Yepme Jeans Pack of 2 from Rs. 309

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15 Responses to “Yepme Jeans Pack of 2 from Rs. 309”


    Today I have received most of the stuff. Track suit is good at 361 Rs as its quality is OK. Sandal quality is just OK as sole is not so good but look is good. It is also OK at price point of view what I have paid. Short is of good quality at this price. But socks are below average as its quality is even lower than what is sold at road side. Since I am not going to return any product, I can say , my experience is just OK on this shopping portal.
    On the basis of these experience, I can say only one thing that please spend few more bucks and go for some high quality product for better experience and satisfaction after receiving product. Even products are better in quality than this one.

  2. Rahul says:

    Very cheap and of poor quality… to buy and loose 600-700 RS

  3. manas says:

    Browser title is showing damaged jeans. That’s why so cheap

  4. Anchi says:

    Got 2 for 620/-

  5. Gags says:

    I also doubt on the authenticity of the product and services and lalit mentioned.

  6. Lalit says:

    Very bad customer service. I returned my order # 10237842 because of bad quality and fitting. The courier (Overnite Express AWB # 7557323373) delivered the package on 02/09/2014, but the people at Yepme are claiming that they have not received it. They are doing nothing despite repeated request. I sent all details to but didn’t receive any reply. The worst part is, when I insisted in refund, they deleted my account at Yepme!!!!! I urge everybody to learn from my bitter experience and stop patronizing this site.

  7. H.S.Gupta says:

    bought 2 jeans at 750 .. thnks SMI

  8. anjali says:

    Thanks Gaurav

  9. Vasanth says:

    I ordered 2 jeans for 560, 4 socks for 79, 3 shirts for 216. really good deal. Yepme jeans are quite reasonable for the pricing.

  10. shyju says:

    Thanks gaurav your comment is precious.. Otherwise i will be order…

  11. Rahul says:

    After applying coupon price comes to 1069 including shipping

  12. Gaurav says:

    Shipping charges 69 Extra………………………..

  13. Anonymous says:

    it is coming to be 1499/- and not 1000/- as mentioned in the offer.

  14. joy says:

    what about the shipping charges rs 138

  15. Gaurav says:

    Quality is not good… Yepme is best only for shoes..

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