2 Free Movie Tickets on Purchase of Cadbury Products worth Rs. 200 – Cadbury Hello Joy

cadbury-hellojoyOffline Offer.

Cadbury is offering 2 Free Movie Tickets on Purchase of Products worth Rs. 200.

Redeem: Cadbury Hello Joy

25 Responses to “2 Free Movie Tickets on Purchase of Cadbury Products worth Rs. 200 – Cadbury Hello Joy”

  1. Chowda Reddy says:

    i brought cholates worth of 320 and got coupon.how to register? or is it a fake scheme

  2. sudha says:

    Hi Guys,

    Please be patient..i have redeemed the voucher and got 2 Gold tickets in PVR cinemas and watched movie also..and 2tickets worth is Rs 500.

    if you are getting invalid voucher number ..please make few more trials

    And remember, you can use your mobile number for only one voucher number..

    Voucher will be in purple colour card issued by cadbury only…shopkeeper has nothing to cheat in this…say if it is a direct product given free..he can cheat u by not giving it to you..but redeeming a voucher is a process..how many tickets will he redeem him self…please think practical..

    And i dont think a multinational company like cadbury will cheat public in this way…already it has a very good market in india…by playing such cheap tricks it need not increase their sales..

    fill in the details

    You will get a call or message to your registered mobile number…if the team is not able to reach you …please make a call yourself to them and they will provide u the details…

    your tickets can be booked for any day till 30th march, but last day to book tickets is 15th march..after 15th march u will not be able to book tickets..

    Hurry up

    Enjoy free movie…

  3. krishnamurthy says:


  4. NITIN says:

    this movie voucher scheme is only fake this is only for increase sale cadbury choclate not anything more. In movie voucher code provided is invalid in voucher

  5. Anonymous says:

    Its showing invalid voucher number…what to do now

  6. Ravindra Dhole says:

    I bought ru. 200 Cadbury silk chocolate and get 2 free movies ticket when I intered detail with boucher code and submit the same. The boucher code show invalid. I want to inform you that I am a active customer and I will go consumer forum taking this case against company. Please come with me, Jago grahak jao

  7. K Venkatesh says:

    Here iam getting as invalid voucher no wht to do?

  8. dev says:

    i bought 2 packet of 5 star worth rs. 320 got the voucher registered but dint got a call WHAT TO DO???

  9. Akshay says:

    Movie days – Mon to Thu
    Excluding Public holidays and Bank holidays
    Not Trasferrable to any,
    That means If you are working leave your office and go to movie to use the free tickets
    If you are a student bunk classes.
    If you are not aware of this then cadbury will surely enjoy the sale campaign.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I fill the details but it says please enter a valid email id and my email id is correct…so what can i do please tell me..

  11. Sanhita says:

    Ok so I bought silk for more than 200 bucks from a Kinara shop n got this voucher from him. N no it’s not a cash memo. It’s a 3 inch by 6 inch white and purple rimmed company issued voucher which is provided by the shopkeeper if he happens to be honest like mine. It has a voucher number silvered out which u have to scratch with a coin to reveal the number. Most of the time u ll not even know about the voucher cos the shopkeepers will not provide them to the buyer and can use them on their own. It is valid in most cities including the smaller towns from 1 jam to 31 march 2015. So next time u get Cadbury products for more than 200 bucks, ask for the company issued voucher.

  12. varinder says:

    @sumit u r talking rubbish. they just provide vat bill not any kind of voucher. cadbury can not track ur purchase through ur invoice.

  13. Sumit says:

    @varinder don’t be silly all purchase through proper store always has a record and these record they use, voucher doesn’t mean baiya ki dukan bill ok

  14. varinder says:

    @Sumit: if this is the procedure than u can put any number in voucher section how can they track weather it is real or not. most of people not directly billing through cadbury not even malls and super stores. hence voucher no should not be ur bill no. of purchase

  15. varinder says:

    the procedure u r talking abt is invalid. when i put bill no. of my purchase it shows invalid voucher no.

  16. meena says:

    @sumit can we buy product online?
    here in my city bill is not issued..

  17. singh says:

    anybody bought cadbury products?

  18. Sumit says:

    Hi friend,

    Step 1: Buy cadbury product with authentic bill or voucher number
    Step 2: Go to http://cadburyhellojoy.bigcityrewards.in/
    Step 3: Fill all detail here
    Step 4: After receiving mail or SMS Book your ticket
    Step 5: Just Enjoy Movie

    Only applicable for cities in list but dont worry almost all cities ;)

  19. singh says:

    anybody bought products? please post the methodology of getting coupons for redemptions for movie tickets.

  20. vishal says:

    what is voucher number???

  21. HT says:

    Its offline offer. You can buy this from any shop. Its already stated by SMI in post.

  22. ashu says:

    steps to btaiye SMI..
    from where we get voucher no.

  23. Samik says:

    What is the Voucher no. in this?

  24. mohit says:

    Valid in delhi or not ??? And from where to buy the cadbury products to get thos offer???

  25. AMIT GARG says:

    How to get Vouchers.

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