1 Year Subscription of Outlook and Newsweek magazine + 4-in-1 Bag set or Trolley Bag Rs. 1599

Outlook: A weekly general interest news magazine. Features content from politics, sports, cinema, and stories of broad interest.

Newsweek: Newsweek magazine reveals the ideas behind the headlines. It gives you cutting-edge analysis and comprehensive insights. It has an unbiased, international perspective and a strong local influence.

Offer: 1 Year Subscription of Outlook and Newsweek magazine + 4-in-1 Bag set or Trolley Bag

10 Responses to “1 Year Subscription of Outlook and Newsweek magazine + 4-in-1 Bag set or Trolley Bag Rs. 1599”

  1. K.A.Shariff says:

    The free gift offers are a bait for the unsuspecting consumer. Back in 2007 I subscribed Newsweek and I received a hand vacuum almost after a year!

  2. Asim says:

    I finally received my gift after having got magazines for last 7-8 months

  3. Sid says:

    This is a scam. I subscribed for my father in September and he has still not received the trolley bag. And now that Newsweek is going to the digital only format it is like being duped and they should give an option of choosing another magazine in its place because a 65 year old is not tech savvy to access its digital edition.

  4. Sudesh Kapoor says:

    I have received free gift of trolly bag today. Hopefully others would have received it or will be receiving it shortly.

  5. Jigar Shah says:

    Outook ppl will tell you bag is not there due to “defect” and will be available after 3-4 months…! Chor Saale

  6. Naren says:

    I am yet to get the gifts.

    I have been receiving the magazines so people subscribing be more careful this once again seems to be another scam

  7. Naren says:

    Even I have registered for this on July 5th and I am yet to get any Outlook magazine or the gifts and when called the Chennai number was asked to call the Delhi customer care and no one is picking the call.

    At the moment not very happy will try to send a mail to outlook and see if there is any response from them.

  8. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    The gift will come from Outlook. From their website: You shall receive your Assured Free Subscription Gift within 8 – 10 weeks from the start of your subscription.

  9. eBayUser says:

    I also got this mail from ebay and I subscribed outlook and newsweek going to the link provided in the ebay promotion mail. There was an option to select from 2 gifts, one trolley bag and a 4 in 1 bag set, and i selected the trolley bag. But havent got the gift yet. Outlook and newsweek started coming within days after subscribing. I havent even got any communication from teh eBay team regarding the gift.
    I replied to teh promotion mail with my concern, but as reply i got an automated mail, which had link to eBay help. There i couldnt find anything useful, because in my case it was not a direct buy fr4om eBay and so i didnt have a seller id or product id to fill in the forms given in the help pages. I have no clue what to do now.
    If anyone has any idea as to what to do in this situation, please reply.

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