1TB Western Digtal External Hard Disk Elements Rs. 3132, My Passport Rs. 3273 – MobiKwik

western-digital-portableMobiKwik is sellling 1TB Western Digtal External Hard Disk Elements for Rs. 3132 and My Passport for Rs. 3273 on their Mobile App.

Website: MobiKwik (Click Apps > Download. On MobiKwik Mobile App > Offers)

42 Responses to “1TB Western Digtal External Hard Disk Elements Rs. 3132, My Passport Rs. 3273 – MobiKwik”

  1. bhaumik says:

    thanks smi…
    i ordered sony hard disk on 22 nd and today on 26 th ( within 5 days)
    i got the delivery.
    thanks once again

  2. Ankit says:

    lost 3500

  3. ayush says:

    they said to me to refund in 20 days

  4. Parag says:

    If they dont want to sell then why the hell they are doing such fake advertisement. even i downloaded there useless software and also didnt appear offer. Just wasting of time and efforts.

  5. sheetal says:

    this is not new site for me. already lost 4000 while adding cash to my wallet. they simply said payment gateway error. they look henine , but always try to chaet. worst care

  6. Abizar says:

    A big cheat. Same with me asked me to add money then replying no such offers. how to get back money?

  7. MAX says:

    thanks to all who reviewed this website and saved my money, I have added this crap app to my blacklist will make sure non of my friend do buy anything from this site thanks all

  8. choor hai salle says:

    theses people are same sastawala.com walle sallo ne mere 5 pendrive ke 1650 khaa gaye our site ve off kar di……………..choor big fraudddyyyyy….nw selling hdd ve making fool………..ek var mil to jaye yeh people mar mar 1650 nikaloga

  9. Shadab says:

    Hey Friends,
    Bahut faltu website hai.Isse pehle bhi sastawala.com ko in logo ne tie up karke apne wallet ke through paise allow kiye the.Par delivery delay hone ke reason se mobikwik ne waha se paise return le liye par request karne ke baad bhi mere bank account me paise nahi credit hue aur mujhe faltu me unse recharge karna zaruri hogaya.Request karunga k koi bhi kuch bhi nahi kharide.

  10. SHRAVAN says:


  11. SUNIL says:

    They don’t have the external HDD. Only pen drive and SD card is there

  12. senthil says:

    @xyz hard disk is not shown in my website

  13. Neeraj aggarwal says:

    No such option is showing in the app….

  14. senthil says:

    In offers it shows only memory card &pen drive

  15. XYZ says:

    thanks pramod and savemoneyindia. i hope it works out

  16. XYZ says:

    senthil u want to buy the hard disk for 4779 ? they have increased the price suddenly

  17. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Ask for refund: http://www.mobikwik.com/help

  18. parmod says:

    same here with me at 6.30 pm i added 3132 rs for i tb hard disk purchase n next moment no western digital hard disk was there.
    i m trying to contact them but numer is busy. regarding refund of money i have found this


    go to the closing ur account and get ur money back. but i havent done this till now as i want to talk to there customer care ppl first and than proceed for that.

    hope it will help all frns like me who feel cheated.

  19. ayush says:

    smi help

  20. senthil says:

    please any one send me the link for hard disk

  21. ayush says:

    they say to add money when i did it they said some eror
    dont no how to get money back

  22. senthil says:

    send me the link

  23. XYZ says:

    same here arif. can we get our money back in anyway?

  24. Tushar says:

    There is no such offer on mobile app\ offers\ storage-device
    Can SMI confirm pls!

  25. Arif says:

    Crap deal… Misguiding buyers … Have put 4000 in my wallet to buy sony 1 TB HD for 3575/-, but now they have changed the price to 4779/- … Consumer forum Im coming…. :(

  26. XYZ says:

    ITS NOT WORKING.. this site is a bogus and cheat. they asked me to add so much money to there site to buy it. once i added they increased the price of the hard disk. dunno how to get money back.

  27. mukesh agrawal says:

    Offer not available as of now it shows sony not wd.

  28. notAvailable says:

    there is no HD with this price

  29. senthil says:

    I dont know how to get that link..please help me..

  30. senthil says:

    I dont know how to get thatlink..please help mr

  31. Kiran says:

    They are selling Sony 1TB hd, not WD, SMI PLEASE COMFIRM..

  32. NAVDEEP says:

    1TB Western Digtal External Hard Disk Elements SOLD OUT

  33. venkat says:

    No my passport found instead of Sony is there? Check and update the site.

  34. lp says:

    patel ur lucky. i had money but order not being placed.

    mobikwik is shit site

  35. mukesh says:

    WD are sold out it seems.. purchased sony :-) thanks SMI

  36. kartik says:

    saale befkuf bna rahe hai

  37. Vivek says:

    WTH!! The scumbags made me add money in the wallet and told me that not enough coupon codes left!!!

  38. patel says:

    yes working but my luck is not good dnt have money hehehe

  39. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Download their Mobile App.

  40. praful says:

    There is no such offer in that page ..Please specify details

  41. Vikram says:

    SMI can you please help me getting on to link, I am finding it confusing to get there

  42. Parag says:

    Interested in hard disk. But it is taking me some other site.

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