16GB SanDisk Cruzer Blade Pen Drive Rs. 79 – eBay

ebay-sandisk79• Get 16GB SanDisk Cruzer Blade Pen Drive at Rs. 79.
• First Purchase Only.
• Free Shipping.

Pen Drive at Rs. 79: Click to Get Coupon (Promotion ended. Only users who registered for promotion will be able to buy.)

Buy: 16GB SanDisk Cruzer Blade Pen Drive

105 Responses to “16GB SanDisk Cruzer Blade Pen Drive Rs. 79 – eBay”

  1. VARDHINI says:


  2. KEYUR PATEL Patidar says:

    Gar me jitne bhi mobile number hai dal do promotion time pe.

    koi na koi coupan code to apply ho hi jayega.

    and its only for new users. remember it.

    i got 2 pendrives

  3. aevi Jain says:

    I got 1 PD to thanks…@ebay

  4. Qwerty says:

    got coupon now…what is the use of coupon now, when everything is sold out…they register my number now i can’t use it as new register number…stupid ebay should organize sale properly or else stop this shit.

  5. k2 says:

    i got @ 9 pendrive

  6. Yash says:

    Please anyone give the link of the product.
    Received code just now…

  7. Papa Ji says:

    Yooo Got 5five pendrive through… Amazing Patterns

  8. gopi b says:

    it’s frad i didn’t recive code

  9. TV says:

    One ordered

  10. Harish says:


    i already bought one pendrive two months back from ebay with the same offer.
    So this time ebay tracked my IP and didn’t send me the coupon code.
    I also registered for this offer from my mobile internet for one number but for my friend and he received the coupon.
    bull shit…
    I have done a mistake by registering using my broadband plan which i have already used two months back.

  11. ravi says:

    HARISH…i also didnt recieved the code…FROM ANDHRA PRADESH..

    i registered wit a new number..

  12. kasinadh says:

    Thanks to ebay i got 1..

  13. Harish says:

    i didn’t received my coupon code yet…I live in andhra pradesh.

    did anybody get the coupon code who are living in andhra pradesh

  14. Anonymous says:

    i received code & booked now in 79/- rs. total process taken less then 4 minutes, so book fast, stock is limited now, arelady 14000 sold

  15. sud says:

    i get order one pen drive.nice offer
    but 200 off coupns are not apply.

  16. maninder says:

    Somebody plz tell me the procedure to buy this… M new on this site. Plz

  17. Shahid says:

    Registered your number and the code will delivered to you on or before 22nd December.

  18. pras says:

    can any one tell me the promo code.. ??

  19. cooldude says:

    Tell me what is the code for buying it

  20. Anonymous says:

    I got it last time

  21. Charan says:

    I got it
    Tnks fr ebay

  22. pooja says:

    thanks ebay. i got one

  23. joy says:

    Yaa sahid u r right

  24. Harry says:

    I got 1 @79 Rs. 2day through bluedart Courier

  25. Shahid says:

    “Sankalpdeal” is the greatest thug seller I have ever seen. Please do not purchase any item from the seller. Whereas the Nexus deal sends the pen drives in time.

  26. Venkat-Hyd says:

    Hey I received the pen drive yesterday…Thanks, SMI

  27. Rai says:

    i have received pen drive

  28. Munish says:

    Hey Pranab
    I am also from Kaithal. And for all just go to ur Local Bluedart office and tell them a packet by your name and address with ebay.
    Seller shipped this next day with Bluedart all India.

  29. Suraj says:

    Are hm jab v ye offer kholte hain tab ye hmesa …offer is ended now likhta…

  30. Harry says:

    Still nt recieved.. Almost a week gone already.

  31. avi says:

    got 3 pendrives today

  32. suryakanta says:

    I got it in 3 days…

  33. Nirav says:

    i got 4 pendrive…

  34. Alex says:

    Received 13.. yes 13 pendrive from eday on 9 Oct, 15 and 12 Oct, 15… and gifted to my friends and relatives… great offer and thank you SMI… happy to reveived all and not a sinlge is missed… thanks again

  35. ABCD says:



    Conditions:- (To view click on above pandrive link Listing 6 then end of page)

    We have been receiving an overwhelming response to the flash sale offers we have provided in the past and are more than happy to serve you. Please consider that the high volume of orders takes us a couple of days to consolidate and send out shipments. We request you to please bear with us for 5-7 days post making your purchase to receiving your shipment tracking details. Post which, you will receive your item in another 3-4 days.

  36. Nitin says:

    Received one today..

  37. joy says:

    What the hell
    Shipping nahin ho raha

  38. pranav says:

    Abcd– wat is the name of ur selller
    Areu alble to track your order?
    M from kaithal haryana

  39. ABCD says:

    Anybody Received In Fatehabad (Haryana)

  40. pranav says:

    Same here bro my order cant be track from blue dart courier plzzz help me guts any one there savemoneyindia plzz help me

  41. keyur patel says:

    chor hai ebay se leke courier company (blue dart ) vale bhi.

    without shipment site pe dikha rahe hai product is delivered. sabka ek dusre ke sath collaboration hai.sabko ullu banane ka.

    fir bolenge apka product vapas chala gya ab ebay ko pkdo.ebay vala bhi hath upar utha dega.

    dont purchase from e-bbay any product

  42. pranav says:

    Plzzz telll me guys ny body recieved pendrive in Haryana???

  43. Munnu says:

    Received My Pendrive Today Itself, I Haven’t Expected This From Ebay, Ebay Rocks And Thanks SMI

  44. pranav says:

    Hey dear in which state do u leave yr
    In haryana till now no pendrive recieved
    Or apka status kya show ho rha h ebay ke site pr

  45. barun says:

    received 11 pd today

  46. rashon says:

    received pendrive today…yipee…ebay rocks…diwali mein pura khus kardiya but in account shows to be shipped…didn’t update account…

  47. Mayank says:

    Yes it’s working..
    Ordered 3.. but it needs 3 different sim cards and email id’s…
    Great offer
    but the delivery of ebay is very poor
    Its written that estimated delivery is 10th oct par dekhna kisi ka nai aayga
    Thanks SMI and Ebay

  48. raj says:

    Last tym also got the coupon code.
    But eBay wale bolte h coupon is not working.
    Both the Times.
    #the_worst_online site.

  49. reaper says:

    for those who ordered more than 1 pendrive.I think you guys didnt read it said “1 PENDRIVE PER HOUSEHOLD”

  50. Prateek says:

    Hi All, I just bought one Pendrive @ Rs 79. Sorry to those to whom i said they are misleading. Its real deal people… !!! Thanks Ebay !!!

  51. New says:

    Bro’s don’t place above 5 orders because many people not got 1 :(

  52. sabyasachi says:

    got 2 coupon on 2 numbers & placed 2 orders. thanks SMI

  53. Aziz says:

    Thanks. SMI for list of links

  54. Sangram says:

    I dint get the coupon code

  55. Uttam says:

    got one code so applied for one and successfully ordered one piece for personal use.

  56. qwerty says:

    23 order needs 23 sim cards. feku, terrosist h kya jo 23 sim card use krta h.

  57. mounish says:

    ordered 23 :-)

  58. ppt says:

    ebay is the worst site in e-com…this is fake offer…received sms but code is not working…

  59. pRASHANT says:

    I got SMS I have code still he sayes following. Its cheating

    Extra government charges may be applicable for your item(s) which needs to be paid on delivery. An official receipt will be provided.

    Sorry, the eBay coupon code cannot be used as you do not meet the coupon eligibility criteria . Please try another coupon code or proceed to payment.

  60. shailesh kumar says:

    i just place order and delevery for 4 days only

  61. Nitu says:


  62. neha says:

    Haven’t received SMS till now. Is it Fake?

  63. Parshuram says:


    I got 10 pendrives today…

  64. qwerty says:

    got code on 2:30 pm, successfully place order thank u bro SMI.

  65. Harsimran Singh says:

    Successfully ordered 1 Nd now trying for second :)

  66. HD says:

    I registered in 5 mobile numbers… but did not receive ebay sms on any. This is Fake/Cheating

  67. KSH says:

    sms aya he muje ab kiya karne ka?

  68. RK says:

    Ordered two

  69. Shivam KUmar says:

    I just order one pen drive.Thanks Ebay

  70. Ab says:

    Yup! I got 1 & placed order successfully…???

  71. Mohan says:

    i have not received ebay sms this is cheating
    dont play games with customers

  72. Moyanthu says:

    I didn’t get anything.

  73. janmejaya says:

    No yar.. kisko mila kya cupon code

  74. ABCD says:

    Anyone got SMS ?

  75. rajender says:

    I got an sms regarding for eligible for offer @ 8.30 & sayinh that you can get a sms code by 9 am till now i ddnt get a sms wat to do offer got an ended showing.

  76. KSH says:

    abhi tak sms aya nahi,

  77. sudarshan says:

    Now Offer Ended

  78. jagadeesh says:

    Its working now.. Thanks SMI.. i have submitted one.

  79. Ashwin says:

    Registered successfully. Thanks SMI :)

    I intend to use this 16 gb pendrive for car audio.
    Last time also I had received a pendrive from eBay under such promotional offer. I gifted that pendrive to someone who needed it more.

  80. sabyasachi says:

    submit successful. uploaded screenshot. have a look

  81. neeraj says:

    Already registered bata raha fake/fool bana raha h…

  82. Pranab J Phukan says:

    It says the mobile number is already registered even if the number is used for the first time… It’s a fake Deal.

  83. Kaushik says:

    @prateek this is the third time eBay give 16 gb@ ?79.

  84. Yogesh says:

    As It is Showing mobile already registered with every
    mobile Number

  85. deepak Joshi says:

    aap is offer me customer ko dhoka de rahe ho ye mobile number ko all ready registered keh raha hai wo bhi new number ko , ye fraud hai.

  86. Nagashiva says:

    this is not accepting my mobile no.
    So many times & so many numbers are i atrying but not use…
    this is the fake offer

  87. Sam says:

    Bhut hi jhantu deal h…
    Only showing that the number is already registered…

  88. Prem says:

    they had the same offer a month ago.. but one pen drive for one user only.. and first purchase only..

  89. kanhaiya sharma says:

    i also got 1 pendrive.
    jb iske phle bar offer aaya tha

  90. Sid says:

    It shows that mobile already registered with every mobile.

  91. Dr.MadhuMohan says:

    Worst deal,even with new number it wont works

  92. Aj says:

    getting error!
    *This mobile number is already registered!#
    already tried other numbers too…

  93. qwerty says:

    last time i didn’t receive code hoping good this time.

  94. Bhaskar says:

    Backwas offer – as all numbers get same message “Mobile number already register” which is never used for any site however ebay shows message “it is already register”

  95. Aman says:

    E-bay making fool. All numbers even if i enter any number..it shows Mobile number already exist.
    Its nothing just making fool.

  96. Ashish says:

    But main to jo bhi number put ker raha hu required field main sab registered bata raha he ye to fake he sab…

  97. Santanu says:

    This offer had come earlier as well and it works…

  98. rohit says:

    any new no enter,showing no already register…
    Is it fake offer ?

  99. RK says:

    @prateek, I get 7 pendrive, he is not misleading anybody.

  100. Harish Shah says:

    True Deal.,
    But First time buyer only.,
    You require new email address.,
    New Mobile Number.,
    Very Strict Ebay.,
    My Brother get last time.

  101. k.s.hingora says:

    pypent kab bhejneka?

  102. Siva says:

    Hello I received it’s for 79/- last time. They send code. But note it’s only for first purchase only

  103. vamsi says:

    Hei he bought 5 pendrives last time

  104. Prateek says:

    @Kaushik – How can your friend get 5 Pendrives when Ebay will be sending the Coupon code on 6th October 2015 ??? Please dont mislead us !!!

  105. kaushik says:

    good offer my friend got 5 pendrive

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