XtremeGuard Screen Protectors & Body Shields 85% off

xtremeguardXtremeGuard is offering 85% off on Screen Protectors & Body Shields. Shipping & Handling $0.99.

85% off Coupon: LUCKY85

Website: XtremeGuard

29 Responses to “XtremeGuard Screen Protectors & Body Shields 85% off”

  1. Pavan says:

    Bought with PayPal account ;-) still working if any one wish to use paypal in india without using there credit card try ICICI b2 account http://www.b2.icicibank.com

  2. imran kazi says:

    shipping is more then 7 $ making it expensive

  3. kida says:

    Works perfect bought 1 protecter for 1.75$

  4. Anonymous says:

    Does not show any Indian states – do they ship to India?

  5. pavan says:

    I have bought Nexus 7 Case(25$) + Samsung Note II Screen protector(5$) + Lumia 920 Screen Protector(5$). = 323.65

    They have shipped the Item in 1 hr span. But they have mentioned like

    “You will be receiving your order in a regular envelope addressed from Prestige Solutions, tracking is not available. Orders shipped in the United States are generally received in 6-10 business days. International orders take between 18-29 days to be received. Have a great day!”

    I have to wait around 1 month for receiving my order.

    Let me see …

  6. Sunil says:

    looks like a fraud to me….i checked the website… there is no company address to contact except email…no phone number – no address..

  7. shekar says:

    but my debit card is not being accepted

  8. gaurav says:

    They shipped my order .wow..at 7 AM USA time.

  9. gaurav says:

    Worked on SBI credit card.
    1 google nexus 7 case -25 USD
    2 nexus 7 screen protectors-15 USD
    total 40 USD.After applying 83%off it is 6.80 USD .and INR -384 rs.

  10. tushar says:


  11. gaurav says:

    Not accepting punjab national bank mastercard debit card.
    Gateway Response: 15005-This transaction cannot be processed.
    Payment declined. Please verify your information or change your payment method by selecting a new payment method below.

  12. pavan says:

    I have bought Nexus 7 Case(25$) + Samsung Note II Screen protector(5$) + Lumia 920 Screen Protector(5$). = 323.65

    let me see when i get deliver these items .

  13. varun kapila says:

    i have bought three scren protector,bought apple 3g and apple 5+ samsung galazy s3=138.54

  14. hemant says:

    Is Samsung tab 7 inch screen available there? And guys do check if its a fake website?

  15. tushar says:

    what about quality it a wet screen gaurd is it safe to apply

  16. varun kapila says:

    its worked for me,thanx SMI @

  17. tushar says:

    how to see price in INR

  18. Sri says:

    Can you try applying the coupon for the below product

    (Tried adding 3)

    Nokia Nuron 5230 Screen Protector

  19. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Samsung Galaxy S3 III (S 3) Screen Protector QTY 3 $15.00
    83% OFF Site-Wide When you Order 3+ -$12.45
    Total: $2.55

  20. Sri says:

    83off is not working…only 60off is working for me …why shivam ?

  21. shipra says:

    thanks Shivam

  22. Shivam says:

    Delivery of product is also too fast hardly 8-10 days

  23. Shivam says:

    @shipra there is better offer going on this site use coupon : 75off to get 75% off site wide and free worldwide shipping if you want to buy sing product

  24. H.S.Gupta says:

    TrustPort Internet Security-1Pc 1 Year
    DEAL PRICE : Rs. 119/-
    Use Coupon Code : SC1TA19



  25. shipra says:

    hi shivam from which site u come 2 know about this first

  26. Shivam says:

    I just paid via internation debit card it worked

  27. Sahil says:

    @Shivam: I dont think so. But if you have netbanking enabled then may be you can pay through paypal.

  28. Shivam says:

    Bought one For Samsung Focus And a bank of baroda debit card worked

  29. Shivam says:

    will a debit card work

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