16GB SanDisk Ultra MicroSD Card Class 10 Rs. 391 – InfiBeam

SanDisk-Ultra-16GBInfiBeam is selling 16GB SanDisk Ultra MicroSD Card Class 10 for Rs. 391. Features Class 10 Speed Rating for Seamless Full HD Video, Flawless App Performance & Durable Design.

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52 Responses to “16GB SanDisk Ultra MicroSD Card Class 10 Rs. 391 – InfiBeam”

  1. raj says:

    Not sure abt u guys have purchased from a lot of different sites and infibeam’s processing is as good as the others. Sure, there are a few negative traits but which online company does not have it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Never buy from infibeam. Worst services.

    They called after 10days saying that price error has happened. MAgic box deals are exclusive only.

    I shouted that even if this is error infibeam must take care of cost. rather than cancelling order.

    Still after 10 days not received any refund.

  3. kishore says:

    i got refund 391

  4. NP says:

    Yup got refund on 28. Do any of u have any good deal of this card?

  5. Shivam Gupta says:

    still no refund…
    lets see hope for the best

  6. g d airan says:

    Recd refund yesterday

  7. kishore says:

    still memory card money not refunded. any body got refund.

  8. Siva says:

    Worst service. They are saying that due to technical reason the price was 441 but the actual price is more than this. If you want to get this product u need to pay extra, or we can offer some stortium class 6 SD card. Infibeam sucks..

    After 1 week they are giving reply to customer, when customer given call to Infibeam…

    Dear Friends don’t buy any product from Infibeam…

    Infibeam is Worst and doing Frauds….

  9. G D Airan says:

    Received mail frompayment gatewaty CC Avenue that refund iniated and i will get credit in 3/5 days

  10. kishore says:

    just now i got sandisk 16gb memory card cancelled msg money refund within 5 to 7 days.
    for pen drive again i booked complaint same answer 24-48 hours for update. due to this company online shoping unable to trust.

  11. kishore says:

    any body got refund or delivery. worst service from infibeam. my pendrive no price change and stock also available. still it is not dispatched. when ever i am calling to cust care complaint registered it will take 24-48 hours. i booked on 20/6/2014. still open status.
    my memory card price increased. no refund. pls give me any idea friends. pls share your views and tell to ur friend dont buy from infibeam. i am only sufferer or any body is there

  12. Zeeshan says:

    No at all trustest… they are asking for more money now :/

  13. kishore says:

    today i called again to cust care this product rate was mistakenly updated pls pay more money or choose other product . i told them to cancel the product. give money refund back. how many days means no certain period. and one more product i booked same day with infibeam that is no change in price that is also no delivery. my suggestion dont buy from infibeam. pls note saveindia dont put infibeam products. now we are become fools. my money 391 for memory card + 405 for pen drive going to waste. when we will get refund or delivery. till that time mental tension

  14. bhavik says:

    don’t buy any on infibeam
    never trust
    same thing happen with me

  15. Shivam Gupta says:

    I just called customer care. They asked me due to technical reason the price was 441 but the actual price is more than this.
    If you want this product I need to pay 160 more.
    First and Last shopping from Infibeam. Never ever gonna trust them.

  16. abc says:

    Worst service. They are saying that due to technical reason the price was 441 but the actual price is more than this. If you want to get this product u need to pay extra, or we can offer some stortium class 6 SD card. Infibeam sucks..

  17. NP says:

    Hey Buddy did any of u got refund?? or any mail about refunding our money? I didnt got any mail about refund and not even a single msg…

  18. Vishwas says:

    Ya they told me to pay 161 more to book this memory card. But they gave me the offer of strontium 16gb class 6 memory card for the same price and also give me a 50 rupees is bonus coupons which can be claimed in the next purchase

  19. kishore says:

    i also booked 16gb memory card with 391 on 20/6/2014 but it still not updated. i raised complaint to infibeam they told. we will update within 24-28 hours. already 5 days completed.
    any other company within 3 days delivered happen. but see what is going on. how to get refund

  20. consumer court says:

    It was a TRAP. It was a TRAP. It was a TRAP.
    Just received call from infibeam asking for 161 extra as the price was wrongly updated. They should not take the orden in that case. The order amount must be returned in case of failed to delived the product. We all should file the case in consumer court so that thet should learn for the future.
    I would never go to Infibeam and rever recommend to anyone in future.

  21. Anil says:

    Please do not order from infibeam. The support called me and told No Stock for this price it was due to a technical mistake, pay 161 extra to get it OR take something else… !!!
    I will never use infibeam for ordering anything else
    First Time and last Time. Worst Exp… !!!
    Why such fake offers if don’t have the stock
    Will never use this infibeam !!!

  22. H Mahida says:

    Just called me and told No Stock for this price pay 161 extra to get it by next week or take something else… !!!

    I wrote email yesterday for same they told me that it will be soon. but now calling and says different thing….

    First Time and last Time..!!!! worst Exp… !!!

    Why roll offer if you don’t have stock


  23. NP says:

    Got a call that price increased so I have to pay 161 extra.. just a Fake and Bad website.. Ordered it on 20 and got a call right now..

  24. Gagan says:

    Out of stock

  25. Varun Sharma says:

    What a great deal. SMI rocks! Infibeam is always good. Never had a problem .

  26. Shivam Gupta says:

    yipee awesum deal.
    bought one.
    hoping for delivery soon as i heard a lot cases of infibeam.
    hoping for the best :)

  27. Sahil Shah says:

    purchased 1 :)
    thanks SMI !!!!
    I check SMI more frequently than my FB account :D

  28. Goldi says:

    Thanks SMI , ordered one . I have ordered various items many time thro infibeam , there service is very good .

  29. Vishal says:

    Thanks SMI Bought 4

  30. sandeep Goel says:

    great deal..always received all deliveries in time

  31. Jignesh Modi says:

    Bought 3. What a great price! Never heard this price! Thanks SMI

  32. jaydev says:

    buy 2.thanks SMI. you doing great job.my all shopping on any web is always because of you.so, thanks again………

  33. Dadu says:

    “Infibeam” is not trustable, one of my colleague’s order delivered after 2 months ….

    Beware of ordering from infibeam …

  34. Rakesh says:

    Got SanDisk 16Gb Class 10 at Rs. 391/-
    from InfiBeam, Thank you SMI :-)

  35. Mehul says:

    @ yash gupta
    i got from ebay azaadi rocks Sale. i applied coupon after 5 try.

  36. yash gupta says:

    mehul yr help kr de ….tera kya jayga

  37. yash gupta says:

    mehul bhai pls tell me the 40% discount voucher…

  38. Mehul says:

    Got 16Gb 10 Class at 504 Rs.
    Using 40% Discount Coupon.

  39. madhuram says:

    is there any coupon to buy it in 699, becoz now the cost is 849

  40. xyz says:

    thanks duranduran

  41. DuranDuran says:


    You can try other coupons from Khojguru for shopclues. Also, you can check the same coupon with a new ID. That’s what I did.

  42. DuranDuran says:

    xyz, 8000mah is good capacity…. go for it if you want it now. My suggestion, try other websites too. in a typical month you get around 5-7 offers on powerbank so wait it out.

  43. xyz says:

    what abt the other offer frm infibeam – 8000mah powerbank for 1149. is it worth?

  44. Rakesh says:

    The coupon “SCKGW3L2HWZ” has already been used. That’s what the website states. Bad Luck. :(

  45. Golmaal says:

    Check this page of snapdeal http://www.snapdeal.com/product/sandisk-mobile-ultra-16-gb/141699
    The image shown is of class 10 ( but beware warrenty shown by snap deal is 2 years )

  46. Golmaal says:

    On Sandisk Class 10 micro SD cards there is “1″ written below the capacity is . Check 32 Gb , 64 GB Class 10 cards on infibeam or flipkart .
    But on class 6 Sandisk card there is nothing written below capacity , just like this image .

    So i doubt whether it is class 10 or class 6 .

    No reply from infieam customer services on this .

  47. balaji says:

    agree with DuranDuran..

  48. DuranDuran says:

    AB, both are class 10 cards. both have a warranty of 5 years.. what is there to compare… nowadays all products are made in china only.. also, there is no software which is there to compare… it’s just the hardware with the same rating????

  49. AB says:

    You cannot compare Sandisk with Strontium. So think before you saying that it is a useless deal.

  50. DuranDuran says:

    BTW.. if you use coupon code SCKGW3L2HWZ, then it is available for 577 including shipping… shopclues is the best.

  51. DuranDuran says:

    on Shopclues, strontium 16 GB, class 10 is available for 652…. useless deal.

  52. abhishek says:

    thanx smi..

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