16GB Toshiba Hayabusa Pen Drive Rs. 99 – eBay

toshiba16• Valid on your first purchase only.
• Free shipping.

16GB Toshiba Hayabusa Pen Drive Rs. 99: Click to get Coupon (Promotion ended. Only users who registered for promotion will be able to buy.)

Buy 16GB Toshiba Hayabusa Pen Drive: Listing 1 | Listing 2 | Listing 3 | Listing 4

45 Responses to “16GB Toshiba Hayabusa Pen Drive Rs. 99 – eBay”

  1. Praveen says:

    Shi kha… Toshiba ki pendrive bekaar h

  2. sam says:

    mine is not even shipped till now

  3. Chottu Charsi says:

    Maine to 99 rs me kachara kharid liya, iss pendrive ki average writing speed 1 se 2 mbps ke bich me h, 99 rs me agar san disk ki mile to wo better h.

  4. ABC says:

    are yaar listing 5 aa gayi hai site pe

  5. Sachin says:

    Hey i got the code and link i applied the code.

    My booking is confirm thanks eBay

  6. Vedu says:

    I registered email id and mobile no but give not offer code

  7. GHANSHAM DASS says:

    Showing listing ended

  8. Prafula says:

    Good offer! I have ordered…:)

  9. Satyajeet Singh says:

    I also ordered one. Good offer.

  10. susmith says:

    Thanks SMI.Ordered Two

  11. Abc says:

    I also ordered 1 pendrive :)

    Note:It’s working for new registration only (New Mobile No & New Email ID Need)

    I have tired my not used id,it’s showing one error(sorry ur user id/mobile no already registered in ebay)

  12. Raji says:

    I ordered two pendrives

  13. Bhushan says:

    ordered 3 pen drive with different account. Try this code if working for you.

  14. GHANSHAM DASS says:

    Change mobile number not previously used
    But code will be useless

    It will be for fresh offer

  15. Alam says:

    Ebay/ flipkart

    Both are giving bogus offer. They give only to 1 or 2 buyers , rest of buyers getting messages only like
    1> Change address : shipment not delivered on this address please change address
    2> Error: we are sorry for the inconvenience
    3> Out of Stock
    4> Coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemptions

    Dear Buyers , don’t waste time for availing these kind of offers.

  16. Varinder Mittal says:

    Got 3 from different account

  17. GHANSHYAM DASS says:

    change addre

  18. viji says:

    Sorry, this first purchase coupon will not apply as you may have purchased with another buyer id before. Please try some other coupon or proceed to pay.”””
    can any one having same issue please help how to buy

  19. neetesh says:

    bana rhi hai ebay
    Sorry, the seller does not ship the item to the specified address. Please change the address or remove the item

  20. Galaxy says:

    showing error like “Sorry, this first purchase coupon will not apply as you may have purchased with another buyer id before. Please try some other coupon or proceed to pay.”"”
    can any one having same issue please help how to buy

  21. Aritra kundu says:

    Aya nahi code

  22. GHANSHAM DASS says:

    Coupon are working again on listing 1

    Ordered 1

  23. GHANSHAM DASS says:


  24. James says:

    This eBay coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.

  25. Praveen says:

    Yes… Ordered

  26. Galaxy says:

    code hi nhi aaya

  27. Pawan says:

    code received and ordered one pd for 99

  28. xyz says:

    Code recieved ordered 1

  29. Abc says:

    Product added on ebay main page:

  30. Virendra says:

    This promotion has now ended!

  31. Praveen says:

    Yaar koi sms hi nhi aaya… Ki code kb aayegA

  32. Praveen says:

    Yaar koi confirmation mili h kya???

  33. Sanju says:

    Code will come on 27th

  34. Anonymous says:

    Where is the code i had registered two days back but still i havent received any code

  35. Anil Dari says:

    Its really good offer

  36. Anonymous says:

    Not received code

  37. Praveen says:

    Phele @79? m aayi thi, wo bhi sandisk ki 16gb

  38. Prateek says:

    it will come, maine pehl bhi sandisk ki pendrive 99 rs main li hai, 16 gb :) so enroll and be quick on 28th as its open till stocks last

  39. Anonymous says:

    Still code is not Available y

  40. Praveen says:

    Code aayega… Jrur aayega… Are jrur aayega r…

  41. Siddhi says:

    Code hi nai aata

  42. Shanky says:

    You will receive your coupon code and activation instructions via SMS/Email on or before 28th September, 2016

  43. Anis says:

    Not received coupon. Have to wait !!

  44. galaxy says:

    Harman ji,
    Coupon code mil gaya kya ?

  45. harman says:

    nyc offer

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