Xiaomi Mi Band Rs. 1

mi-bandFeatures Monitor your activity levels, track walking distance and calculate calories burned. Achieve the daily exercise targets you set  and work towards a healthier lifestyle!

Xiaomi: Mi Band (Sale starts on 5th May, 2PM)

99 Responses to “Xiaomi Mi Band Rs. 1”

  1. sachin says:

    chor hain ..2:00 par sold out..not possible

  2. vishnu says:

    Guys, just because you didn’t get hold of a band doesn’t mean you should assume it is a fake. I have got a hold of it and it has been dispatched within an hour of the transaction. I was shocked myself because i was never successful in earlier sales similar to this. Site worked perfectly without a hiccup even at the last moment. They have done a commendable job, not because i was able to get hold of a band, but because in special sale such as these generally the site hangs up because of the huge volume of hits. However, on the mi site, it worked flawlessly. Kudos Mi team for the exceptional site experience and SMI for providing this timely information.

  3. Vivek Singh says:

    Guys, I can’t say its a fake sale. I was lucky enough to get my hands on it for Re.1, there were 15 people from my team trying for it… Only i was able to get it.

  4. Aman Sharma says:

    it a genuine frnds i am one of 1000 people…

  5. Meena says:

    worst sale ever… FAKE FAKE FAKE… It showed me Sold Out at 2.00:01 (2 hours 1 sec).

  6. pasha bhai says:

    as you know it is limited only 1000 pieces so it is not possible to grab.very bad…

  7. Busted says:

    This is one heck of a fake sale. How can the items be sold out within a second or two? All flash sales by Xiomi are rigged up

  8. Sikkandhar says:

    Product Sold Out @2.00pm…

    Why add given for one week before this offer. I never though Xiaomi do like that.
    Very Cheap way to collect emails and contacts..

  9. kapil says:

    Fake sale, there were only 3 secs left and i clicked as soon as the buy button enabled. showed sold out. fooling people…

  10. Anonymous says:

    ha ha ha… today is 5th May… not 1st April. .. Sold Out@ 02:00:02

  11. @saurav says:

    Website shows stock out in 7 sec…how is it possible frends

  12. Devansh says:

    @vatsan and @ harsh… if you guys seriously got it, provide you transaction id details..

  13. hem says:

    Bakwas…I have waited till 2:pm when countdown started. Message came that you have not registered for the sale and immediately got sold out

  14. Dhruvanshu says:

    Fake marketing!!worst experience ever

  15. Jimmy Patel says:

    west OF time
    ganteme b sell start nahi huaa…

  16. Vidya says:

    Sold out fake offer

  17. Harsh says:

    Got 1…hurrray…thanks smi for this cheap offer..

  18. Ashish says:

    farzi site hai click on 2:00 showing sold out…

  19. dhruv says:

    showing sold out even before and after 2 pm

  20. Devansh says:

    Did anyone got it..i couldn’t..it showed sold out at exact 2 pm

  21. sandy says:

    Sold out at 2:00 PM

  22. shafi says:

    cheap publicity stunt..

  23. pram says:

    such a cheap marketing.. i dnt know how it got sold out in .01 sec.

  24. mohit says:

    anyone got it???
    i think they are fooling us.

  25. Manoj says:

    It was sold out even at 2pm. :(

  26. vivek says:

    Product Sold Out @2.00pm…
    Very Cheap way to collect emails and contacts.. xiaomi ,you can not build BRANDS with these kind of cheap Tactics. I don’t know about others but i am for sure, i am never going to buy your products or partake in your Future promotions

  27. vatsan says:

    yesss … got that … yipppiii

  28. anil says:

    what a joke, the countdown timer went down to buy now, i clicked on it and then it says sold out!!

  29. HarDick says:

    Sold out within a second

  30. Subho says:

    In fraction of second after 2 PM they said sold out…its all about marketing…cheap marketing

  31. kishore says:

    simple publicity stunt , the next second it showed sold out

  32. Prateek says:

    fake sale


    Logged in since 1:30..pm
    Sale opened 2:00 pm
    Sold out 2:00:08 seconds.
    Fake show by xiaomi.in

  34. Anonymous says:

    banaya MI Band MI Band karke, SOLD OUT 5 seconds se bi pehle :D

  35. Shiva says:

    Soldout in 1 second…it is fake sale Mi is just fooling around.

  36. sumanth says:

    sold out after timer finish, fake offer

  37. Pavansky says:

    Soldout in an second. added to queue and then sold out..!!!

  38. Uttam says:

    sharp at 2PM sold out within first 1/10 of a second

  39. yamik says:

    xiomi fake

  40. pushkar says:

    HAHAHA…what a joke… sold out in less than a second…

  41. Sarat says:

    Gone in a second, SOLD OUT !!!

  42. anis says:

    sold outtt

  43. g d airan says:

    Sold out at 2.oo

  44. rana says:

    time waist…

  45. Parth Sejpal says:

    Any 1 got todayy???

  46. Abhishek says:

    Bakwaas offer… Sold out in fraction of second.

  47. NILESH says:

    Sold out in 1ms .. lol

  48. swarup says:

    Fake sale starts with sold out… Hahaha very funny joke

  49. Ragh says:

    Sold Out

  50. Pranks says:

    Sold out ..even at exact 2pm.. :(

  51. sabyasachi says:

    soldout in 2 sec thats impossible

  52. Ashutosh says:

    Bewkoof banaya bhai

  53. a says:

    sold out in 1 second…made a big fool of us ha..ha…ha

  54. pareika says:

    sold out >>>

  55. kunal says:

    Showing Sold out

  56. Bhaskar says:

    showing sold out

  57. Vivek says:

    When 1 Rs sale start???
    or over???

  58. Uttam says:

    Nai bhailog, sale countdown timer has started now for 2PM today sale so pull up yr socks.

  59. Shivam KUmar says:

    @a bhai soldout ho gya hai…

  60. Dj says:

    dont panic guys sale will start at 2pm, they updated the site.

  61. Shivam KUmar says:

    ye chineej hote hi hai….abhi na to china me 2:00 baje hai…na india me… ne phir bhi sold out show kar diya..

  62. a says:

    @Shivam n @Rajat… pls send listing page link. I cannot see BUY or PURCHASE option on the site. even if u click on Mi band on top right corner, it doesnt show buy option in the page. the page i opened is this


    PLS respond immdtly. thx

  63. Shivam KUmar says:

    …showing sold out

  64. Rajat says:

    Sold out

  65. ram says:

    I did not see the purchase option or sold out in that web site. .p l s share..

  66. amarjyot says:

    @yamik & @ priya
    Sale starts 2 pm IST on 5th May
    how can the same be sold out ??

  67. mahendra says:

    can’t understand time ? chines indian or elewhere

  68. Yamik says:

    Its Sold Out,
    Fake Xiaomi

  69. priya says:

    Its sold out

  70. vj says:

    Well played xiaomi. Sold out already. they gave wrong info about the timing. cursing you inside .I don’t feel to type abusive words for you here

  71. KHEMANI RAHUL says:

    It’s Sold Out!

  72. Anshuman Goyal says:

    Sale Starts at 11:00 AM not 2:00 PM. So be careful.

  73. Darpan says:

    I have registered the offer tomorrow but Still not any confirm mail back to my mail ID so can’t trust your offer.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Hw 2 register Pls Any 1 Temme

  75. VB says:

    I’ve registered but no sign in “My Orders” area… Or will it notify me later when confirmed??

  76. Ankit says:

    This Is A Chinese Company. So They Are Collecting Data About Indian Peoples To Expend Their Business. So I Don’t Trust Them. So I’m Not Registering For This Shit. You Can Trust On Pakistanis But You Can’t Trust On Chinese.

  77. a says:

    Got registered…but they ask all dtls like fone no,address etc that seemed spooky…why get all personal dtls now?? Why not after sale is confirmed?? Mi wants to use our data for future spamming/spying???!!!

  78. G DASS says:



  79. Prasanna says:

    Registration Done..

  80. Abhishek says:

    Bought One

  81. MINESH says:


  82. Arjun says:

    Same here @ krupa

  83. Pranks says:

    yes correct.
    Not able to confirm the address details.
    Sort of FAKE FAKE FAKE…

  84. krupa says:

    unable to confirm the details.

  85. Niraj says:

    home page

  86. Vicky says:

    Out of stock

  87. ravi says:

    How could i get the Band at cost of 1/-…?

  88. MI Guru says:

    banate ho bas…koi link nahi aaya as expected. Site band karwa dunga main ab.

  89. Binu says:

    Re. 1 Mi Band Special Preview Terms & Conditions

    Registration period on mi.com/in from 28/4 2PM to 4/5 2PM.

    Re. 1 Mi Band Special Sale will be on 5/5 2PM.

    Each registered Mi Account is only entitled to purchase of one Mi Band (black strap).

    Mi Band purchased at Re. 1 will be entitled to free delivery.

    Limited stocks available, and adding to cart does not guarantee purchase. Please proceed to checkout to place your order for early confirmation.

    Items in shopping cart will be cleared after 2 hours. Checking out and placing orders promptly within this time period is highly recommended.

    Do share or tweet your purchase on the Mi India Facebook page (www.fb.com/MiIndiaOfficial) or Mi India Twitter account (@MiIndiaOfficial) for a chance to earn additional surprise gifts.

    This Mi Band Preview sale is deemed a special sale. No refunds will be allowed.

    All queries on this preview should be directed onto the main Timeline on the Mi India Facebook page (www.fb.com/MiIndiaOfficial) or Mi India Twitter account (@MiIndiaOfficial).

  90. Dewasish says:

    kahan hai be registration link

  91. Pawan says:

    Now it’s 2 pm . When can i get registraion link???

  92. Dewasish says:

    kahan be registration link…

  93. Pradeep says:

    Nothing happened even at 2pm

  94. G DASS says:

    registation opens at 2.00 pm

  95. Pawan says:

    Can someone pls give the registration link?
    I couldn’t get any registration link.

  96. aswin says:

    Always its in out of stock

  97. Govind says:

    Hi, Please elaborate process of registration and booking if you know.

  98. Srikanta BA says:

    Did u even care to look at Registration Time before leaving a comment !

  99. rakesh says:

    subah subah hi bnane lag gaye logo ko taki jyada se jyada dekh pae ki kya item aai h new… good marketing strategy

    kuch h to h nhi usme… out of stock item ka add bhi dal diya SMI

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