16GB Sandisk Cruzer Blade Pen Drive Rs. 299 – OfferBean

With its stylish, compact design and generous capacity, the Cruzer Blade USB Flash Drive makes it easy to back up, transfer, and share your files.

Coupon: SAN10

Buy: 16GB Sandisk Cruzer Blade Pen Drive

22 Responses to “16GB Sandisk Cruzer Blade Pen Drive Rs. 299 – OfferBean”

  1. Monika Jain says:

    you should not say like this… see every new business takes sometime to get establish right??? we should encourage them actually. so that they will put some good offers in near future.
    i believe your pain. but trust me, you will get the product for sure.

  2. Monika Jain says:

    @ to all guys:
    I have received the cutie pendrive last week it self.

    and all my friends are jealous of me. yyyeeeiiipppeee… :)

  3. Rajan says:

    It is fake site. I bought a 16gb Transcend pendrive. The pendrive is not working. The pendrive turned out to be a fake one without any serial no. No reply to my emails. Do not touch this site even with a barge pole. Warning Keep distance.

  4. vinit says:

    Hi SaveMoneyIndia Team,
    As mentioned in my Earlier Comment, I ordered my Product (sandisk pendrive 16gb-3 pcs). on 24th september.
    Today i have received the Product, but the package is containing only 1 pc pendrive, although the bill accompanying it is having bill of 3 pcs.

    I even tried calling the New support no- @ 08561951344.
    Its switched off for the last 6 hours. Even mail to all their support mail ids is fruitless.

    Now tell me, How do i contact them and get my remaining 2 pcs or the refund.


  5. mani says:

    guys – called the support @ 08561951344-someone picked up and said that it would take 15 more days.try this

  6. mani says:

    @monica- Have you got refund or the product?

  7. Arup Basak says:

    @Monika Jain How many days it took them to ship? In my case it’s been 11days and no response from them or their support.

  8. Monika Jain says:

    I have received.. Finally… :)

  9. Abby says:

    My situation is same as Vinit.

    My order is showing up but support email as well as Phone is un answered since last 3 days…

  10. Monika Jain says:

    Thanks Save Money India…
    our Hopes are still alive… :)

    we all are really great-full to you for taking care of our 300/- rs.

    Thanks once again on behalf of everyone.

  11. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    It is a new website, have patience. If they don’t ship your order in 10 days contact CCAvenue (payment gateway) for refund.

  12. Sabu Chaudhari says:

    Ka kare binit bhaiya, ham hau fas gayil… :(

  13. Saksham Guru says:

    Warning Massage:

    I have also doubt about the site. Its 100% fake. I successfully make payment against order of pen drive & amount debited to my account.

    but no email or confirmation message from the site.

    no on picking phone no 0141-4116767 .

    No reply of my two emails to offerbean care.

    in my order : No order shows.

    It’s Fake Site

  14. Ankur says:

    Its fake totaly fake

  15. vinit says:

    Is this offerbean.com site genuine?? I have serious doubts now.
    I ordered the Pendrive Yesterday night, the coupon worked fine.Got a mail from CCavenue (payment gateway) for successfull payment.
    But the thing which worries me is:
    1. No SMS or mail from offerbean.com regarding order confirmation.
    2. Their support number 0141-4116767, no one picks up the call, it goes ringing and ringing.
    3. Wrote a mail to thier support team, no response since last 3 hours.
    4. Thier website has a frequent Unable to connect database error.

    Anyone please suggest me a way out.

  16. patel says:

    bhai duu banane ka kam hai more then 3 system mai order diya all time errror or not valid

  17. Reshma Shaik says:

    Error: Coupon is either invalid, expired or reached it’s usage limit!

  18. Ruchir Bansal says:

    Coupon is invalid or used up.Can’t be used for further use.

  19. Srinidhi says:

    Just placed the order. Thanks for the info on this offer.

  20. Abby says:

    Its a pretty buggy site… need to work around flaws..

  21. Abby says:

    ERROR on page
    Error: Could not make a database connection using offerbea@localhost

  22. S MANOHAR says:


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