

    chintan.. right.. and what a priority customer support that i mailed them yesterday but they didnt even bother to reply

  58. atul says:

    Dont go for it now guys, lets wait for review, though its a chinese product , in case of any returns flipkart will send used one which will have some or other problems.

  59. Chintan says:

    @Xyz, I Agree, cancelling my Flipkart First membership…Mockery of the So Called “Premium Membership”

  60. Santosh says:

    Bought :)

  61. xyz says:

    @jitesh.. its not smi but flipkart which is fooling all of us. it is for only first 1000 customers that registered on flipkart first and just to fool us and let us buy there flipkart first they opened this offer where as first 1000 customers were already there in flipkart before this offer came and only they will be getting it today.

  62. hd says:


  63. Joginder says:

    Bought one…:) yippeee…..

  64. Jitesh says:

    Smi is fooling customer.. its not for flipkart first customer.. I confirmed with customer care.. Mi is only available from tomorrow for all.. Flipkart first s well as non flipkart service.. Smi reply to this.. Stop fooling us…

  65. Pavan says:

    Now @ 11.52 it is showing in stock unable to purchase. I have flipkart first service :-( then also it says register for next day sale :-(

  66. Pavan says:

    its not for all Flipkart first only for 1000 early registered users who got confirmation mail on 20th to purchase the product can only purchase for rest all its on 22nd :-(

  67. xyz says:

    @hd thanks.. @diwa.. on site its mentioned 25hrs of talktime

  68. diwa says:

    how it is better than bbz10

  69. diwa says:

    only 4 hours of talk time. is it true? big draw back. please check out friends

  70. hd says:

    @xyz….its only for first 1000 flipkart first subscribers to register not for all flipkart first subscribers.I got my flipkart first for free i won it in contest/lucky draw when they started flipkart first.

  71. xyz says:

    bro hd.. please reply.. when did u register for flipkart first. i registered today but havent got any mail as such

  72. hd says:


    Congratulations! The stage is all set for you to shop the Mi 3 before others.

    You have booked your spot for Early Access to Mi 3 among the first 1000 Flipkart First subscribers to register.

    Your privilege to buy before others will be valid between 21st July : 12pm to 22nd July : 12pm.

    Please ensure you are logged in with your Flipkart First registered email id during this time to avail your First Access.

    If you are unable to purchase your Mi 3 between this time, you can still buy it from our website on 22nd July 12PM onwards till stocks last.

    To ensure that all our customers can get their hands on Mi3, we are limiting orders to one phone per registered email id.

    Happy Shopping!

    Warm Regards
    The Flipkart Team

  73. Rahul says:

    Will 64GB model be available in India…?

  74. Dhanumjay says:

    feeling excited to own a mi3,eagerly w8ting for 12pm today

  75. Chintan says:

    I called up flipkart regarding this…. they confirmed that there will be only 1000 phones up for grab at 12 PM, not 12 AM. so SMI should correct this i guess.

  76. hd says:

    im definetly buying dis phone

  77. dealbreaker says:

    Flipkart specs say Mi3 is alloy frame…?
    But Mi4 upcoming release on 22nd July is the metallic frame one and actual Mi3 is plasticy as per other international web sites.
    Flipkart’s “item not as described” refund policy may come handy

  78. mohit says:

    only two cons. no dual sim & no expandable memory,,,,, :-(

  79. DINESH says:

    serious buyers don’t wait for feedback …… xiaomi has a record of selling 1 million phones in 90 seconds .

  80. DINESH says:

    :-) registered

  81. Krishna says:


  82. Vinay T says:

    Likely to get sold out in seconds! :P

  83. Ruchir says:

    Ultimate.Will redefine smart phones.22th century phone will be an exaggeration though.Arrival of real mean machines

  84. gopis says:

    we need to get some feedback before running behind the offers

  85. andy says:

    cant find registration link plz help.

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