2 pieces Devgad Alphonso Mangoes Rs.19 – eBay

Alphonso is the king of mangoes and Devgad produces the king of Alphonso. We are bringing the world’s best Alphonso mango directly from farmers. Following are the key highlights of Devgad mangoes.

• Grown on farms in Devgad (Maharashtra). • Naturally ripened Carbide-free mangoes. • The Mangoes are Shipped Directly from Farms to your Doorstep so you can actually see them ripening right before your eyes.  • Each mango will not weigh less than 220 gms.

Note: This is a promotional offer only for those who haven’t shopped ANYTHING on eBay yet.

Tip: Create new eBay account in your parents or brothers or sisters name, then place order.

Buy: 2 pieces Devgad Alphonso Mangoes

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