Strontium OTG Nitro USB 2.0 Pen Drive 16GB Rs. 255, 32GB Rs. 463 – ShopClues

strontium-otg-nitroFeatures standard USB on one end and a micro-USB on the other end, so can be accessed directly from a computer or any OTG-supported smartphones or tablets.

Buy Strontium OTG Nitro USB 2.0 Pen Drive: 16GB Rs. 255 | 32GB Rs. 463

56 Responses to “Strontium OTG Nitro USB 2.0 Pen Drive 16GB Rs. 255, 32GB Rs. 463 – ShopClues”

  1. saini says:

    They cancelled my order without any reason,SC making us fool.Now wait for refund for 1 week fraud site

  2. dheeraj says:


  3. hari says:

    this website is duplicate .
    this site only accept payment and cancelled the order that applied by users.

  4. Yoginder says:

    Ordered Cancelled, Nakli site hai shopclues//

  5. vishnu says:

    Cancelled mine too

  6. prakash sharma says:

    SC started cheating people now. My order also cancelled. Earlier 3-4 products also different from what they are showing/ disclosures are not made AND NOT RETURNING ANY PRODUCT. Whole responsibility is thrown on you. ITS REALITY, we people have made it SUCCESS, now PLEASE don’t rely them in future.

  7. anurag says:

    Order on Hold – Pending Inventory Check.what is this plz help me.

  8. Vishal says:

    They cancelled my orders without any reason…

  9. PANKAJ says:

    Order Cancelled for Strontium 32 GB Pen Drive

  10. andy says:

    SC started this kind of cheating with customers since early 2014 thats why i have not bought a single item from SC in whole 2014, peace of mind.

  11. vamsi says:

    100% correct i have booked socks, 10 days is passed till now i did not receive any thing…SHOP CLUES.

  12. ak says:

    @vinod. Is it a big deal to withdraw money from current account and transfer it somewhere.
    These shopping sites can easily duped people. Shopclues as it is has got bad reputation

  13. S Sadhukhan says:

    Online Fraud for collecting money without interest from fellow customers. Everybody should lodge complain consumer forum against shopclues and all other online websites tryiing this practice these days, so that in future they dare not to repeat. Everybody please complain in consumer forum

  14. Aman says:

    My prepaid order also cancelled

  15. vinod says:

    We have to know that savings account get interest but shopping websites operate with current accounts where there is no matter of getting interest for our money

  16. ajay says:

    Kisiko refund wapas mila kya???

  17. Mahendra Jain says:

    Dear All,
    This is practice to collect huge money for some time in there bank account. they kept your crores of money in their bank account for 15 to 30 days and earn huge interest on it. After some time they refund all the money. This is business trick without investing any money. Apar from this some customers has lost their money due to lack of knowledge. So please boycott such type of fraud website and dont buy from them anything.

  18. ak says:

    I think this website earns money like this only. Advertise cheap products ,accept huge orders ,earn interest and then cancel the order.

  19. netrafter says:

    Prepaid order confirmed, but now cancelled for no reason… :(

  20. Divyesh says:

    Beware from shopclues.Shopclues is a Fraud site

  21. Prabhat says:

    Cancel my order too…shopclues is not a reliable website, approx. 40 order cancel for me

  22. Vishal says:

    Shopclues cheats customers.We have to complaint against them on Consumer forum

  23. gabbar says:

    SC cancelled my order too …kya majak bana rakha hai suar ke bachoo ne :(

  24. human says:

    cancelled my order. thanks shopclues, keep it up. this website gonna bite dust soon for this kind of attitude with customers.

  25. sd says:

    the site has lost its reputation .cancelled 3 orders in row without any valid reason .will never buy again from trashclues . gosf ko 300 main mobile diya woh bhi order cancel. thumbs down

  26. ramleela says:

    Thanks for shopping at ShopClues. Refund request for your order 303*****, for Strontium OTG Nitro 16GB USB 2.0 Pen.. is registered. See email for details.

    I got this sms…very sad

  27. Sudhir says:

    They cancelled my orders without any reason…

  28. ak says:

    Fraud website. Cancelled the product . It’s the worst website .took a risk while ordering this one and as expected it got cancelled. Now waiting for refund

  29. Gaurav says:

    They cancelled my orders without any reason at 3rd time , now i will never buy from shopclues again ,SC making us fool.

  30. Niraj says:

    They cancelled my 2 orders without any reason,SC making us fool.Now wait for refund for 1 week

  31. Dillip kumar says:

    waste of time. Web show nothing. I can’t get that product in web

  32. Rajnish says:

    Link is not working.
    Its navigating to main home page

  33. varun kapila says:

    @ Parth Sejpal

    Features standard USB on one end and a micro-USB on the other end, so can be accessed directly from a computer or any OTG-supported smartphones or tablets.

  34. nishant says:

    order on hold
    pending inventory check…

  35. Rishabh says:

    stop fooling people

  36. Parth Sejpal says:

    This is not USB pen drive. It is OTG drive means can be used with mobiles and tablets. Hey all please look and buy. :)

  37. nishant says:

    first order : failed
    second: backorder

    dont know what it is.

  38. bhupi says:

    payumoney is not offering any discount, dont fool people

  39. netrafter says:

    I also can not see my order in history, but if you logout and use option “Modify or cancel order” -> given order id & email, then you can see the order details.

  40. bhupi says:

    strontium drives are not good, they are cheapest and they die also very quickly..shouldnt buy

  41. akshay says:

    now game over :(

  42. sourav says:

    Thanks a Ton SMI, Love u !!!
    Great Deal.

  43. netrafter says:

    I bought the 32 gb version at 370 using payumoney.

  44. sanjoy roy says:

    Same here…email query sent to shopclues

  45. Meer says:

    Ragav – Same Issue for me aswell – Order is not reflecting in Order history – mailed the SC Customer support

  46. vijendra says:

    Raghav same here… I am not seeing the order in my order history but i got confirmation mail and SMS form shopclues regarding this order..

  47. vijendra says:

    Showing zero inventroy now…

  48. vijendra says:

    Got it for Rs.230 using mobikwik wallet..

  49. Man says:

    @Raghav…Same here…email query sent to shopclues.

  50. Abc says:

    @Raghav i have same problem but you can see the order details in your mail

  51. Raghav says:

    Ordered but not able to see order in their website. How can i check my order in shopclues. pls help

  52. Senthil says:

    @rahul.. how will u get through payumoney

  53. joydeep says:

    ordered… best deal… !!!

  54. rahul kashyap says:

    got it 4 rs 242 using pay u money

  55. r reddy says:

    i got one…lets see will they ship or cancel…go for it best offer

  56. rahul kashyap says:

    smi sc is also offering Strontium OTG Nitro 32GB USB 2.0 Pen Drive for rs 463 only..

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