2 Numero Uno Watches Rs. 71 – NaapTol

The stylish Numero Uno watch is a fashion accessories which is selective one for male. It is stainless steel one with black dial and square shape and has analog time keeping. It is water resistance in nature with black threading on the leather belt. This stylish Numero Uno watch has great style and visual impact with impeccable technology. Lastly it comes with a carry case.

Cash Voucher: NTCVG5HNYD
Rs. 25 off: Sign up offer. (100 NaapTol Points)

Buy: Numero Uno Watch (add 2 quantity, apply cash voucher + redeem NaapTol points in Step 2)

61 Responses to “2 Numero Uno Watches Rs. 71 – NaapTol”

  1. Hariharan says:

    Again Naaptol has proved they are FRAUD….I am telling this so many times in SMI…DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM…THEY ALWAYS WASTE OUR TIME AND MONEY

  2. rakesh says:

    this is all falthu..trying to cheat people..never allow this kind of produxt in to save money india..

  3. dokri says:

    i got my watch …….

  4. Shivam says:

    naaptol Iam First Shoper Form Naaptol Iam My Order cancel Chor Hai Naaptol Wale Plss Don ,t Buy This Prodcut evreyone

  5. rakesh says:

    mera v order cancel kar diya hai mujhe lagta hai ye hamare 3-4 din rakh ke apne pet palte hai sale bhikhmange aise hi mang lete mai de deta………..never purchase any product in future and donot recommend to any person//////

  6. Ruchir says:

    @Pavan-True.Nobody can imagine what it takes to research and to present in the simplest of manner at the earliest.All cynics here and their minds added in series can’t match a clue of what and how it is done here and to maintain website also without any ad etc. unlike all others.Impossible to conceive but a fact.

    Most comments here unfortunately tarnish its reputation unlike Flipkart, different but world class reviews.Problem is ours.Understand that and post ONLY hard facts,minus guesses,generalizations and hatred and repentance,then somebody better would solve your limitation related problems.

  7. r says:

    naaptol is fraud. cancelled orders. SMI should not give them second chance. other wise I will give negative feedback of smi to others

  8. Pavan says:

    All are idots, when deal work all say very good SMI thanx a lot bla bla, when anything goes wrong all will start accusing SMI wtf?? whats this grow up SMI is helping us to buy some things at lower price all are bullshitting ? Have some sense guy’s!

  9. pavan says:

    I too got refund msg

  10. AALOK says:

    naaptol has no delivery service in pune-411041

  11. sri says:

    they said they are processing the refund for my order :-(

  12. prithvi raj says:

    Oops ! The selected offer has just gone out of stock !!!

  13. Vik says:

    Fraud. I too got refund message…. SMI… you should be cautious while posting such deals… which are just marketing stunts…

  14. manish says:

    it is fraud deal…thag hai naaptol duplicate product bechta hai

  15. shanu says:

    naap tool dalal hai….. dont waste ur time……

  16. Abhishek Goel says:

    Freinds, don’t place order & waste time.this site is froud,very bad site

  17. mehul shah says:

    Freinds, don’t place order & waste time. They collect your credit card
    info for misuse.

  18. tarun says:

    ye order to cancel hone hi the, itne saste mein koi kuch kaise dega

  19. gaurav says:

    bewkuf bana rhe h ye…
    order karne ke bad cancellation ka msg kar dete h within 1 hour…
    Naptol is a site of duplicate product

  20. Abhishek Goel says:

    refund is being issued for this transaction !!!
    i purchased and just now got refund message….naaptol is fraud, Choor and Luteray.

  21. Anshul says:

    @savemoneyindia yaar tujhe ye sab milta kaise hai

  22. rohan says:

    saale chor naaptol

  23. chaitanya says:

    i have ordered and as expected its cancelled and refund is in process, friends dont waste u r time on ordering this. worst site

  24. MANOJ KALANI says:


  25. RUSHABH PATEL says:

    They Cancelled my All Order

  26. Sandeep Arora says:

    They’ve cancelled my order, refund under process.

  27. shruti says:

    they cancelled my order aftr 1 hour, they r saying tht offer is wrongly updated

  28. shopaholic says:

    they just cancelled the order. marketing stunts. I also heared from some people that they sold second hand and used products. It’s pathetic and time wastage.

  29. anil gupta says:

    my order also canclled save money india aisa offer na layae otherwise i have seen in your court

  30. Pavan says:

    At 7 pm got a msg saying “your order has been refunded”!!

  31. NITIN ASUJA says:

    refund is being issued for this transaction !!!
    i purchased and just now got refund message….naaptol is fraud….

  32. Neeraj says:

    I just got a SMS from Naaptol that they are refunding my order… bleh…..

  33. manoj says:

    hey smi,this is fake just ordered bt after sme time ur refund mney is procesing

  34. anil gupta says:

    jo jagat hai wo pawat hai jo sowat hai vo save money india ka offer khovat hai

  35. manpreet singh says:

    canceled my order.

  36. shreekanth says:

    At 7 pm got a msg saying “your order has been refunded”!! :(

  37. tarun says:

    out of stock, can we buy other watch using the same offer..

  38. sanjiv says:

    fake offer when i select is show out of stcok. what tha meaning of offer like this when it is out of stock

  39. Pavan says:

    BAd luck guys. Its out of stock

  40. sanjiv says:

    out of stock now. what tha hell

  41. Sandeep Arora says:

    Smooooooothly done!

  42. rohan says:

    can we buy anything from naaptol by using these codes?

  43. Pavan says:

    Can I do multiple bookings. IS there any limits

  44. rohan says:

    thanx smi….

  45. Amulya says:

    It is working. Thanks.

  46. pavan says:

    Hw can I reddem naaptol points I didnt even getting the option

  47. Jinam says:


  48. sri says:

    Thank you smi, just ordered 2watches and sucessfuly done :-)

  49. Vik says:

    worked. is it possible to get discount on other products too?

  50. vivaswan says:

    thnx :)

  51. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Rs. 400 off on Rs. 401+ in Hot Deals Store.

  52. NAYAN says:

    Thanks Guys

  53. vivaswan says:

    can somebody tell me conditions for the coupon ??????

  54. vivaswan says:

    smi jst rockssssssssssssssssssss thnx guys :D

  55. anil gupta says:

    good sir ok thanks

  56. vivaswan says:

    thnx buddy :)

  57. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    vivaswan: Step 2: Want to reduce your transaction value?

    anil gupta: Add 2 quantity.

    Cart Total: Rs. 496/-
    Gift Voucher Discount: (-) Rs. 400/-
    Naaptol Rewards Points: (-) Rs. 25
    Net Payble Amount: Rs. 71/-

  58. anil gupta says:

    You cannot redeem a voucher on a cart value less than the voucher value kya one registration kae liyae pagal banatae hai

  59. anil gupta says:

    what are you think i am fool coupen don:t apply

  60. vivaswan says:

    how can v redeem points no option for tht can u post screen shot ………..

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